All About Clear Quartz: Properties, Meaning, Healing & More

If you are interested in crystal healing or you have been researching crystals and their properties then you have probably heard of clear quartz. It is a very popular crystal with impressive healing powers and restorative energy.

You can wear it on jewelry, place it in your home, or use it for manifestation and meditation.

If you want to know more about clear quartz, its properties, what it does, how it can heal you and much more, then you have come to the right place.

We have put together this guide to tell you everything you need to know about clear quartz. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing crystal.   

What Is Clear Quartz?

The first thing you need to know is what clear quartz actually is. Clear quartz, also called crystal quartz, is a type of crystal that is very popular. Clear quartz is a rock crystal which means that it is part of the largest family of quartz crystals.

It is also part of the trigonal crystal, system, which means it is classified by having only one vitreous layer. 

It has a clear or transparent appearance and is colorless, but can sometimes be a little cloudy or have some white coloring. Real clear quartz will never have bubbles inside – if you see bubbles then it is probably fake clear quartz that has been made out of glass.

You can also tell if your quartz is real (see also, ‘How to Tell is Jade is Real‘) by trying to read text through it. Real quartz will most likely distort the text in some way. This is a bit trickier to do if your quartz isn’t clear and has a cloudy appearance. 

Clear quartz is a mineral that is made up of oxygen and silicon atoms. It grows at different temperatures so it is found in various different countries and parts of the world. It also grows in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

This means that it is widely available and not very rare. This also means that it is a very affordable option, so you can get yourself a clear quartz crystal even if you are on a small budget. 

Clear quarts are linked to ice and clear water and have strong associations with spiritual growth and healing (see also ‘15 Beautiful Water Crystals‘). It has high vibrations and is known for being very powerful, especially when it comes to positivity and a clear mind.

It is also given as a gift on a couple’s 10th Wedding Anniversary. Keep reading to find out more about clear quartz and its properties. 

What Does Clear Quartz Do? 

So what can clear quartz actually do for you? What properties does it have? Clear quartz can absorb energy, store energy, and regulate the release of energy.

This is why it is thought to restore balance. It is the purest form of quartz and is thought to bring light and to amplify the energy that you give to the crystal.

It also helps to bring you focus and concentration. Some people have found that clear quartz can improve and amplify their psychic abilities, whereas others feel that it just helps you to see the truth of a situation. 

Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

The purity of clear quartz is associated with cleansing of the soul, and the crystal is thought to bring positive energy and prosperity to those who wear it. It also has specific physical and mental healing properties.

It is called the Master Healer because it brings balance to all of the chakras and revitalizes you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. It brings harmony to people, but also to your chakras. 

Physical Healing Properties

There are two main physical healing properties that clear quartz is known for. The first is stimulating your immune system to help you fight off illnesses. This is also tied in with an increased metabolism which can help with weight management. 

The second healing property is helping to detoxify your body. The purity and clarity of the crystal is thought to help remove toxins from your body, leaving you healthier. It can also help to purify your environment including neutralizing electromagnetic smog and background radiation.

Some people believe that clear quartz can help to amplify the nourishment of the food that you eat, but others feel that the purifying quality of the crystal just helps to rid the food of toxins if you keep it close by. (Some people keep clear quartz in their refrigerator). 

Mental Healing Properties

Due to the positive vibrations of crystal quartz, it helps to ward off negative energy and protect you from bad feelings. It also helps to get rid of the negativity inside of you, leaving you with more positive thoughts. 

The amplifying properties of clear quartz encourage happy, bright thoughts and actually increase them, bringing much more joy and contentment into your life. This helps you to make the most out of the little, everyday things that make you smile.

This positivity, combined with the improved focus and concentration mentioned earlier, will help you to be much more productive and to achieve your goals. 

Clear quartz has also been known to unlock memories and increase self-awareness, which makes it an excellent choice for meditation. It can help you to achieve your goals and is particularly useful to keep close by when you are setting new goals for yourself.

It gives you a clear idea of what you want and helps to remove distractions to ensure you achieve it. 

Clear quartz can be an excellent crystal for neurodivergent people, such as people with ADHD or ADD. It is very good at channeling excess energy and helping you to focus and be productive. It also brings balance, which is good for people who are struggling with fixations.

If you are a very creative person but you struggle to channel your thoughts and energy into one project at a time then you should try using clear quartz. 

Spiritual Healing Properties

Clear quartz is very powerful when it comes to spiritual healing because it connects with all of the chakras. This means that it can remove any obstructions to your aura so that the positive energy can flow through you.

It also connects very strongly to the crown chakra, stimulating your connection with your higher plans and purpose and what the universe has planned for you. This makes it an ideal crystal for spiritual growth. 

The high vibrational powers of this crystal help it to connect you to the universe. This means that you will be more in touch with what the universe wants from you and for you in any situation.

It also helps you to understand yourself so much better. Using clear quartz will allow you to reach a much greater level of self-awareness. 

Clear Quartz And The Zodiac 

Where does clear quartz fit into the zodiac and astrology (see also, ‘When Does Leo Season Start?‘)? Which star signs would benefit from using clear quartz? 


Clear Quartz is the birthstone for Aries, the first star sign in the zodiac with the birth month of April (see also ‘What Are April Birthstones?‘). It is a fire sign that is ruled by Mars. Aries represents the singular spirit, and people born under this star sign are often very focused and ambitious.

They are passionate about their interests and their plans, but this can lead them to push themselves too far, too hard and too fast. Clear quartz will allow an Aries to remain focused and concentrated on their goals whilst bringing balance and peace. 

Other Star Signs 

Leo is another star sign that would benefit from using clear quartz. Leo is another passionate fire sign and it is ruled by the sun. The clear, cool clarity of clear quartz can be very helpful for an ambitious Leo, especially if they are getting hung up on their reputation (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Leos‘). 

How To Use Clear Quartz

What are the best ways to use clear quartz in order to make the most of its properties? How many different ways can you use clear quartz? 

In The Home 

Clear quartz is the perfect crystal to use in any home thanks to its purifying energy. It will help to remove negative energy from any space – perfect for after a family argument. It helps to encourage harmony and joy in shared living spaces, so place it in the living room or dining room.

You can also keep it under your pillow to help clear your mind while you sleep. A lot of people use clear quartz in their homes for feng shui. 

At The Office

Clear quartz can help to ease tensions at work as well as at home. If you have a meeting that results in a disagreement or an important phone call that is making you on edge, clear quartz will help you to find balance.

It also helps you to focus, keep your concentration on the task at hand, and maintain a clear mind. Clarity of thought can be very useful at work 


If you want to benefit from the properties of clear quartz wherever you go, then you can wear it on a piece of jewelry. Whether you choose a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or a pair of earrings, keeping it close to you at all times will let you feel the effects. 

Make sure it is pressed directly against your skin for maximum benefit – this is why a lot of people choose to wear crystal pendants. When you wear a crystal it will have direct access to your energy and your aura (read more about the best crystals to wear right here).

If you feel that a particular chakra is blocked then you can place the crystal in that precise area to help remove the blockage. 

If you have a clear quartz bracelet then you can switch which wrist you wear it on depending on what you need. If you want to attract positive energy or utilize the healing properties of the crystal then wear the bracelet on your left wrist.

If you want to expel negative energy or manifest something very specific then wear it on your right wrist. 

You can hold your crystal against whichever part of the body you feel you need it – your head for mental healing, your heart for emotional healing, your hands for productivity focus etc.

It is also important to spend time with your crystal when you are at peace, not just when you are in crisis. This will help the crystal to connect with your energy. 


You can use clear quartz during manifestation. Try holding it in your left hand (or whichever is your receiving hand) and use the crystal to help bring you clarity of thought.

Focus on what you want to attract and manifest. Remember that clear quartz is an amplifying stone – it will increase what you put into it. Imagine what it will be like when your manifestation becomes reality – how will you feel, what sensations will you experience?

Use your whole body to imagine what you want and ask the universe for it using the power of the crystal. The high vibrations of the crystal will give more power to your intentions. 


You can actually use your clear quartz to charge other crystals. It has a purifying energy so it will also help to cleanse the crystals of their negative energy. If you do this, make sure you cleanse and charge your clear quartz immediately afterwards or it will be full of negative energy. 

How To Cleanse And Charge Your Clear Quartz

You need to make sure that you cleanse and charge your clear quartz periodically in order to continue benefiting from its healing properties. 

Cleansing Your Clear Quartz

Crystal quartz should be cleansed in water. Make sure you use running water, not a bowl of water. If you can find natural running water like a clear stream this is even better than water from the faucet.

Once you have cleansed the crystal in running water, you can then let it soak in a bowl of water for a while to make sure that it is thoroughly cleansed. 

Charging Your Clear Quartz

To charge the energy in your clear quartz, you need to let it bathe in the light of a full moon. You should do this every lunar cycle if possible. The crystal will draw from the natural energy of the moon light.

You can also use your clear quartz in a smudging ritual with sage to help get rid of the negative energy that has been absorbed by the crystal. 

Clear quartz is a high energy crystal, so it needs to be used to be useful! If you have clear quartz jewelry then make sure you wear it often. If you have a crystal that will fit in your pocket then take it out and about with you to expose it to different energies.

You can also meditate with your crystal to draw energy to it. 

Other Types Of Quartz

Clear quartz might be one of the most popular types of quartz, but what other types are there? There could be other types of quartz that will also pique your interest. Take a look at this list to see which other types of quartz you might want to find out more about.  

  • Amethyst – This type of quartz has a mostly violet color with white streaks and it is known as a protective crystal. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue. 
  • Aventurine – This is a green colored quartz that glimmers. It stimulates mental activity and productivity whilst calming stress. It also encourages creativity and passion. 
  • Cat’s Eye – These quartz crystals are thought to ward off evil spirits and protect you against danger. It is often worn as a talisman. It can also help to bring prosperity and recover lost wealth.
  • Citrine – Citrine has a yellow or amber color which comes from the high levels of iron in the mineral. It tends to have a cloudy appearance. It is known to cleanse your aura, align your chakras, encourage optimism, and improve manifestation. 
  • Prasiolite – This rare quartz is found mostly in Brazil and is green in color. It is thought to get rid of negativity and bring joy and positivity. 
  • Jasper – This red quartz helps to keep you grounded and well balanced (see also ‘Meaning And Healing Properties Of Kambaba Jasper‘). It is associated with protection, resilience and physical strength. 
  • Rose Quartz – This is a very popular form of quartz with a pink color. It is often thought of as the love crystal as it helps you to foster good relationships with others. It also promotes self-love and can lift your mood, offer protection and help to connect you to nature and the earth. 
  • Rutilated Quartz – This warm beige colored crystal promotes creativity, clarity of thought, and decisiveness. 
  • Smoky Quartz – Smoky quartz comes in various colors, but mostly yellow-brown, dark brown and gray/black. It is excellent at getting rid of depression and bringing calm to your soul, neutralizing emotional distress. 
  • Tourmalinated Quartz – This gray, white and black quartz is one of the most effective types of quartz for dispelling negative energy. It is perfect for restoring balance and promoting general well-being. 


Clear quartz is a mineral that is found in lots of different parts of the world due to its growing conditions. It is a very popular crystal with strong connotations of healing and purity.

Clear quartz can help to boost your immune system and improve your metabolism as well as encouraging spiritual growth and improving concentration and mental clarity.

You can wear clear quartz as jewelry to balance your chakras and unblock your aura, keep it in your home or workplace to encourage harmony, or use it for meditation and manifestation.

Andrea Daehma