5 Beautiful Celestial Crystals

While crystals of all shapes and forms are excellent ways to draw power and to become a better version of yourself, sometimes you need a little extra help. 

5 Beautiful Celestial Crystals

In particularly stressful situations or in times of transformation, you may require something stronger than the crystals mined from the Earth. While this is rare, there are crystals that can help you harness something even greater. 

Celestial Crystals. 

In this article we explain what celestial crystals are, how to use them, and what they can do for you. Below are X beautiful celestial crystals that are truly magnificent in both appearance and power. 

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What Are Celestial Crystals?

Rock crystals that are mined deep beneath are upgraded to become celestial crystals. A Celestial Crystal cluster will form when stardust and a rock crystal are dropped into the liquid starlight.

These crystals can take years to form, and if mined prematurely, you can be left with a lackluster crystal or nothing at all. 

By building the heavenly crystal on top of a starmetal ore, the growing process can be hastened.

It will take in the starlight infusion that originally converted the iron ore into starmetal, reverting it to its original iron ore form.

Iron ore can be repeatedly transformed back into starmetal ore by making the area it occupies the target of starlight transmutation, allowing the celestial crystal cluster to continue expanding.

5 Beautiful Celestial Crystals 

Celestial crystals can come in many forms. Below are 5 beautiful celestial crystals, ready to help you connect with your higher self. 

1. Opalite 

This stone is ideal for shielding the heart from illness and conflict. Heart attacks and even heartbreaks can be avoided by wearing an opal necklace close to your chest.

 It helps to protect your heart from injury while clearing the heart chakra. Opalite also helps with respiratory conditions.

Opalite is related to youth and innocent awe. It aids in fostering optimism and interest about life. It is stated that this stone teaches its user how to go with the flow. With its upbeat, pleasant energy, it banishes pessimism.

This stone is extremely beneficial when you are looking to lift your spirits. Those who suffer with depression and other mental illnesses will find this stone helpful. It clears the mind and cleanses negative energy from the soul. 

To balance the energies of men and women, this stone is frequently employed. Everyone possesses a small amount of each, and maintaining balance is the greatest strategy for controlling mood changes.

Opalite is great for instilling tranquility in your life. It enables you to let go of upsetting memories and move past past tragedies.

Opalite is best in use when worn as jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet. This allows for skin to skin contact which can open the heart chakra and protect in times of heartache. 

You can also hold opalite whilst meditating for extra protections and cleansing. You won’t become tired or worn out if you have this stone in your pocket. This stone’s energy will enter your body immediately and awaken you from the inside out.

 Additionally, being opportunistic will help you focus and persevere. It won’t allow you to become sidetracked by little matters. It functions nicely with apatite, which fosters harmony.

2. Crystal Quartz 

Since the name “Clear Quartz Stone” is derived from the Greek word for “ice,” it makes sense that this chunk of dazzling quartz would have associations with ice-covered peaks and glacial streams given its glacial appearance, complete transparency, and soothing energy.

It’s a remarkable amplifying stone, so whatever you put into it will come out ten times stronger. The sharpness of its various faces can sharpen concentration, jog memory, and restore equilibrium throughout your entire body.

Much like its clear appearance, crystal quartz is known as a master healer. It works hard to rid your spirit of any toxic energy which may be hindering your success. 

If you’re prepared to allow it, it encourages happier emotions and can make even the little bit of delight into something enormous.

As previously indicated, this stone is a master of energy and knows just how to channel the surplus energy present to provide the optimum effects.

Crystal quartz has a connection to all of the chakras in order to ensure they are clear of any blockages, however, it is closely linked with the crown chakra. As it clears the crown chakra allows you to open your mind and lead you to something incredible. 

The maximum amount of energy can be absorbed by pressing a Clear Quartz Bracelet or any other type of jewelry close to the skin, guaranteeing that the flow is flowing exactly where it has to go without any obstructions.

3. Prehnite 


Prehnite (see also ‘The Ultimate Guide To Prehnite‘) is regarded as the crystal to heal the healer and a stone of unrestricted love. It improves intuition and foresight. allows you to always be ready. Prehnite gives tranquility and safety while calming the surroundings. 

It demonstrates how to live in harmony with the elements and the natural world.

This stone is especially useful in letting go. Whether of old feelings, relationships, or belongings. You can truly start fresh with the help of prehnite. This is especially great in time for spring cleaning or after a breakup when the heart holds onto emotions. 

Prehnite is referred to as a “stone of dreaming” and is thought to boost lucid dreaming, strengthen the dream experience, and encourage communication with other levels of existence.

Additionally, indigenous South African people have traditionally used it as a “stone of prophecy.”

This stone is closely connected to the heart and solar plexus chakras. It offers support and guidance when you are lacking the strength to move on from a situation or person.

This is extremely helpful for times of loss and betrayal when the mind and heart lack the ability to let go. 

Prehnite is frequently used in jewelry, which is one way to wear it. This crystal looks great in earrings, necklaces, or rings, and it is a reasonably priced stone that most people will be able to purchase.

Using the stone itself while meditation is also a good idea if you don’t have any prehnite jewelry. While meditating, simply holding your prehnite in your hands or lap can result in amazing visions and foster a profound sense of tranquility.

4. Chalcedony 

It’s thought that Chalcedony got its name from the Greek harbor of the same name, which is now called Kadikoy in Turkey. The famous speaker of Cicero was rumored to wear this mild, cool-headed crystal, known as the speaker’s stone, around his neck.

To ensure a sense of grounding, it was frequently utilized in ceremonies. Chalcedony is still a well-liked stone today for use in spiritual journeys and meditation.

Chalcedony can work as a breath before you speak, giving you the time to really think about what you are going to say. 

Chalcedony is renowned for expelling bad energy and illuminating both our internal and external environments. It leads us away from thinking from a place of fear and toward sisterhood and kindness.

Closely connected with the throat chakra, chalcedony is perfect when you can’t seem to find the right words. It is perfect for giving a sense of calm in times of distress. 

This stone cuts any enmity to the ground to make place for harmony, replacing self-doubt with confidence and tranquility. It is a stone that soothes intense emotional patterns, fits of rage, annoyance, worry, and mounting panic.

Due to chalcedony’s intense energy, it often works best with skin to skin contact. Wear jewelry throughout the day for the best effect. It will aid in keeping a clear mind and ensuring that your thoughts are translated effectively through speech. 

5. Green Aventurine 

Green aventurine offers courage, strength, enjoyment, and self-assurance. One’s outlook on life is revived, and it motivates us to take action in order to get what we desire in this world. 

This stone exhorts the wearer to venture outside of their comfort zone and seize fresh opportunities.

Scared to take that new job offer? Or to move away from your family? Green aventurine will give you the confidence to do whatever you need to in order to live the best life possible. 

But this lovely stone does more than just draw good fortune; it also creates the right conditions, making “opportunity” inescapable. In order for fresh growth to occur, green aventurine releases old patterns, routines, and frustrations.

In order to help us recognize the finest that life has to offer, green aventurine is utilized in meditation as a transitional aid. It also helps one to keep going when it seems like nothing is occurring.

In order to help us recognize the finest that life has to offer, green aventurine is utilized in meditation as a transitional aid. It also helps one to keep going when it seems like nothing is occurring.

Final Thoughts 

Celestial crystals are considered the next level up. While there may be some common crystals considered celestial crystals, this means they have great power to be harnessed. 

Above are 5 beautiful celestial crystals that can be used for strength, communication, or as a lovely piece of jewelry. 

Take a look and discover a whole new you!

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