8 Beautiful Crystals For Clear Skin

Crystals aren’t just beautiful, they have other benefits too. In recent years, many people have started to utilize crystals for these other uses, primarily because of the energy associated with these crystals.

The energy associated with crystals can help you achieve all sorts of things. From productivity to attracting love, there are crystals for all sorts of things, including crystals that can help you have clear skin. 

8 Beautiful Crystals For Clear Skin

Everybody has suffered with break-outs from time to time, but having acne or bad skin is something that can often cause distress.

Until you suffer with bad skin, it is difficult to appreciate just how hard it is to cope with this. But, luckily, there are lots of different crystals that you can hold close to help you have clear skin. 

Keep on reading to find out all about 8 beautiful crystals for clear skin. 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

First up, we have rose quartz. The pale pink color of rose quartz is absolutely beautiful, and it really is one of the prettiest crystals that exist.

Rose Quartz is associated with all sorts of things, but most commonly it is the crystal associated with self-love. 

Loving yourself is incredibly important, and when you do, it can bring about all sorts of positive emotions. Including the ability to feel beautiful and confident.

How you feel about yourself can really be reflected by your body. So, if you feel negatively about yourself, this may reflect itself in the way that you present yourself and in the way that your body reacts too. 

But, Rose Quartz is a crystal that helps give off energy that will improve the way that you feel about yourself.

As your view of yourself improves, the way that you view your body will too, and this might help you get clearer skin.

2. Black Onyx

Another stunning crystal that is associated with clear skin is black onyx. Black Onyx is a truly striking crystal due to its deep black color and shiny surfaces.

Just like Rose Quartz, it is a crystal that gives off positive energy, but it is able to improve your skin in a different way.

Black Onyx is a crystal that is associated with letting go of your fears. If you are somebody who experiences a lot of stress and anxiety then this can be reflected in your body.

Fear can display itself through blocked pores and bad skin, which is why black onyx is able to help. This crystal gives off a calming energy that is able to ground you and alleviate any stress and anxiety. 

As you feel less stress, your body will react to this and ultimately this will help you have clearer skin. This is why you should keep black onyx close to you at all times. 

3. Aquamarine

Alternatively, you should consider keeping a small amount of aquamarine near. Aquamarine is a stunning, light blue crystal that is primarily thought to aid in anti-aging, and this is why it can really help with your skin. 

As we said earlier, there are crystals for everything, and that includes the care of your body and mind.

Aquamarine gives off calm and peaceful energy which can really help you feel less stressed in situations that you find yourself in and a lot less anxious too.

If you are somebody who worries, then this is likely to increase the rate at which you age, and this can impact your skin. 

But, aquamarine can help calm you down and feel less stressed.

This is what gives it the ability to be anti-aging, and what allows it to give you clear skin. So, keep aquamarine near if you want to feel calmer and have clearer skin.

4. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

If you want clear skin, then it makes sense that clear quartz is one of the best crystals for this purpose. If you are new to keeping crystals, then clear quartz is definitely one to add to your tool kits as it has a lot of different purposes. 

Clear quartz is an excellent crystal to hold near because it is an amplifier.

This means that it can amplify the properties of other crystals, increase their effectiveness, and enhance the energy that they give off. This is in addition to the energy that the clear quartz itself is actually able to produce. 

As an enhancer, clear quartz can improve the quality of everything that you do, and this will include the way that you treat your body.

So if you have an existing skincare routine, clear quartz will help enhance your skincare routine and make it more effective.

This, in turn, will then help improve your skin and make it clearer, which is why you should keep clear quartz in your crystal tool kit. 

5. Jade

Some of the most striking crystals that exist are green ones, and jade is definitely one of the most beautiful. The green color of this crystal is totally unique, but not only is it beautiful, it is incredibly effective for skin care too. 

Over the last few years, a beauty tool known as the “jade roller” has become incredibly popular.

This roller is rubbed across the face, and it is thought to improve the skin and clear up any impurities and imperfections within it.

While it is not an immediate fix for bad skin, over time it can help to clear up acne and bad skin, allowing your skin to naturally glow without the need for any products. 

You might be wondering how jade is able to improve your skin and that is a good question.

All crystals give off energy, and the energy that jade produces is designed to produce harmony and balance, and this can really help with existing skin issues.

So no matter whether you use a jade roller, or simply keep a jade crystal close by when you’re doing your skincare routine, there is a good chance that it will help your skin. 

6. Smoky Quartz

We’ve had a look at a couple of different types of quartz crystals so far in this guide, and another one that is said to help with bad skin is smoky quartz.

If you are searching for a crystal to help you achieve clear skin because you currently suffer from anxiety, then this crystal is the one that you are looking for. 

Smoky quartz is able to improve your skin because it is a crystal that helps to dissolve negativity. It will displace the negative energy that surrounds you, and instead replace it with positive energy.

As you start to feel more positive, it is likely that your body will feel this change and this can then have a huge impact on your skin. 

To use smoky quartz to improve your skin and make it clear, you should consider dipping it in a cold oil that you will then apply to your skin. The difference that you will notice is massive.

7. Amethyst


If you have checked out any of our other guides, then you will be fully aware that amethyst is a crystal that is associated with all sorts of positive things.

Amethyst can help you attract love, help you sleep, and so much more. It can also help you get clearer skin. 

Of all the different crystals that exist, amethyst really is one of the most spiritual. It can help you tap into a higher power and bring a level of peace that is incomparable to other crystals.

But the main way that it is able to help you achieve clearer skin is through one of the other benefits we mentioned earlier, and that is that it improves your quality of sleep. 

Sleep is a critical part of human behavior. It is impossible to live without sleep, and without sleep, your body will struggle and this can have a direct impact on your skin’s health.

So keep amethyst close by while you sleep to help achieve clear skin.

8. Blood Stone

Finally, let’s wrap this up with blood stone. Blood stone is an excellent crystal to use if you want to have clear skin if you have previously suffered with acne (and as a result have scars). 

Acne scars are something that a lot of people have, and something that causes many people embarrassment.

They may seem minor, but they really can have a huge impact on your life, so it makes sense that you might want to clear them up.

Blood stone has been historically used to treat skin allergies and rashes, and placing it in the water that you use to wash your face can help it clear up acne scars. 

This is a practical crystal to use if you want clear skin, and one that you should definitely consider adding to your tool kit! 


In short, there are lots of crystals that can help you achieve clear skin. In this guide, we have taken a look at 9 beautiful crystals that are certain to help improve the quality of your skin. 

Thanks for reading! 

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