15 Beautiful Black Crystals With White Spots

Black crystals have always been sought out as more than just decorative gemstones but also as a form of healing. Even more intriguing are black crystals with white spots, so we have found 15 of the most beautiful for you to investigate. 

15 Beautiful Black Crystals With White Spots

From spiritual awakening to physical healing these powerful stones are some of the most sought after by practitioners of alternative medicine for their many benefits and properties. 

1. Snowflake Obsidian

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, coming from lava that has a high silica content. Snowflake obsidian is formed when a type of quartz called cristobalite occurs as inclusions in the obsidian as it devitrifies (see also ‘What Are The Different Types Of Obsidian?‘). 

It is thought that snowflake obsidian allows you to see the dark side of your nature, the patterns in the stone symbolizing the patterns of your own behavior and thoughts. The stone is also believed to dissolve shock, trauma and fear, emotional and physical. 

Snowflake obsidian is used for the base and crown chakras. 

2. Black Blizzard Stone

Blizzard stone was only discovered in 1990 in Alaska. These gemstones are black with white spots and speckles. Occasionally they will be white stones with black spots. 

As a healing crystal black blizzard stone (see also, ‘3 Black Agate Crystals‘) is thought to assist with spiritual growth. It has also been used to strengthen the crown chakra and to bring repressed emotions to the surface so that you can deal with them. 

People use black blizzard stones to stop others from dominating their lives, and it is also used as a strong healing aid. 

3. Black Cassiterite

Cassiterite comes in a variety of shades of black, gray, reddish brown and white.  For thousands of years it has been used as a source of tin and its name is derived from the Greek word for tin. 

As with other black crystals this stone has balancing and grounding properties and is often used as a healing stone. It is particularly used for treating the lung by strengthening breathing, and it also aids the heart. 

Emotionally, black cassiterite can help with problem-solving and may help you to manifest your goals. 

4. Black Dendrite

Black dendrite is a form of quartz which is typically white and contains black markings called dendrites. These are sometimes mistaken as fossilized plants, but the dendrites are actually minerals that have metallic properties and are found in the fissures of the stones. 

This is a healing stone with protective qualities and is thought to promote maturity and inner stability. It brings the practitioner closer to mother earth and encourages self expression. 

Meditating with this stone encourages you to go back to your roots and activates the heart and root chakra. 

5. Black Fossil Coral

Black Fossil Coral

As the name suggests, black fossil coral is formed by ancient corals. Skeletons of these animals form the distinct floral type patterns in the stone. 

However, they are not considered part of the coral family but rather belong to the agate family of gemstones as they contain silicon dioxide. Most of these stones are found in the US but also in Indonesia. 

Fossil coral is believed to bring about change and is a good grounding stone. As part of the agate family it helps with blood circulation and healing stomach conditions. 

6. Morion

Morion is part of the quartz family and any type of quartz crystal can be changed into morion through x-ray exposure. In its pure black form it is thought to be a symbol of the night. 

As a healing stone morion revitalizes and restores energy. However, it is not widely available and so is sought by many collectors and healers who believe it is able to absorb all kinds of energies. Morion is thought to be beneficial for easing anxiety and panic attacks. 

Practitioners also use it for balancing left and right activity and for detoxification. 

7. Black Perovskite

This stone has a unique crystal structure that is typically in the form of black cubes in diverse types of rocks. Occasionally it is found in colors such as yellow, orange or red. 

As a mineral it is important to the solar energy industry as it has the ability to absorb light and transport an electric charge. 

For crystal therapy black perovskite is used to heal anxiety and to treat loneliness. It can also be used to revive passion and vitality as well as blocking negative energy around you. 

8. Black Preseli Bluestone

This stone is only found in western Wales in the UK, in the Preseli Hills making it very rare. The color varies from almost black to gray with blue tints. The white spots are plagioclase feldspar. 

As a healing crystal the black preseli bluestone can help you face difficult situations and increases will power if you are easily discouraged. It can help you to remain calm and composed at times of difficulty. 

For physical healing the stone is believed to be beneficial to the immune system and the heart. 

9. Black Spiderweb Obsidian

The intriguing pattern in this stone is reminiscent of spider’s webs, hence its name. The black variety is the most commonly found, but there are also green and dark blue variations. 

Obsidian is formed when lava cools rapidly, so it is not actually a mineral but a volcanic glass.

However, it is very popular with collectors and is highly valued in crystal healing. It is an excellent grounding stone and has good protective qualities. 

For physical healing it helps the hips and knees, as well as speech therapy. 

10. Black Indigo Gabbro

Black Indigo Gabbro

Black indigo gabbro is a volcanic stone and is also known as mystic merlinite. It typically has random and irregular patterns of black and light gray and was only recently discovered in Madagascar. 

It has been found to be an extremely grounding stone and has the ability to locate energy blockages in the body.

It is also used to align the chakras. As a physical healing stone it is believed to help with fever, swelling and bruising. 

Meditating with this stone will allow you to connect with your intuition. 

11. Black Biotite

This mineral is often called iron mica due to its high iron content. It is part of a group of rocks that include granite, and pegmatite.

As it is a very soft rock it is not suitable for jewelry but is highly sought after for alternative medicine particularly in acupuncture. 

It is claimed that black biotite can increase the energy flow to various parts of your body and can act as a protection against psychic attack and negative energy. 

12. Black Agate

Black agate is part of the quartz family and is a type of chalcedony. It is translucent when held up to the light despite looking like a solid rock in your hand.

This stone can be found all over the world, but some of the biggest mines are in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. 

It is closely associated with the root chakra and like most black gemstones it has excellent grounding and balancing effects. Black agate alleviates joint and bone problems and helps with digestion and nausea. 

13. Dalmatian Jasper

This stone is called the dalmatian jasper due to its black and white coloring however it is typically mined in Chihuahua, Mexico. Perhaps a good stone for dog owners not least because it is said to promote devotion toward other people. 

The dalmatian jasper is also believed to create a sense of playfulness and helps people to enjoy the fun things in life. For those who suffer from nightmares this stone is said to absorb the negative energy thus giving a good night’s sleep. 

14. Zebra Jasper

Although the coloring of zebra jasper is similar to dalmatian jasper, this stone has stripes rather than spots. Jasper is found all over the world but zebra jasper is found mostly in Africa, Russia and in India. It has been used for thousands of years. 

Despite being widely available today, jasper was once a valuable stone. As a healing stone zebra jasper motivates us to move away from apathy and into action. It also stimulates the root chakra and helps with grounding as well as with over thinking. 

15. Black Sphalerite Crystal With White Druzy

Black Sphalerite Crystal With White Druzy

This gorgeous crystal sphere is black sphalerite which has white, druzy swirls. Sphalerite is believed to aid your self belief and helps you to unlock your full potential by pushing you to achieve your dreams. It gives you the energy and vitality you need to succeed. 

Use this stone for self reflection, and you will attract as much energy to yourself as you put out. If you are positive you will receive positive energy in return. It is a grounding stone and helps to keep you on the right path to achieving what you want in life. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals can bring you all sorts of benefits and allow you to take advantage of their healing properties. Black crystals with white spots such as we have looked at are wonderful for keeping you grounded but also offer so much more. 

We hope you have enjoyed our guide.

Andrea Daehma