20 Beautiful And Healing Taurus Stones

A Taurus is the sign of the bull, so if you ever meet a Taurus, you can be sure that they are very sturdy and down-to-earth.

20 Beautiful And Healing Taurus Stones

A Taurus is also very reliable and loyal. But what happens when a Taurus experiences bad luck or certain physical complaints?

A Taurus can also be very stubborn, which could be the source of a lot of negativities in their lives.

Negativity leads to cloudy thinking and ultimately a downturn in fortunes. If you believe in karma, then you’ll believe whatever you put out into the world, you’ll get back tenfold.

Having the right gemstones about your person can be a Godsend. A good birthstone can clear bad energy, restore your clear thinking and even reverse certain health complaints. Here is a list of 20 beautiful Taurus stones.

1. Malachite


This stone is great for restoring the natural balance of a Taurus’ cloudy mind. If you are going through a period of intense concentration or hardship and you need focused thinking, having this stone about your person will certainly help you.

2. Peridotite

As we have mentioned above, a Taurus is a very stubborn sign, so you’ll need a stone that will dispel all bad energy.

This is why Peridotite is amazing. This will encourage a person with this sign to be a lot more flexible in their thinking and consider different approaches to a difficult situation.

3. Aquamarine

This stone is obviously very water-based, which is a very fluid medium to move through. This is very important to encourage flexibility in a Taurus. This also has a naturally calming influence, helping to get rid of anxious thinking.

4. Lapis


This is a wonderful healing stone, which will help any Taurus that is suffering from blood circulation problems, heart conditions and fatigue. This stone will help to wash away all the built-up negativity in your soul.

5. Agate

This stone exudes warmth, royalty, and sophistication. It is as pure as the driven snow and will make wearers feel very similar. This is a great wedding gift for a Taurus, as it will help to bring luck and good fortune to a marriage.

6. Topaz

This is a magical stone that comes with wonderful healing vibrations. If you are feeling sick or even run down, this topaz will help you get back on your feet very quickly. The light blue of this stone signifies tranquillity and forgiveness.

7. Carnelian


This is a deep orange stone that will help to give you the confidence that you need to face your fears.

This stone has the spirit of quiet bravery which it will instil upon you as soon as you put it around your neck or wear it on your finger.

8. Amethyst

If you are a Taurus and you are experiencing feelings of self-doubt, then this is a great stone for you to have.

This will help the Taurus to attempt things that they might have deemed out of their comfort zone. Get a few of these stones and place them around the house for extra good luck.

9. Hematite

This stone is known for its grounding properties, which can sometimes be important for a Taurus who has their head in a certain place and will not budge.

This will help to heal negative emotions that you might have been carrying around you since childhood.

10. Adventurine Crystal

If you are sick of comparing yourself with other people, then this stone is amazing. It will vanquish all of your jealousies and comparison anxiety. This stone is also imbued with a little bit of luck, so keep it in your house to bless you and your family.

11. Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite

If you are having money worries, then having some clear calcite will certainly help to bring you luck in the financial world.

Sometimes you’ll just want to get rid of irrational money worries, so tuck this under your pillow and you can expect a great night’s sleep.

12. Polished Malachite With Chrysocolla

This next stone will give you all the courage of a noble warrior, imbuing you with strength during situations where you might need it the most.

This also helps a Taurus to remain true to their goals, which is often what is needed when you are receiving too much negative advice from others.

13. Black Obsidian

This stone is great for countering any negative energy that might have built up in your home. You can get these in the form of small obelisks which you can place in areas around your home to create a harmonious environment.

14. Raw Tiger’s Eye Crystals

Raw Tiger’s Eye Crystals

If you are going through a difficult transition in your life, then you might need a bit of help from an outside source.

This is where Raw Tiger’s Eye crystal will really come in handy. It will imbue you with balance and stability when things might seem very up in the air.

15. Rose Quartz

Just looking at this crustal will imbue you with a sense of calm and serenity that you cannot get from inside you. This is a pink stone that will help you to communicate, especially in your romantic life.

Remember that Taurus’ can find it hard to open up and this stone will definitely help to get them talking and expressing.

16. Blue Lace Agate

Another beautifully serene crystal, this is one for restoring some balance in your life. If you need a helping hand to express yourself, then this is a great stone to have on your side.

Whether it is a difficult presentation at work or a wedding speech, have this in your pocket for extra confidence.

17. Raw Kunzite


If you are looking to gift a pair of earrings to a Taurus, then you can’t go wrong with embossing them with some raw kunzite.

If you have suffered any long-term illness, this will help to restore you to your former luster. This can also help to balance a Taurus’ often tempestuous moods.

18. Rutilated Smoky Quartz

This crystal will help to keep you alert when you need it the most. If you are trying to make a difficult decision, having this form of quartz will help you clear your mind and think fast.

This will also help you get to the root of an issue that has been bothering you for a while.

19. Tumbled Mookite

These wonderful multicolored stones have so much energy contained within them. Their purpose is to instil within you that exact same energy. You can be sure of a very lively day if you have a handful of these in your pocket.

20. Aragonite Blue Tumble

Finally, we have a beautiful veined blue stone that will give you everything that you need for healing and happiness.

Pop a few of these under your pillow and you can guarantee a great night’s sleep and increased healing after a long period of illness.

Some More Taurus Traits

A Taurus can be a difficult person to read, but you can be sure that once they are on your side that you won’t have a more loyal partner or friend.

When it comes to romance, then a Taurus can be surprisingly sensual, having everything that you need for an intense and fiery romance. This sign also has a great sense of self-worth, so you can certainly lean on them in a time of crisis.

If you are looking for someone who is reliable and will not let you down, then a Taurus is the perfect sign to pair up with.

However, on the flip side, a Taurus can be very stubborn when it comes to trying to achieve their goals.

Sometimes it can also seem like this star sign is close-minded, which is very difficult if you are trying to get them to explore new avenues in their life.

What Star Signs Are The Most Compatible With Taurus?

Because Taurus is an earth sign, pairing them with a water sign will yield some very positive results. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are perfect partners for Tauruses, helping to shift them from their grounded position and helping them to try new things.

You can also pair a Taurus with an air sign, as they will also bring Taurus out of their shell and introduce a bit of levity and brightness into their life.

However, Aquarius is the exception here, as it will be very difficult for the intense Taurus to connect with the flighty Aquarius.

One sign that you won’t want to pair a Taurus with is a fire sign such as Sagittarius or Leo. Both signs love the spotlight, which will certainly be anathema to a lot of what Taurus is about.


If you are a Taurus and you feel that you need that little extra helping hand to channel your good energies and get rid of some of those toxic energies in your life, then try using one of these stones.

You can even combine a few of these stones in jewelry or ornaments around your home.

Andrea Daehma