5 Beautiful Brazilian Crystals

Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful, vibrant, and eye-catching crystals that are considered top quality in terms of their designs and formation, along with possessing some incredible properties and benefits to anyone who keeps them close by. 

5 Beautiful Brazilian Crystals

Because of the rarity and unique appearances of the crystals that can be found in Brazil, the country is now one of the biggest exporters of quality stones and crystals, especially since many of their acclaimed mines that were built centuries ago are still active. 

With Brazil containing such a unique collection of jaw-dropping crystals, here are 5 of the most eye-catching and beautiful Brazilian crystals that you need to keep an eye out for.

Is Brazil Well Known For Crystals?

Ever since Brazil became a Portuguese colony during the 16th century and mines started to be built around the country, the South American country has contained some of the most highly sought-after and valuable crystals that can be found on the worldwide market. 

The main mining hub is located in Minas Gerais where some of the rarest quarts crystals and stones can be found, however, there are a tremendous number of mines dotted across the entire country, especially in Southern Brazil which is very well known for producing some of the most beautifully designed and constructed quartz and rock crystals in the world.

5 Most beautiful Crystals From Brazil

You will be hard-pressed to find many countries with such a colorful and vibrant selection of crystals and stones as Brazil, so with that being said, here are some of the most beautiful crystals that can be found in this vibrant and exciting country. 

Blue Aventurine Crystals

Aventurine crystals are incredibly rare and highly sought-after platy minerals that are often described as ‘good luck’ crystals due to their ability to nurture joy, happiness, and harmony to anyone who keeps them close by. 

Each color of the aventurine crystal actually has its own properties, therefore while the green variant inspires confidence and strength, blue aventurine crystals contain a much more calming aura, helping us to deal with rash and fiery emotions by tapping into the upper energy centers of our bodies. 

The properties of this crystal are not the only reason it is so feverously sought after however, it is also due to their rich sky-blue appearance that many claim reflects the energy of winter, especially since many of these crystals are very light in their color palette which can make them very similar in both look and design to ice. 

These serene and peaceful crystals are members of the quartz family, however, because of the presence of mineral inclusions, it grants the crystal its optical reflectance effect and gives it a uniquely colorful appearance and a slightly smoother texture than many similar quartz stones and crystals.

Sodalite Natural Crystals

Sodalite Natural Crystals

Celebrated as one of the most popular crystals for rinsing the body of toxic vibes and energy, especially feelings of fear and guilt, sodalite is a crystal that irradiates a warm and calming aura that is said to encourage rational thought, objectivity, and truth.

It is therefore linked to insight and mental enhancement, primarily because it corresponds to and activates the third eye chakra which enhances our state of consciousness and helps us realize aspects about ourselves, the world, and others that we may have been oblivious too before. 

The natural soladite crystals which come from the deep Brazilian mines in the southern region of the country are very recognizable for their rich royal blue color, and while they can sometimes be seen in yellow, white and red, the deep blue appearance with streaks of white shooting through its surface is the most common appearance for sodalite crystals. 

Despite it being based in Brazil, the dazzling beauty of sodalite actually made it highly sought after by nobles, wealthy families, and even royalty, including the likes of Queen Mary I and King George V who could regularly be seen wearing the crystal as part of their crowns and rings, along with keeping them as part of their luxurious jewelry collections. 

Natural Amethyst

While amethyst can now be found in a few countries around the world including South Korea, India, and Russia, it is majorly sourced from Brazil where it is in its purest and most beautiful form due to it being mined alongside other varieties of quartz and gemstones which also have very striking and dazzling appearances.  

Amethyst is actually commonly known as a ‘natural tranquilizer’ due to its highly praised healing properties, making it an incredibly useful tool for anyone trying to relieve stress, soothe irritability, and balance mood swings while resisting negative emotions. 

The benefits don’t just stop there as amethyst is also said to offer protection, humility, and spiritual wisdom by tapping into our crown chakra, alongside being associated with our third eye, giving us a much clearer perspective of the physical and spiritual world. 

Amethyst has actually been the most exported crystal from Brazil, both for its outstanding properties, and its incredibly unique purple design.

Amethyst crystals are actually formed inside of pyrogenic volcanic rocks, also known as basalts, but the reason it acquires the striking glistening purple color can be because of irradiation, but more often, it is due to iron impurities which makes sense since amethyst is made up of quartz which commonly contain plenty of iron. 

It is the incredible deep shades of purple that influences so many buyers to spend so much on amethyst crystals, and while they are usually known for being fairly dark, they can also appear as a much lighter shade similar to lavender, or in some very rare cases, it will even be plain white.

Amethyst can be found in the southern and eastern regions of Brazil where the greatest variety of quartz can be found.

Natural Garnet Crystals

Natural Garnet Crystals

Mined in the northern region of Brazil and primarily in the large inland state of Minas Gerais, garnet is a bright red and fiery crystal that is associated with determination and passion (see also, ‘7 Crystals for Passion‘).

This multicolored crystal cleanses and energizes the chakras in the body to help balance our energies while also enhancing feelings of peace and serenity. 

It is also known as being closely linked to romance, love, and personal relationships, alongside being incredibly valuable and highly sought after by royal families across the world for multiple centuries.

Garnet crystals form when a sedimentary rock with high aluminum content is subjected to heat and pressure, also known as metamorphism.

While it can be found in multiple colors including orange, pink, yellow, and a dazzling and striking red, garnet is actually most famous for its texture and specifically, its glossy glow that really helps it stand out from other similar crystals. 

This is actually why garnet was often used as the primary stone resting at the top of the crowns of several kings and queens since it appeared so much more grand and meaningful than many other smaller stones, making this Brazilian crystal incredibly well-known for its magnificent appearance.

Diamantina Laser Wand Crystal Points

These laser wand crystals are found in the well-known Diamantina Mine located in Mina Gerais, which was at the center of diamond mining throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and is still actively used to this day. 

These crystals possess an incredibly intense vibration and energy that carries down the wand and through the endpoint.

It concentrates and accelerates this energy into a tight beam, and when someone holds the laser crystal, this energy surrounds the body, granting the person greater focus and clearer awareness and understanding of their thoughts.

This is why diamantina crystals are used often when entering a meditative state since they have been said to encourage finer communication with other worlds, along with the inner world of the self, allowing you to take an outside perspective of yourself as an individual by breaking away from the ego. 

Alongside their incredible number of benefits and properties, Brazilian diamantina laser crystals also possess an extravagant and unique design with them having a needle point and a clear see-through color.

The points will usually have angles on the sides of them and are often curved with unique etchings and markings upon them which means while a lot of these types of crystals can look different from each other, they are all incredibly unique and truly one-of-a-kind. 


When it comes to the design, texture, and color of crystals, many of the most eye-catching throughout history have come from Brazil, which is why it is no surprise that the country is now one of the biggest crystal exporters on the international market and why their locally mined crystals are so highly valued. 

Whether it’s the wintery sky blue appearance of avanturine or the pointed laser design of crystal clear diamantina, if you’re on the lookout for some of the most dazzling crystals that also contain some incredible benefits and properties, you won’t need to look any further than some of these beautiful Brazilian crystals. 

Andrea Daehma