9 Beautiful Crystals For Energy And Motivation

There’s always something that needs to be done. But do we always feel like doing it?

I’m assuming your answer is a resounding No.

9 Beautiful Crystals For Energy And Motivation

But the good news is that crystals can really help with that. Certain crystals can imbue the wearer with energy and motivation they need, not just to make a start on the task at hand, but also to persevere and power through.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through some of the best crystals to achieve this effect, and how to use them for the best results.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

1. Citrine


Citrine is such a bright and beautiful crystal, ready to exude warm sunshine vibes to everyone it comes across.

Its healing effects may begin with instilling optimism and confidence, but this can soon progress to confidence and inspiration, leading naturally to motivation, and ultimately success.

It has the power to transmute feelings of low mood into ones of positivity, self-expression and creativity. Citrine catapults the wearer to the position and success that seek.

It’s great for boosting willpower, and instilling in the bearer the courage of their convictions, so that your pursuits do not get hijacked by the sin of laziness.

Self-worth is increased, and a greater sense of purpose that will propel you forward to your goals.

A great way to use citrine for boosting energy and motivation is to study the colors of your citrine, and then visualize those colors emanating from you, representing the spark of energy that you always have with you.

2. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a stunning bright green crystal, also known as the Goddess stone, and is known for clearing, stimulating and activating the heart and throat chakras.

As the Goddess stone, its greatest powers lie in imbuing the wearer with divine feminine energy, encouraging compassion and at the same time self-expression.

It serves to provide a deep sense of the power of our words and actions on those around us, so that we move forward with compassion and wisdom and convey our truths in the most gentle and understanding way, empowering the wearer to establish boundaries and so forth. 

It’s great for stimulating the mind, enhancing both the intuitive and the analytical abilities of the wearer, so that they can progress forward with both inner ancient wisdom and also an eagle-eye discernment.

With the mental stimulation it imparts, this makes it an excellent crystal to have at hand for education pursuits, helping them to not only understand the study material but also to articulate it.

3. Carnelian

This gorgeous warm orange crystal is a stone of both creativity and power.

It is both energizing and motivating, with its ability to restore vitality to the wearer, and giving the wearer the boost they need to stop sitting on their ambitions and to instead go out and act on them, and ultimately achieve them. 

Carnelian crystals also have the ability to awaken the hidden talents of the wearer. Not only can it stimulate creativity in the wearer, but it is also believed to enhance analytical and cognitive abilities as well.

Carnelian works at a very deep level, working directly with the root and solar plexus chakras, and is associated with the strong and steady beating of the heart, for a deeply ingrained feeling of life and vitality, awakening your core essence.

What’s more, carnelian can also be used to channel the wearer’s energy into a new lease of life. What could be more energizing and motivating than that?

4. Orange Calcite

Orange calcite

Orange calcite is a beautiful orange crystal (see also ‘20 Beautiful Brown Orange Crystals‘). And it’s a powerful energy cleanser.

The wearer finds that orange calcite can release any excess negativity that they’ve been holding onto, so that they are propelled forward by optimism, motivation, and the likelihood of their success.

It clears any stagnation in the air, rejuvenating the underlying drive to succeed, imbuing the wearer with an intensified ambition and a true zest for life.

It has a powerful ability to bring out creativity in the wearer, first by boosting their will to create, and then by tapping into those underlying talents that are just dying to burst forth.

This is thanks to the release of any feelings of fear or anxiety related to the wearer’s creative activities.

It has a very uplifting energy to it, with its soda pop shades, and the positivity it radiates, amplifying the energy and motivation of those who choose to wear it on their person.

5. Goldstone

Now, goldstone may be a so-called “man-made” stone, but those who know how to access its properties swear by it. Yes, it’s made from glass, but it also features minerals such as copper.

And this does so much more than just make the crystal look gorgeous with its golden sparkling flecks…

The copper in goldstone helps to build energy and courage in the wearer, which encourages them to go forth and do those actions which mean achieving their dreams.

It transforms negative energy into positive energy, and in doing so promotes self-confidence, and ultimately motivation and drive.

It prepares the wearer’s mindset so that they can take their dreams and just fly with them, wherever they might lead, overcoming any fear or obstacle in their way. No wonder they call it the stone of ambition!

6. Red Tiger’s Eye

Red tiger’s eye has a wonderful golden appearance, often recognizable from its various golden, tiger-like stripes. It is frequently known as the stone of personal power.

This name stems from its ability to strengthen the willpower of the wearer, raising their self-esteem, and increasing their energy levels, inspiring them to take the initiative to take the next steps in achieving their dreams. 

It gives the wearer the necessary drive to get to grips with any task that lies before them, releasing any tension, and driving them to find solutions they may have otherwise missed, pushing past the boundaries, and bringing your dreams within reach. 

Its powers are thought to be linked to its ability to hold onto the sun’s heat, and its association with both the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra, making the wearer feel safe and secure enough to make the next steps in their journey.

7. Bloodstone


Beautiful bloodstone crystals, with hues reminiscent of blood and iron, do just as their name suggests.

They work with the energy of the blood, where your life force resides, in order to provide an all-important boost to the wearer’s physical vitality.

And this is important for mental vitality, too. Since if your physical energy is low, you have less energy available for your intellectual or creative endeavors.

It is particularly helpful for those who suffer from anemia or a lack of iron in the blood. And it also comes in particularly handy for those who find they have a slump of energy in the afternoons, or as the day progresses.

And, all you have to do to access the energizing properties of this wonderful crystal, is to simply carry the crystal on your person, either in a pocket or purse, or as part of an item of jewelry.

8. Moldavite

Moldavite is hands down one of the most powerful stones you’ll ever come across. It has a stunning iridescence and its appearance depends very much on how the light hits it.

It is a very unique stone that’s only to be found in the Czech Republic, resulting from the impact of a meteorite crashing into the earth’s surface about 15 million years ago.

It radiates an intense, transformative energy with several beneficial effects.

It promotes spiritual awakening and healing, effectively clearing any energy blocks, connecting the wearer to their higher self, catalyzing transformations, and improving mental health.

It’s associated with many chakras, but predominantly the heart chakra. And some users have been known to feel the effects of this transformative stone almost instantly.

With its distinctively otherworldly energy, if this stone doesn’t boost your energy and motivation, then nothing can!

9. Garnet

Garnet is a popular stone, usually red in color, and frequently used in pieces of jewelry.

It’s very much a strengthening stone, and on all levels, too. It revitalizes the body’s organs, and assists in the body’s absorption of iron.

It boosts the body’s fight or flight response so that your cortisol levels are effectively balanced, and unblocking chakras.

Even when you’re feeling ill or out of sorts, you can use the energy of garnet crystals to lift you out of your funk, and get you springing forth with nothing but enthusiasm for what lies ahead of you.

You can use garnet stones to energize you and bring flow to your body, mind, and spirit. You can use it in jewelry, or during meditation or yoga, or even in the bath with its energy infused into the water.

Wrap Up

It is my hope that if you’re in need of the energizing and motivating effects of these crystals, that you already have them to hand. But if not, you can easily get hold of them online.

Andrea Daehma