A Complete Guide To Honey Calcite: Healing Properties, Meaning, And Powers

Honey Calcite is a kind of mineral that’s most commonly found in Mexico. Its name comes from the Greek word “Chalix” which translated means “lime”. Pretty odd for a stone that’s orange right?

Honey Calcite is one of the stones that may be found in the greatest abundance on this planet, and it can be found in many different qualities.

A Complete Guide To Honey Calcite - Healing Properties, Meaning, And Powers

This stone is made from calcium carbonate and typically is made up of big grains or rhombohedral structures.

Calcite falls under the category of the substance known as carbonate. In addition, the chemical structure of this substance is CaCO3, and its crystalline size is hexagonal.

In terms of looks, Honey Calcite is light orange in color (hence the name “honey”) and has an opaque to transparent appearance, a Mohs hardness value of three, and a refractive sheen.

These days, Honey Calcite is extracted for use in the production of a wide variety of goods, including accessories, tumbles, plates, jewelry, geodes, spheres, figurines, and much more.

Honey Calcite (see also ‘Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite‘) also has many useful healing properties and powers, making it one of the most used stones in crystal healing and therapies.

Keep reading to find out all about this kind of stone and how it may be useful to you in your day-to-day life.

The Meaning Of Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is a potent spiritual cleaner that, when placed around other gemstones, increases the vibrations of those other stones.

If you hang one in a room, it will eliminate all of the poison and negative energy in the air while also increasing the vitality of your body.

Because it continuously removes poisonous frequencies from the environment and the astral planes, this stone can be useful in the treatment of physiological illnesses.

Honey calcite is a mysterious gemstone that is associated with heightened consciousness and is thought to be beneficial in the development of superhuman abilities.

It creates a connection between a person’s feelings and thoughts, which ultimately leads to the development of inner strength and an awareness of the world.

In addition to this sense of enlightenment, the stone helps people overcome feelings of weariness and laziness, restoring their drive and confidence even when they are experiencing a crisis of faith or a big drain on their energy.

This stone helps boost attention and also has a calming effect on the psyche. It trains your judgment to the point where you can still distinguish between the essential and the superfluous aspects of a situation.

It reduces emotions of anxiety and replaces them with a sense of calmness. It’s a grounding gemstone that may assist you in embracing your intuitive feelings and emotions, in addition to your judgments and conclusions.

Honey Calcite is a mineral that has therapeutic properties and is also an indication of mental toughness.

This gemstone possesses attributes of stability and self-assurance, and wearing it can assist you in gaining mental acuity and the courage to speak up for what is right.

The healing capabilities of these crystals are extremely important in the process of emotional recovery, particularly if you’re coping with the aftermath of a devastating loss.

Your perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles in life are directly correlated to the qualities you already possess.

The significance of honey calcite originates from the concept that wearing the gemstone can assist a person in becoming aware of and making effective use of their own strength.

It gives you an aura of authority, commitment, and duty, and when paired with kyanite, it significantly boosts an individual’s degree of self-awareness.

Honey Calcite is a robust gemstone that can help you in regaining your footing after being knocked to the ground by a challenging circumstance.

It gives you the ability to separate yourself from bad energy and to live in the present with a perspective that’s more open-minded and joyous.

The self-confidence that Honey Calcite instills is invaluable when it comes to overcoming the obstacles and failings that are inevitable in life.

Honey Calcite’s Beneficial Effects On The Body

A Complete Guide To Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite has properties that allow you to open yourself up to a variety of opportunities and will help in developing both your knowledge and your temperament.

Honey Calcite will help you feel more grounded while also assisting you in channeling your energies toward achieving your goals.

Honey Calcite is a lovely gemstone that can be kept on hand for its stress-relieving properties. You might also be able to increase the function of your brain and pay more attention to the things that are truly important in life.

By using this gemstone, you will be able to capitalize on your ability to view challenges in a realistic light to approach problems effectively.

Honey Calcite will supply you with the inspiration you need to reignite your confidence and regain the determination to free yourself from the constraints of bad habits and embrace healthier ones.

Here are a few other healing beneficial effects that Honey Calcite has on your mind and body.

Emotional Healing

Honey Calcite contains a calming property that helps to relax you in times when you’re feeling stressed, pressured, or overburdened by your responsibilities or emotions.

It makes it easier for you to acknowledge how much you have accomplished in your life and to make adjustments whenever you feel the need to.

This stone not only helps to validate our feelings but also illustrates that we can learn to regulate them to our advantage. It lets you control your feelings and establish boundaries with others better.

This stone emits a strong, reassuring vibration that instills a sense of confidence and inspires boldness in its wearer. It helps you to take life a little less seriously, even in times of stress.

Honey Calcite is helpful for individuals who are in the process of recovery from traumatic experiences. Stress is reduced, and the emotional damage caused by violence is repaired, making it possible for you to cultivate happiness and physical fitness.

It gives people the ability to capitalize on the positive aspects of their everyday lives and helps with breaking the cycle of cruelty that’s frequently seen in situations like these.


On a scientific level, Honey Calcite is frequently utilized as a treatment for both the urethra and lungs.

If you take medications for immunodeficiency or suffer from resistant infections on a regular basis, you could use this stone to mitigate the side effects of such medications.

This precious stone has the potential to not only help in the healing of chronic illnesses but also to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of some medications that make treatment extremely challenging.

Honey Calcite may be beneficial for cleansing excretion systems such as the urinary tract, gallbladder, and intestines. Honey Calcite has been used for this purpose for centuries.

Additionally, it has the potential to alleviate the uncomfortable hardening issues that have developed on arthritic or fractured joints. It also may be beneficial for gastrointestinal and dermatological conditions.

It’s also believed to boost your blood circulation and have therapeutic benefits on the cells in your body.

It might help ward off infections and speed the healing of wounds and sores. It also has the potential to be highly useful as a spot treatment for blemishes.

If you have a serious medical condition or you have been using this stone as part of your treatment but haven’t seen any improvement, then consult your doctor to find the root cause of your issues.

Mind And Memory

People who have problems remembering things would benefit greatly from wearing or using Honey Calcite. It helps by increasing mental energy, which in turn helps build mental awareness and contributes to the growth of deeper cognition.

Because it helps people be more understanding and aware of things, Honey Calcite is sometimes referred to as the Mind Stone.

Honey Calcite also enhances mental acuity by flushing away accumulated energy, which, when left unchecked, can stop a person from rationalizing, comprehending, or coming up with original thoughts.

This beautiful gemstone will bring you closer to emotional intelligence, enabling you to think more creatively.


Calcites are powerful cleansers that can be used on a variety of other gemstones in addition to the vibrational zones of each individual. On the other hand, honey calcite is a one-of-a-kind stone as it is warming and energetic.

Honey Calcite In Meditation

A Complete Guide To Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is a great meditation stone since it stimulates the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra at the same time, enhancing your vitality and intuitive abilities.

Honey Calcite has a very strong connection to the universe, which suggests that its primary source of power is associated with the heavenly realms.

When you are in a state of meditation with this gemstone, you should pay close attention to the process of receiving guidance from your deities, saints, otherworldly forces, or spiritual energy.

You will be amazed at how much useful information you are able to gain from this experience.

Honey Calcite is an excellent stone for bringing emotional turmoil under control and purifying your thinking while practicing meditation. Keeping a positive attitude is another way to improve the stone’s already strong and revitalizing qualities.

To keep the greatest frequency and an enhanced sense of being, it’s best to wear this stone on a necklace around your neck, or at the very least, you should keep it close to you at all times.

Honey Calcite At Work And Home

It’s very beneficial to carry or wear a piece of Honey Calcite since this mineral has the ability to purge negative energy from any location in which it is placed. It will remove energy that is superfluous and potentially harmful from both your body and the environment around you.

Honey Calcite is a highly effective cleanser as well as an energy enhancer. Honey Calcite can be used to cleanse your home of harmful vibrations and boost its strength with as little as a small fragment placed in your bedroom.

Your physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth will all speed up as a result, as will the release of any vitality that has become stuck.

Honey Calcite is an invaluable thing to have around your living space, and it will make a major impact on how well you recuperate after a hard week. Honey Calcite has the capacity to provide metallic essential power.

This function is related to creativity as well as revitalization and illumination. It’s the attitude of working together to create something new, both in terms of ideas and thinking.

The metallic forces contained inside this gem have been tamed and are dedicated to serving and protecting you in whatever way they can.

Honey Calcite’s properties will create determination and dedication in your lifestyle, whether it be at home or at the office, making it much simpler to take the steps necessary to reach your goals.

Honey Calcite In Relationships

Honey Calcite is well known for its ability to remove blockages and negative energy from the body’s energetic pathways.

In addition to this, it would eliminate any and all remnants of sluggish or blocked power that was obstructing your view of the many wonderful possibilities that exist in your romantic life and in your relationships.

The stone will increase your levels of cerebral vigor, enabling you to approach difficult problems with a clear mind.

Honey Calcite can also help you find a healthy balance between your thoughts and feelings, protecting you from the effects of becoming overly sensitive.

Honey Calcite helps you in letting go of old harmful memories and truly appreciate the actual reality, which will allow you to confidently take the next step in your life.

Although it’s known for assisting with cognitive capacities, this gemstone will also help in the process of psychological rehabilitation.

By connecting your emotional and spiritual bodies, this gemstone will assist you in integrating reasoning based on your heart into your day-to-day consciousness.

This gemstone is useful for assisting the development of novel strategies, abilities, and ideas. It’ll help you change your perspective to make room for it to become a component of your present or potential relationships.

This stone will channel your energies in the direction of achieving the outcomes you desire. It will help you discover affection, construct a new home, and ensure a stable and reliable tomorrow for you and your family.

With the assistance of this gemstone, any person can make the fulfillment of a goal like this possible. It will provide you with the capability to build everything you desire, develop new relationships, and solidify development opportunities.

It will shine a light on you no matter what challenges you face. Everything will be clear, and you’ll be brimming with passion and joy in both your own life and the life of your family.


Honey Calcite is an excellent stone to work with for the Sacral Chakra as well as the Third Eye.

When the Sacral Chakra is overactive, blocked, or constrained in any way, it may appear as a loss of interest in things that the individual had previously found enjoyable.

It’s also possible that it’s an indication of problems with the back or shoulders, the digestive system, or the reproductive organs. Additionally, it may signify an overall feeling of exhaustion.

Honey Calcite gently cleanses the Sacral Chakra of sluggish vitality, replacing it with a healthy and beneficial level of intensity.

After this channel has been cleared out and rejuvenated, you will have an abundance of strength, which you can use toward fulfilling your mental and emotional responsibilities.

If you believe your Sacral Chakra is becoming better, keep a piece of Honey Calcite in a purse or wrapped in your pocket to keep improving your wellness.

Honey Calcite is an excellent tool for restoring harmony to the Third Eye. The Sacral or Third Eye areas are key in the creative and inquisitive processes that underlie innovation. When you allow yourself to be creative, you put your mind at peace, and you experience joy.

Our connection to the Upper Levels as well as the Universal Cosmic Presence is governed by the Third Eye as well.

Your telepathic abilities as well as the connections you have with a number of other beings and ambassadors can be improved by putting Honey Calcite on your forehead while you are relaxing and focusing on maintaining normal breathing.

Honey Calcite Crystal Healing Techniques

Honey Calcite’s abilities indicate the beginning of a new phase in another’s life as well as the start of a journey down a different road.

If you are attempting to get over your worries and anxiety, Honey Calcite can help with this, while also assisting you in seeing things from a different perspective.

Honey Calcite can help you feel more energized and excited, which will give you the confidence to take on even the most challenging situations.

Honey Calcite can be found in a wide variety of colors, each of which exhibits the general and unique qualities that are associated with the crystal as a whole.

Honey Calcite is a wonderful meditation stone that may be used to open and activate the chakra system (see also ‘What Are The 7 Chakra Stones?‘).

Because it grounds higher intellectual impulses into the physical existence, it will help you tune into greater cognitive levels, which will ultimately result in prolonged attention and an experience of awareness.

Primarily when used in the form of a potion, it strengthens your willpower and your vigor, which in turn bolsters your emotions and compels you to accept the joys of the present moment.

When used in spiritual practice, it brings about an exceptional state of calmness in both the brain and the heart.

Crystal Combinations To Use With Honey Calcite

Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite

When paired with Iron Pyrite, Honey Calcite can help you remember how and where to properly control and employ your energy, as well as how to store it correctly in your body and mind.

Additionally, it will improve management, accountability, and openness. It will help you recover from difficult or violent circumstances while also boosting your confidence and as well as your self-esteem.

You will regain faith, power, and bravery after using this gemstone combination, which will allow you to triumph over problems in your studies, in your place of employment, or in your relationships.

Tigers Eye

Honey Calcite is a type of gemstone that is said to improve a person’s ability to think clearly. It will help you channel, center, and concentrate your energy so that you can finish what you’ve been working on and realize your goals.

When used in combination with Tiger’s Eye, Honey Calcite helps to awaken and harmonize the forces that reside in your Base, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras.

The powers of Honey Calcite will, without a doubt, help in the discovery of new hobbies and the development of new talent.



Honey Calcite will strengthen both your resolve and your tenacity. When combined with Emerald, it provides the mental stimulation that stops you from overthinking situations and prevents you from making hasty decisions.

It will help you in honestly assessing your difficulties so that you can determine the most practical solution to the problem. In addition, using the two of these stones together will help you feel more emotionally stable while also reducing your anxiety.


Honey Calcite and Amethyst will assist you in remaining motivated and releasing phobias, which will allow you to move beyond the imagined roadblocks in your path. Additionally, it will help you in lowering your levels of tension.

It will encourage you to have faith in yourself and give you the determination to break free from your unhealthy routines and seek out new environments so that you can advance further along a path of progression.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Honey Calcite and Clear Quartz are two stones that have the ability to subtly boost your capabilities while also assisting you in overcoming the challenges associated with change and transformation.

Your psychic abilities, higher awareness, and ability to project your astral self will all improve as a result of using this combination of stones. Additionally, it will improve the functioning of your brain.

How To Care For Honey Calcite

Now that you’ve seen all of the amazing properties that this stone can provide for you, you may be looking at getting one yourself.

Like with all crystals though, Honey Calcite requires careful care and upkeep to make sure that it works properly and doesn’t get damaged in use.

Honey Calcite is continuously accumulating negative energy. As a result, you might need to spiritually cleanse it and recharge it more frequently than you would need to do so with other stones.

It’s not recommended to wash the gemstone in salt water because it’s so fragile. Instead, put the stone under flowing lukewarm water for a few seconds, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth to remove any sand or dust that may have accumulated on its surface.

To recharge and energize your Honey Calcite, you should place it next to a small piece of either Clear Quartz or Amythyst. Create a concrete objective for the gemstone, and then converse with it while you are holding it in your hand.


Honey Calcite can boost the flow of energy throughout your body and organs, allowing you to release everything that’s holding you back from being more creative and productive.

It also has the potential to aid with laziness and sloth by helping you to feel more energized and important in your daily life.

Your life will be infused with more passion, creativity, and optimism as a result of the use of honey Calcite. You will become more proactive in all aspects of your life.

This precious stone will calm your nerves and help you analyze a predicament. You will get useful knowledge from it, and the overall quality of your life will improve as a result of using it.

It will heighten your awareness, allowing you to more accurately determine which solution to your problem is the most reliable.

Honey Calcite will give you the ability to put your goals and plans into action. This precious stone, which is also referred to as Golden Calcite, reveals a great deal about the link it has to wealth and abundance.

Hope, creative imagination, and the ability to see the bright side of every storm are all embodied in this precious jewel.

It won’t trick you into thinking that everything is sunshine and flowers to the point where you lose sight of the bigger picture, but it will assist you in keeping a healthy perspective that is hopeful.

It’s more likely that you will accomplish success in the future if it looks like life is brimming with opportunities.

And when naysayers try to disrupt your ambitions, this gemstone will provide you the opportunity to speak confidently while maintaining a spring in your step and a smile on your heart.

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