Are Crystals Alive? [What You Need To Know]

The idea of whether crystals are ‘alive’ is a complex one. And largely down to personal opinion.

Like any belief, the only way to decide is to consider the facts and keep an open mind.  Let’s consider some ideas to help you make up your own mind.  

Are Crystals Alive? [What You Need To Know]


The concept of life is something that many people struggle to understand. There are those who believe that everything is just matter. Others believe that life cannot exist without a mind. Still others think that life does not require anything special to occur.

They simply accept that life exists.

However, it seems that life is far too complex for simple theories to explain how it works.

Many people believe that life is governed by intelligent design. We see evidence of this everywhere around us. For example, you can observe the way that crystals grow.

As they come into existence, they begin to organize themselves into geometric shapes. These shapes are similar to the ones found in nature.

Many believe that crystals are alive and that they possess a unique ability to attract one another and to align themselves together. When they do this, they become organized and orderly.

Their organization gives rise to patterns and structures that are beautiful and fascinating.

How Crystals Grow 

A crystal does not grow randomly. Crystals, in the same way as other living organisms have the ability to grow over time. They require certain conditions in order to develop into their final shape.

These conditions include pressure, temperature, and chemical elements. 

When we look at crystals, it’s easy to believe that they are alive. They are growing and changing. They are becoming more complex and more beautiful. And they are revealing new aspects of life.

The Science 

The word “crystal” conjures up images of beautiful snowflakes, sparkling gems, and precious minerals. But most scientists don’t think crystals are alive and that they are just rocks. 

However, many people today are beginning to question whether there is something special about crystals (see also ‘The 10 Best Books About Crystals For Beginners‘). In fact, some researchers are saying that everything in our universe – including rocks – might actually be living things.

Arnold Rheshar

Arnold Rheshar is a Canadian geologist who believes that stones show vital activity that is much too slow to detect with current technology. 

He suggests that the movement of atoms inside a stone could be similar to how cells move around inside our bodies.

Pierre Escolle

Pierre Escolle is a French geologist who says that he sees no reason why rocks shouldn’t display life-like characteristics. He points to the fact that even though we know what magnetism is, we still don’t understand it.

In his book “Life Inside Rocks,” Escolle explains that he thinks that every rock contains tiny creatures that live in a liquid state. He calls these beings “biomimicry machines.” These microorganisms use energy from sunlight to make food and reproduce.

Escolle suggests that these biomimicry machines might be responsible for creating the patterns seen in crystals. He also claims that the same forces that cause lightning to form could be responsible for the formation of certain types of crystals.

Nikola Tesla

According to Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor and researcher, crystals have their own type ‘aliveness’ and open us to different kinds of consideration about divine organization, which are spiritual in nature, and which he considered essential to our understanding of how the Universe works.

Tesla believed that everything in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency, and that the vibrations of matter are the key to unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos.

He claimed that crystals could help us tune into those frequencies and thus gain access to information that we otherwise couldn’t see.

He even went so far as to say that in a crystal we have clear proof of the existence of a force that governs the creation of matter.

Are Crystals Alive? [What You Need To Know]


Crystals are fascinating because they seem to have such a strong connection to our inner selves. They are often used as talismans, and many people feel that wearing certain stones helps them connect to their intuition and spirituality.

But what exactly does that mean? And how do they work?

There is no doubt that crystals do have some form of energy associated with them. For example, as we’ve seen you could say that they are like living beings, since they grow and change over time. 

Whether you believe they are alive or not, it’s true to say that they have a lot of similarities to living creatures. In the same way that plants and animals have their own internal organs and systems, crystals have their own internal structures and functions.

The beauty of crystals is that they remind us of ancient wisdom teachings about the interconnectedness of all things. We see this in nature every day; trees, flowers, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc., all exist together in harmony.

When we look deeply into the patterns of crystals, we can see that they are similar to sacred geometries found in temples around the globe. These geometric shapes represent universal truths and help us understand the relationship between ourselves and the Universe.

From this perspective, crystals can be great tools for personal development. When we wear them, we can become more aware of our true self and learn to live in accordance with our highest values.

Grow Your Own Crystals 

If you want to see for yourself how crystals grow to help decide if they can be considered ‘alive’ it’s easy enough to do (see also ‘How To Grow Your Own Alum Crystals‘). 

You can very easily ‘grow’ crystals, just like you would grow a plant from seed. Crystal growth occurs according to very specific combinations and arrangements of atoms and molecules, so simple experiments demonstrate the process of crystallization.

Salt crystals, for example, require sodium chloride (common table salt) and water.

If you’re interested in making your own crystals, you don’t need to buy a crystal growing kit from the store; however, those kinds of kits can be really fun, especially for kids to discover the wonder of various crystallization types and shapes!

Baking Soda 

This ingredient is used to form sodium bicarbonate, which is known to help dissolve minerals such as calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, and iron oxides.


Vinegar helps to keep the solution alkaline, meaning it does not change into acidity.


Add baking soda to water. The mixture should be slightly acidic, so add vinegar if necessary.

  • Wait  – After 24 hours, you will notice that the solution has turned cloudy
  • Rinse  – Once the solution has been rinsed, it will turn clear again.
  • Dry  – Let the solution dry completely before storing it away.
  • Repeat  – Try repeating the experiment until you get the desired shape of your crystal.
  • Store  – Keep your crystals in an airtight container.

Once your crystal has formed you can try adding some food coloring to create pretty colors. 


Whether  crystals are alive is a fascinating one. It may seem strange to think of crystals as living beings, but when we consider their unique properties, we begin to realize that they could be considered to be alive.

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