Are Crystals Rocks?

When searching for the right healing crystals for you, you may find that some places use the terms ‘crystal’ and ‘rock’ interchangeably – but is this an accurate use of both terms? Are crystals rocks?

Are Crystals Rocks?

Or are they different both spiritually and physically? Here we are going to take a look at crystals and rocks to see if they are different or indeed the same thing.

This way, you can learn more about the healing crystals in your possession and potentially find some new tools you can use in your meditation and spiritual healing (see also ‘How To Make Orgonite Pyramid‘). So, let’s dive right in!

What Are Rocks?

Before we take a closer look at crystals, let’s first determine what an actual rock is. In geology, rocks are solid collections of minerals and crystals which have been fused together to create a solid lump.

They are a natural substance that can be classified into three different groups: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.

Each rock is classified by the materials they originate from such as: igneous rock which was born from cooling magma, sedimentary rock which is bonded fragments of sand and pebbles, and metamorphic rocks which originate from sedimentary rocks but later became something else through years of pressure and heat.

Stones are basically smaller rocks that have been eroded to a smaller shape over many years either by water or wind. So, rocks and stones are one in the same – but what about crystals?

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are lumps made from minerals that stand on their own and are not a part of a larger solid, like rock. Crystals also have their own unique structures in which their atoms arrange themselves into certain patterns. This gives them a distinctive structural difference from rocks.

It’s the structural pattern of a crystal that truly defines it. Like rocks, they can be made up of minerals but the minerals’ atoms need to organize themselves in a particular structural pattern to form a crystal. There are several crystal structures – but no rock will ever be able to form one.

This is because rocks are not just made from one type of mineral or crystal – it’s the lump of many fused different types. Its density means that it does not have the same repeated structure in its chemical composition, unlike crystals.

So, on a geological and chemical level, crystals are a different classification to rocks due to their composition and microscopic structure – but what about on a spiritual level? Do rocks and crystals share the same energies?

Rocks And Crystals In Spiritual Healing

Rocks And Crystals In Spiritual Healing

In spirituality and alchemy, crystals hold thousands of shapes, sizes, and colors which each reflects their own unique energy within.

This energy is what allows us to use crystals for a range of different purposes including clearing negative energies from our chakras to unblock them, provide us with protective energy, give us an emotional energy boost, and so much more.

The reason why crystals hold such powerful energies with so many different uses is because they are created directly from the Earth itself and are born from elemental energy that can be found all around us (see also ‘What Is The Most Powerful Crystal‘).

They are basically condensed versions of these energies – but it’s not just crystals that feature them. Rocks and precious stones are also born from the Earth too and as a result, hold similar energies.

So, in a spiritual sense, rocks and crystals are similar because they both can be used to impart different energies and play different roles in your spiritual healing and support.

Some stones like jet, tiger’s eye, or petrified wood, are born from minerals and do not have a crystal structure, but still are used for their calming and grounding properties.

In a general sense, healing stones and rocks are generally more grounding and hold protective generies used to stability and support.

They usually are recharged by being submerged in earth or rice. On the other hand, crystals can feature lighter energies related to freedom, air, or sunshine, and can be recharged through exposure to sunlight or moonlight.

However, every crystal, stone and rock has its own energies and powers that are unique to it – so trying to group them together can be super tricky.

You can definitely find crystals which have more grounding properties such as tourmaline or onyx, so the structure and geological classification of a particular rock or crystals does not have any influence over its powers and how you can use it.

What About Gemstones?

Another term used when describing healing crystals and stones is the term ‘gemstone’ but how are they different from crystals and rocks?

The term gemstones (see also ‘How To Tell If A Gemstone Is Real‘) is usually more associated with the colorful stones used in jewelry. They are more polished and cut specifically to be adorned and worn.

For example, rubies and sapphires are both gemstones with crystalline structures, making them both gemstones and crystals.

However, not all crystals are gemstones and not all gemstones are crystals. Some examples of gemstones which are not crystals include pearls or amber as pearls are formed in mollusks and amber is formed from fossilized tree resin (see also ‘How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth?‘).

Neither feature crystal structures in their composition, but are commonly used in jewelry and boast spiritual energies.

Other examples include opal (see also ‘How to Tell if Opal is Real‘) and turquoise, which are also used as birthstones but do not have a traditional crystal structure. As for crystals which are not gemstones, this includes less common crystals which are not featured in jewelry.

This can be because they are too fragile or soft, thus making them susceptible to breaking or scratching. For example, salt is considered a crystal but is definitely not suitable to be called a gemstone.

Final Thoughts

So, crystals are not rocks when you look at them in a geological sense. This is because crystals have a specific structure to their atoms which makes them separate from rocks, which contain fused minerals and crystals all together in a singular lump.

However, both rocks and crystals can contain spiritual powers and energies which makes them suitable tools to help support your own energies, clear your chakras, and rejuvenate your energies.

Andrea Daehma