8 Beautiful Teal Crystals

Teal crystals seem to have an alluring, otherworldly aura that pulls us in and makes us want to know more about their mysteries. Their iridescent and cool, serene hue makes them undeniably beautiful crystals.

8 Beautiful Teal Crystals

But teal crystals are not just easy on the eyes – they have benefits for our physical and mental health too, and are deeply spiritual stones.

If you want to add some teal crystals to your collection and don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find 8 beautiful teal crystals that you can add to your collection, but first, let’s take a look at the benefits of teal stone.

What Are The Benefits Of Teal Stone?

While its attractive appearance is what draws collectors to teal stones in the first place, it’s their benefits that make them beloved among collectors.

Benefits For Your Mental Health

Teal stones can slow down our racing, negative thoughts and make you feel more tranquil and peaceful. By clearing our mental space of thoughts that don’t serve us, we can be more present in our lives.

Teal stones can heal any blockages in your heart chakra, doing wonders for our emotional health. They can help us become forgiving to ourselves and others, and make painful memories easier to let go.

Benefits For Your Physical Health

Teal stones can help to balance out our throat chakra, so they’re commonly used to soothe headaches, neck pain, and sore throats.

If you are a performer and put your voice under strain often, it’s a good idea to have a teal crystal with you to assist your warm-ups, as well as give you courage to perform.

Teal stones have a soothing energy that can help rid your body of toxins, especially for organs in the upper body like the sinuses and lungs.

Benefits For Your Spiritual Health

Teal stones have benefits for all the chakras in our upper body, including the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, which are two of the most critical centers for spiritual development.

When these chakras are aligned, it becomes easier to connect with the divine realm and our highest selves.

1. Teal Agate

Teal Agate crystals motivate us to stay in the present moment, and also to take our time and remind us that in life it’s about the journey, rather than the destination.

You can find teal agate in a few mesmerizing colors, such as blue-green or teal and brown, and it’s a stone that is full of vitality.

Teal agate also helps to clear and cleanse your aura, freeing you of undesirable energies that you might be having difficulty shaking off. This frees the way for your highest self to shine through.

This crystal helps us to tackle problems you’ve been struggling with for a while from a new angle, come up with new ideas, and think outside the box.

If you’ve been struggling with a creative block or you’ve been stuck in a rut lately, teal agate can open your mind up to new perspectives.

2. Teal Aventurine

Teal aventurine is one of the most unique crystals you can get your hands on. It has a translucent surface with unique dots and a glossy surface. Teal aventurine definitely stands out from the crowd!

However, while teal aventurine is captivatingly beautiful, it’s actually a humble stone that is praised for its calming energies.

Teal aventurine can help you let go of negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, and can encourage us to keep going when we feel stuck.

Teal aventurine has a lighthearted, optimistic energy that is believed to bring you good fortune, so having it to hand in your day-to-day life might turn your luck around!

3. Teal Chalcedony

A close relative to Chrysocolla, teal chalcedony has a lot in common with the former stone. It is a teal and white crystal that symbolizes friendship, generosity, and trust.

Teal chalcedony encourages acceptance and can help you become less judgmental.

When you meet new people it can be easy to put a guard up but having teal chalcedony to hand can help you create a more supportive, open space that encourages everyone to open up.

Teal chalcedony will quickly help you let go of any grudges, resentments or other negative feelings that you might be struggling to let go of, so you can open yourself up to more positive relationships.

4. Teal Howlite

Although howlite’s natural color is a milky white, it is commonly dyed so you can find it in a variety of beautiful colors.

These colors don’t just have an aesthetic purpose, but these colors can actually empower the existing properties of this crystal.

Teal howlite can make anger, stress, and other negative emotions evaporate, and replace them instead with feelings of compassion, peace, and love.

Teal howlite gets to work quietly, it doesn’t force us out of our negative headspace so we feel disoriented, but instead recontextualizes our emotions and thoughts in a way that makes healing more effective.

Teal howlite is like a good friend who we can always count on to pick us back up when we’re down.

5. Teal Kyanite

Teal kyanite is commonly found in Kenya and is a beautiful, earthy blue-green. This beautiful mix of green and blue illustrates how teal kyanite can help us close the gap between the visible and the invisible.

It is able to activate our third eye chakra, making it the perfect companion for those who want to connect to the divine realm, namely their spirit guides and guardian angels.

Teal kyanite also keeps us grounded in reality and the present moment, so we don’t get lost and tangled up in negative thoughts.

Like other forms of kyanite, teal kyanite requires no cleansing, so if you’re a crystal user who is quite forgetful when it comes to cleansing their crystals, this is the ideal stone for you.

6. Teal Labradorite

Labradorite is an other-worldly stone. At first glance you may think it was a stone that has fallen from the heavens! It’s a mainly white stone, with color variations of heavenly blue, green, and purple that are undeniably beautiful and unique.

It’s a mysterious stone, with different hues when held under certain lights. In some lights it can look teal and grey, while in others it can look purple and teal.

It’s quite fitting that teal labradorite is a transformative stone, allowing us to see ourselves and the world at large in a new light.

It exudes grace and fortitude, assessing negative emotions and encouraging us to think outside the box and step out of our comfort zone to present our true selves to the world.

So if you’re starting a new chapter in your life or just need to find a new way to tackle an old problem, teal labradorite can help and support you on your journey.

7. Teal Moissanite

Moissanite is beloved for its brilliant and fiery nature, and is often used as a diamond alternative.

You can also use teal moissanite as an alternative to aquamarine, as it’s more durable than aquamarine, and more affordable. Music to the ears of those who need budget-friendly crystals!

Although it is an alternative to a more expensive stone, we shouldn’t underestimate the energies of teal moissanite. It cleanses negative emotions, bringing you a greater sense of calm and peace.

Because teal moissanite can clear our mind of thoughts that are no longer serving us, it encourages us to be more aware and focused.

It also balances our chakras and enhances our well-being, improving our meditation practices immensely.

8. Teal Quartz

Teal quartz is one of the best teal stones you can work with, and is a stone of tranquility and serenity. This is a humble and unassuming stone that can calm even the most overactive minds, returning our minds to a place of harmony and balance.

If you’re new to astral traveling, reality shifting and crystal healing this is the ideal crystal to start with (see also ‘12 Beautiful Crystals For Shifting‘).

Teal quartz is also referred to as teal crackle quartz because of its cracked, internal patterns. It also acts as an amplifier, absorbing our desires and intentions and broadcasting them to the universe.

This stone can also support us to let go of our need to have control of everything and surrender to the natural flow of life.

It can give us reminders that when life seems dark, there is always a light – even a small amount – that can show us the way home.

Trust can be a hard thing for us to learn, but teal quartz can help us on your journey to trusting ourselves and those around us, coaxing us out of our comfort zones and helping you grow.

Final Thoughts

Teal crystals do wonders for our throat and heart chakras, and open our hearts up to new ways of viewing the world and communicating with it.

So if you’re looking to enhance your daily life with the power of crystals, or want to forge a deeper connection with your higher self, these 8 beautiful teal crystals can help you on your journey.

Andrea Daehma