15 Beautiful Crystals For Balance

When we are out of balance, it can really affect every single aspect of our lives. Being out of balance can negatively impact our mental, spiritual, and physical health, and it can make everything a lot harder. 

15 Beautiful Crystals For Balance

Finding the right balance within ourselves can be quite hard sometimes, but there are plenty of tricks, tools, and methods that can help us realign ourselves again. 

One such method is crystals. When you find the right stones, they can massively increase your balance and help you realign your charkas and balance.

We are going to take a look at 15 beautiful crystals that will help to bring you back to balance, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Crystals work really closely with the Chakras on our bodies to realign energy and remove any blockages. Spending enough time with the right crystals can drastically change your perception and they can also improve your quality of life. 

Each of these crystals is beneficial for balance in different ways, and once you use them for yourself, you’ll definitely find yourself using them whenever these blockages appear. 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is often associated with unconditional love and passion, but that doesn’t always apply to your external relationships.

Sometimes, when we are out of balance, this can cause us to lose the love we give to ourselves, and rose quartz can help us find that love again. 

It will help you find self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth back into balance, which in turn, will help your overall balance feel right again.

If we have blockages in our own self-love, how are we meant to extend that love to anyone else? 

2. Calcite 

Calcite is a really easy stone to obtain, so if you need help improving the balance in your life, you should definitely get some when you can. 

Calcite specifically focuses on emotional balance. When our emotions are all over the place and the negative ones outweigh the positive, it can really dampen everything else going on in our lives.

Keeping calcite close will help you realign those emotions and bring you back to a proper state of balance. 

There are many different forms of calcite, each one having its own unique properties. For example, orange calcite is associated with courage, and blue calcite helps to get rid of anxious thoughts. Using multiple colors of calcite can help to balance you as well! 

3. Citrine 

This crystal works to bring balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is a crystal of abundance that will help you achieve your dreams and boost your self-confidence.

When we feel out of balance, it can have a drastic effect on our self-belief, but citrine works hard to remind you that you hold all of the power! 

It will remove any blockages that your Solar Plexus has and encourage you to find your balance again. This is a powerful crystal to keep close to you and you will notice the effects almost immediately!

4. Amethyst 

It’s always good to have some amethyst close by because it is an incredibly versatile stone that works in many different ways. In terms of balance, amethyst is perfect for keeping your energy positive and aligned.

It will soothe any negative energy you may be experiencing and will remove any stress that is causing you to feel off-center. 

Amethyst is a very spiritual crystal that will help you connect to your higher self. This in turn will help you find your balance again. 

5. Carnelian 


A lush red stone, carnelian is a fiery stone that is filled with passionate and empowering energy. It will encourage you to be more confident in yourself and help towards your self-belief. 

When we feel out of balance, we usually turn to others for validation, but carnelian helps to remind us that all we need to be balanced again is ourselves. It works hand-in-hand with your Sacral Chakra, bringing out your passion and helping you feel more grounded and balanced. 

6. Jade 

This beautiful deep green stone is known for its luckiness and prosperity. Aside from being a good luck charm, jade is also known for its balancing properties. It can quite literally balance your nervous system and help to ground your body and mind. 

If you are ever feeling out of sync or balance, jade is the perfect stone for you to work with. It will help you realign with your true self and bring that balance back into your life.

It will keep you grounded the whole time as well, so you will be deeply routed in reality and you will know your own strengths and limitations. 

7. Fluorite 

Fluorite (see also ‘A Complete Guide To Fluorite Crystals: Meaning, Healing Powers, And More‘) is another powerful stone that is great to use if you need to bring more balance into your life. It will attract structure and stability, but it will also keep you in a positive mindset at the same time. 

It will purify your mind and body of any negativity that resides there and encourage you to look on the brighter side of life. The more comfortable and balanced we feel, the less time we have for negative emotions and energies.  

Fluorite is fantastic for balancing all of the Chakras as well, so this is a great crystal to have on your side when you need help in balancing every part of you. 

8. Moonstone 

Moonstone is a crystal that is full of feminine energy and it encourages you to get in touch with your emotions and the metaphysical world. In terms of balance, it helps us to improve our inner wisdom and it also strengthens our intuition. 

This crystal is heavily associated with the moon and it will remind you that just like the moon, you go through phases. Nothing is permanent, so even if you do feel out of balance now, that doesn’t mean you will feel that way forever.

9. Aventurine 

This stone will bring you a tremendous amount of comfort and you will feel much calmer and relaxed when you are in its presence.

It works closely with the Heart Chakra and will remove any blockages you may have in that area, allowing you to love unconditionally and find emotional balance. 

It will also block any negative energy from invading your space, stopping you from being overcome by dark emotions and thoughts, so you can stay balanced for longer. 

10. Hematite 


Hematite is one of the most powerful protection stones out there, but it also has a strong effect on the mind as well.

It will clear any toxic thoughts or patterns you may have built up, allowing you to find your center and become more balanced again. 

It will also give you the courage to get through any difficult situations that may present themselves to you, embuing you with a new sense of confidence you may have needed. 

11. Obsidian 

Another crystal that is known for its powers of protection, obsidian will help you feel safe and secure within yourself. It will keep negative energy at bay and encourage you to think positively in everything you do. 

It balances out this negative energy so you don’t become overwhelmed. If you struggle to stay upbeat and positive, obsidian is going to help you more than other stones. It is a powerful yin&yang balancer that will improve your overall quality of life. 

12. Selenite 

Selenite is known for its high vibrational power, but it is gentle and soft in its approach. It will fill you with positive energy and purity, allowing you to come back to a place of balance. 

If you have any stale energy or blockages in your Chakras, selenite will banish them to make room for better energy. It will give you room to breathe again, which in turn will balance you out. 

13. Smoky Quartz 

Smokey quartz works closely with the Root Chakra, so it will keep you grounded and balanced in everything that you do. It will dispel any anxiety or stress you might be feeling and help you see things from a calm and collected perspective. 

If your head feels foggy and your thoughts feel too much, smokey quartz will balance your headspace out and give you the room to collect those thoughts. 

14. Bloodstone 

Bloodstone is filled with strength and power. It will remind you of the warrior that resides within you and encourage you to stay balanced in everything you do. 

It will remove any negative energy or blockages you may have, allowing more room for positivity and balance. 

15. Moss Agate 

Moss Agate 

Moss Agate will fill you with nothing but positive energy. It is highly connected to nature that connection will extend to you. It will bring you back down to earth and out of your head, allowing you to feel balanced once more. 


When we feel out of balance it affects all areas of our lives. Crystals are one of the most powerful tools out there that will help you rebalance and align your energies. Each of these crystals is great for finding that balance again!

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