20 Beautiful Brown Orange Crystals

There are many beautiful brown orange crystals, and they have many positive properties including healing and balance. These powerful crystals bring support and guidance into your life and can connect you to the power of the sun. 

20 Beautiful Brown Orange Crystals

Depending on what you need support or healing for there will be a brown orange crystal to help you. You will be able to manifest your goals and desires and have a greater degree of personal strength. 

1. Sunstone

This beautiful stone is a type of labradorite feldspar with a brown, orange or yellow base color. The surface is typically red to golden.

The best type of sunstone is thought to be Oregon sunstone which has copper impurities giving it metallic flashes. 

The sunstone is associated with the power of the sun unsurprisingly. It helps to clear the mind and encourages positivity while also protecting your energy. 

2. Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a vibrant crystal that displays colors of orange, amber and honey. The colors come from hematite inclusions that reflect orange light. It is known as the stone of creativity and can boost your imagination. 

This crystal is believed to optimize your vitality levels and fuels your sacral chakra. Symbolically it represents personal growth and fulfillment and for healing it brings stability during large life changes. 

3. Carnelian

This stone is part of the chalcedony family, a silica mineral. Its orange hue comes from the iron oxide in the stone. Colors range from pink-orange to orange-brown although if you leave it in the sun it will darken. 

Carnelian is also called the stone of creativity while in Islam it is one of the most sacred gemstones. It encourages friendship, happiness and connection. It also balances energy. 

4. Orange Agate

Agate is a semi precious stone and a variation of chalcedony, orange agate is just one type and is found all over the world. In ancient Mesopotamia it was a symbol of authority and power. 

Orange agate is a grounding stone and helps to bring about physical, mental and emotional balance. It improves energy and confidence and allows you to see the truth of situations. 

5. Goldstone


The origin of goldstone dates back to 17th century Venice and the Miotti family who perfected the process of creating this treated glass.

Today goldstone is often included in jewelry with other stones for healing, grounding and protective benefits. 

It is a powerful stone for when you need to rid yourself of toxic thoughts and by holding one in each hand you will be able to balance your chakras. 

6. Orange Aventurine

Depending on the amount of hematite or goethite inclusions in orange aventurine it will have orange or brownish-orange hues.

Aventurine is composed of chalcedony and feldspar. In ancient China aventurine symbolized forgiveness and kindness. 

Today practitioners use aventurine for its grounding and empowering properties. It is closely associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus (see also ‘20 Beautiful And Healing Taurus Stones‘).

It offers emotional comfort and works particularly well with the heart chakra. 

7. Golden Amethyst

Golden amethyst is a type of quartz, and it is also known as spirit quartz. They can vary in color from a light gold to a reddish brown. It offers both physical and metaphysical benefits. 

This stone will help you find balance in your life including spiritual alignment. It promotes a sense of calmness and serenity and will help anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious or helpless. 

8. Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite garnet is found in Madagascar and can be either a pale orange or a more vivid red. Bright orange spessartite is the most expensive, however.

This stone activates the analytical parts of your mind, providing confidence and alleviating your fears. 

Associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras the stone awakens creativity and willpower. These energy enhancers are also said to attract understanding and commitment. 

9. Amber

Made of fossilized tree resin, amber is an organic gemstone. It can be a deep yellow color or orange and has visible impurities that are trapped in the resin. Sometimes the color changes to an orange brown around these impurities. 

Amber is a zodiac stone for Leo, one of the sun signs and also a solar plexus chakra stone. Wearing this stone promotes balance of body and spirit. 

10. Andesine Feldspar

Andesine Feldspar

This stone is a plagioclase feldspar mineral which has yellow, red or orange colors. These different hues are created thanks to the inclusions of copper in the stone.

It is sometimes confused with red labradorite which actually has a different composition. 

However, andesine also displays labradorescence which means the inside of the stone reflects flashes of color rather than the surface. It is a heart chakra stone with grounding effects.

11. Citrine

Orange citrine is part of the quartz family and the stones range in color from pale yellow to a brownish orange. The color comes from iron with larger deposits causing the darker reddish brown. 

In ancient Rome it was believed to ward off negativity and was carved into their god of good fortune Bonus Eventus. It has also been called the success stone and is thought to manifest wealth and achievement. 

12. Imperial Topaz

This is one of the most rare versions of topaz and its colors vary from golden-orange to pink-orange. In the bible it is called the ‘stone of fire’ and the name topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for fire. It is also the birthstone for the fire sign Sagittarius. 

It is the most powerful of all orange gemstones in terms of healing especially for digestive health. 

13. Orange Tourmaline

An orange tourmaline may be honey colored, pink-orange or brown orange but is not a very common stone. Depending on the hue the color comes from either iron, titanium or manganese and in some cases, irradiation. 

They are one of the best orange crystals for protection and also for boosting empathy and helping the nervous system. It symbolizes positivity, creativity and open mindedness. 

14. Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a variety of agate made of onyx and chalcedony layers which create banded lines in orange, white, black and red. 

The ancient Romans would make cameos of Venus from sardonyx to invite love into their lives or would carve Ares the god of war from it to manifest a victory in battle.

It is the zodiac stone of Aries and Leo and can be used to protect against malevolent forces. 

15. Orange Jade

Orange Jade

The word jade actually refers to two stones, jadeite and nephrite. However, only jadeite is orange. It varies from an apricot to a deep orange red color depending on the inclusions and rate of cooling as the stone was formed. 

Orange jade symbolizes happiness and unity. Its healing properties include stimulating the mind and healing heartache. 

16. Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz is a hematoid quartz which means it is either coated or combined with hematite as it is formed. Proximity to water causes the hematite to rust and bond to clear quartz creating the orange color. 

This stone symbolizes the joy of childhood, as well as curiosity and inspiration. It can be used to open the solar plexus and sacral chakras. 

17. Fire Opal

Revered by the Aztecs and Mayans fire opals and named them the ‘stone of the bird of paradise’ or Quetzalitzlipyollitli. They come in vivid orange, yellow or red. 

As opals, they are unique in that they are translucent or transparent and are often faceted. Typically they come from either Mexico or Ethiopia. 

Practitioners use fire opals for increasing intuition, promoting creativity and attracting abundance. 

18. Hessonite Garnets

These stones are a yellow orange to burnt orange garnet. It is darker than its close cousin spessartite due to the inclusions including apatite crystals which gives the interior a cloudy appearance similar to moldavite. 

These stones symbolize commitment, understanding and passion and are the zodiac stones for Capricorn and Aquarius

19. Coral

Like amber, coral is an organic gemstone. It is composed of the exoskeletons of coral polyps and while most coral is white, red coral is available in various shades of red, orange or pink. 

It is quite a soft gemstone making it quite delicate. 

Coral is sometimes referred to as the Mars stone, and it is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. As a healing crystal it is used for balancing the sacral chakra. 

20. Orange Spinel

 Orange Spinel

One of the most expensive spinels, orange spinel, is rare and has a wonderful luster. Their color is due to chromium in the stone. They originate from either Burma or Tanzania with Tanzanian orange spinels being rarer. 

Historically, orange spinels were mistaken for rubies with the Imperial Crown of the Austrian Empire featuring one rather than the more precious ruby. 

Orange spinels represent joy, hope and rejuvenation. They help you to keep your ego in check while simultaneously encouraging self expression and confidence. The stones help you to negotiate the fine line between the two. 

Final Thoughts

Despite being a relatively rare color in gemstones there are a lot of brown orange crystals to choose from. 

We hope this guide has been informative and that you now understand more about these wonderfully colored stones.

Andrea Daehma