4 Aluminum Oxide Crystals

Crystals grow naturally in the environment as more atoms are added to them. Some may grow from water that is rich in dissolved minerals, whereas others can develop from melted rock or vapor. 

Different temperatures and pressures influence the way atoms combine which causes the mesmerizing crystal structures we see today.

4 Aluminum Oxide Crystals

The amphoteric oxide of aluminum produces aluminum oxide, which is the base compound used to make many gemstones and crystals.

In this article, we will be discussing crystals containing the compound aluminum oxide and their properties.  

What Is Aluminum Oxide?

Aluminum oxide is a white crystalline powder that is very common and naturally occurring. The most common crystalline form of the compound is known as corundum; this rock-forming mineral has several gemstone variants. 

Crystals Formed From Aluminum Oxide

The corundum family mainly consists of two very important and extraordinary gemstones, ruby and sapphire. 


Ruby is the red form of corundum and one of the four main precious gemstones available today. The trace element that causes the bright and vibrant red color of the stone is known as chromium. Stones with higher levels of chromium in them are stronger in color. 

Believed to promote love, nurture, knowledge, and wealth this rare and expensive gemstone (see also, ‘Is Snowflake Obsidian Expensive?‘) can bring about many positive changes to your life. Rubies have been used to decorate the crowns of royalty for centuries symbolizing the wealth, protection, and courage they bring. 

Similarly to other red crystals, the vibrations of the ruby emit life and love which brings about many benefits to those nearby. Enhance your inner life force with this powerful crystal, for it produces boosts of energy and an increase in confidence. 

Physical Healing

As the ruby is associated with good fortune, this extends to both your physical and emotional well-being. Physically, the red hues of the crystal can encourage increased circulation, the relief of menstrual pain, and the strengthening of the heart and muscles. 

The reproductive system may also benefit from the help of a ruby, a stone often associated with love and good fortune. Keep a ruby nearby to help with issues relating to fertility or sexuality.

Emotional Healing

Those suffering from heartbreak or the negative emotions that can occur within the throws of love may benefit from the healing power of the ruby. Healing the heart is necessary to enable you to move on and overcome obstacles that may prevent you from loving again. 

Sensitive souls will benefit a lot from this crystal, as it will help to protect them and balance their sensitive nature when faced with troubles. It could reduce negative self-talk and destructive patterns as well as increase confidence for those that need it most.

Love and loss are closely intertwined in our lives, rubies can help to rebuild trust surrounding these areas. The healing vibrations from the crystal can unblock the flow of your energy, particularly in the throat and heart. Don’t let negative feelings hold you back any longer. 


Sapphire has long been a gemstone associated with royalty. The deep and vibrant colors of the sapphire come from traces of iron and titanium in the stones, the blue variation of corundum is the most popular and famous of all the colors. 

Deep blue sapphires are thought to be related to the heavens thanks to their coloring, which has given it the nickname of “the divine stone” in many cultures. Other names for this type of crystal include “the wisdom stone”, representing intelligence, education, and wisdom. 

The reason sapphires are often connected to royalty is that they are thought to attract wealth, but also protect the wearer from envy and infidelity. Peace and harmony are brought to those who wear the stones and those around them, ideal attributes needed for royalty. 

Physical Healing

Natural relief can be found in the arms of the sapphire from insomniacs, the calm and wise energy of the sapphire can help to calm the body and promote inner peace. These calm and gentle energies can also help to alleviate pains from headaches, migraines, and ear issues.  

Blue sapphires in particular are useful to balance out the bodies of those that suffer from thyroid issues. The physical symptoms associated with anxiety or stress can be dampened with this stone, such as a lowered heart rate and a balance in the body’s hormones. 

Emotional Healing

This stone is full of wisdom, which can benefit the mind and soul as well as the body. It’s important for your mind to experience balance along with the body to keep everything functioning well together. 

Sapphire can help to release us from negative thought patterns and dark emotional places in our minds. Cultivating joy and guiding us through these difficult times is the main purpose of the sapphire crystal. 

Understanding yourself is linked to wisdom, it is only when you know yourself that you can better yourself. Through clear and positive thinking, we can nurture our own energy and follow our dreams. 

4 Aluminum Oxide Crystals


Spinel and ruby are often found together in the natural world and were often classified as the same kind of stone until they were understood to be chemically different. Aluminum oxide can form as the mineral corundum or it can combine with magnesia to form spinel. 

Their main coloring is found as red, but they are also seen in blue, green, black, yellow, brown, and white. Another gem that has ties to royalty, spinel has been used to decorate the jewels of the likes of Queen Victoria of England. 

Many people associate this stone with love, longevity, and passion as they do with other red gemstones. Linked to the root chakra, the crystal is thought to be beneficial for the stamina and energy of the mind and body.

However, it can also open up all the chakras due to the wide color range of the stones. 

Physical Healing

Spinel (see also, ‘Is Spinel Valuable?‘) can aid in the healing and detoxification process in the body, helping you to recover from illness faster and calm the nervous system. Another stone associated with love and passion, spinel can also help with the treatment of infertility. 

Those that suffer from issues affecting their joints, muscles, and bones can also find relief as the stone has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the pain.

Emotional Healing

All relationships come with challenges, spinel is a stone that helps to dispel the negative thoughts and emotions that you may feel towards your partner and give you hope in the relationship.

It can also help you to adopt feelings of gratitude and appreciation for your partner that you may not have had before. 

Learn to appreciate the love and beauty that life has to offer with this stone (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Beauty‘). Release your fears, anger, pain, and negativity, and embrace everything positive and joyful with the vibrating energies of spinel. 


Chrysoberyl is a beryllium-aluminum oxide mineral that forms as a result of a pegmatitic process. The only important use of the material is in the use of gemstones. There are multiple variations of the stone with ordinary chrysoberyl forming in a yellow-green color. 

The other forms of the crystal are Alexandrite which is the rare color-changing form that is translucent in color, and Cymophane which is the cat’s eye crystal. This is also translucent and the only stone that can be called by this name. 

Chrysoberyl is associated with discipline and self-control. This could mean helping you to concentrate or working on your patience to learn new skills and knowledge. 

Physical Healing

The healing energies of this crystal can help to lower cholesterol levels and balance adrenaline levels, helping with the regulation of the heart and liver. Organs such as the kidneys and pancreas may also benefit from the healing properties of chrysoberyl. 

Although it has general healing properties that may aid in treating intestinal problems or menstrual pain, the stone can also be used to highlight the cause of an illness. Many have found the crystal to be a guiding force, helping to realize the underlying causes of their problems.  

Emotional Healing

Strength and support can be drawn from this crystal and used in personal relationships and the relationship with the self. Chrysoberyl creates a balanced perspective of your relationships which are often vulnerable to bias and selfish thoughts. 

Restore love, peace, and happiness back into your relationships by working with this crystal. As it can help to see the issues with your physical body, it can also highlight areas of the mind that need to be worked on in regard to your relationships. 

If you find that you tend to do wrong or upset your partner, chrysoberyl can highlight this to you, leading to deep self-reflection. Allow the crystal to offer you strength and guidance to deal with these issues head-on and remove them from your life permanently. 

The Bottom Line

Aluminum oxide is a compound that creates the crystal corundum, which has a number of related specimens such as ruby and sapphire. Learning how crystals are formed can give you a better understanding of the properties and powers behind them.

Andrea Daehma