13 Beautiful Crystals For Mental Health

If you ask me, there are two main reasons to turn to the aid of crystals, and that’s for physical health and mental health.

Why remain in a feeling of discomfort and unhappiness, when an alternative scenario is within reach?

13 Beautiful Crystals For Mental Health

In this article, I’m going to be talking about using crystals to improve your mental health, with particular emphasis on treatments for mental illness.

Mental health and illness is actually quite a broad topic. It covers everything from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.

And quite often such experiences don’t come alone, and you may experience a combination of them together.

This article will cover healing crystals for the breadth of mental illness in different categories.

Let’s get straight to it.

Crystals For Dealing With Stress, Anxiety And Feeling Overwhelmed

Blue Sapphire 

1. Blue Sapphire 

When you have a lot on your plate, or you have a big project to do that feels rather daunting, you need to first de-stress before pressing ahead with your tasks with a clear head.

This is where blue sapphire comes in. This beautiful blue stone, when properly charged, will imbue a feeling of calm and clarity, which is just what you need to get to grips with tasks in front of you.

It will help you to get you to think clearly and get organized and plan, so that you can see for yourself how the tasks can, in fact, be accomplished. And this will help you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

2. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a calming stone with various hues of purple, gray and white.

Its antianxiety effects may be down to the fact that they naturally contain lithium, which is a common active ingredient in certain antianxiety medications.

Wearing lepidolite in a chain over your heart chakra will help to balance your emotions, and treat excessive worry or overwhelm.

It’s also particularly good for helping to calm your mind at night when you need to get to sleep, in order to feel refreshed for the day ahead.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the prettiest purple and white crystals, and its beautiful appearance is matched in its ability to alleviate anxiety.

It has great healing effects that work to not only dispel negative thoughts and worries, but also instill calm vibes in the wearer, so that you can go about your day with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Smooth amethyst palm stones are particularly helpful in this regard. You can run your fingers and thumb over the stone, as you practice mindfulness meditation or repeat a healing mantra in your mind.

4. Sodalite

Sometimes anxiety can be so full-on that it feels like an emergency situation, your heart starts beating superfast, and you can have what’s known as a panic attack.

Such panic attacks can come at any time, and not just in highly stressful situations.

But the good news is that there’s a crystal for that, which is calming sodalite. Sodalite helps to release tensions and fears, so that you can return to how you felt prior to the panic attack.

You may not feel the effects immediately if you find yourself having a panic attack, however, and you should also incorporate breathing techniques for an effective healing process.

Crystals For Low Mood, Suicidal Thoughts And Depression

Black Tourmaline

5. Black Tourmaline

If, as many of us unfortunately do, you find yourself in the presence of toxic people who like to project their negativity around them, then you need to protect yourself.

Black tourmaline is a powerful, no-nonsense black crystal, that serves to protect the bearer from any toxicity from outer sources, deflecting any negativity that attempts to cross your path.

With black tourmaline, you can feel grounded and secure in your own space, unaffected by anyone else’s drama. 

6. Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful crystal, often featuring several green hues from pale through to dark.

It’s an excellent healing stone for depression because it brings feelings of balance, hope, and optimism.

What’s more, it can also help the wearer to let go of past trauma, and release the negative patterns of their mind, making a way for a happier frame of mind to form in its place.

It also helps the throat chakra of the wearer to aid them in speaking their truth and setting boundaries.

7. Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz, with its mix of bright and dark hues, is the most frequently recommended crystal for helping the bearer to relieve themselves of repetitive suicidal thoughts.

Its effects are many-fold. It can help to sooth fears, dispel apathy, relieve anxiousness, and alleviate the kind of negativity associated with moderate and severe depression.

You can wear smoky quartz crystal as a piece of jewelry, or carry it in a pocket or purse, so it’s with you wherever you go.

However, suicidal thoughts can be incredibly dangerous if you are likely to believe them or give in to them.

So in addition to the crystals, you should also seek other means of treatment if such thoughts have you in their grip.

8. Citrine

Citrine has a cheerful, bright yellow color that can help to bring about cheer in the wearer in a number of ways.

It can be used to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, and this helps to dispel insecurity, promote self-confidence and self-worth, which is great for self-esteem.

It also attracts positivity to the wearer, and fills the wearer with true delight, making it an excellent stone for use in affirmations and the manifestation of good times.

It’s one of the most uplifting of stones, imparting energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and even joy (see also ‘9 Beautiful Crystals For Energy And Motivation‘).

It helps the wearer to remind them of their purpose, appreciate their circumstances, and breathe more energy to their life, lifting them from the doldrums that passed before them.

Crystals For PTSD, Trauma, And Healing From Old Wounds

Rose Quartz

9. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, with its delicate pink hues, is representative of unconditional love. 

It connects with the wearer’s heart chakra, and delivers real healing from emotional pain. It can help to mend the heart, and it can also assist in mending broken relationships.

It also helps with dealing with grief, since it helps turn away attention from what was lost, to what was. Helping the wearer to connect with the good that they know.

It allows the wearer to deal with any lingering anger, bitterness or resentment.

Rose quartz asks for nothing from the wearer, it requires no prior conditions. You don’t have to be or act a certain way. You can just be yourself and the crystal will love you unconditionally.

10. Obsidian

When there are black clouds overhead, and you can see only darkness, this feeling can dissipate and obsidian can help.

It is a precious shield against your own negativity, and it brings the kind of inner strength and clarity that can be used to overcome the symptoms of depression.

It’s a powerful stone that clears the air, to leave behind a feeling of relief from your negative thoughts, and above all the negative emotions that accompany them.

11. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is quite a beautiful crystal, with its subdued dusky pink hues in contrast to the gray and black parts that feature within it.

Again, it’s a stone that stimulates the heart chakra, clearing blockages and healing the inner child.

The compassion the crystal imbues serves to provide the unconditional compassion required to heal emotional wounds and scars.

It can even help codependency, and with the tendency to self-sabotage and interfere with your success.

12. Carnelian

Warm and vibrant carnelian is the perfect stone for overcoming abuse and negative conditioning.

It calms rage and anger, dispels apathy and depression, and restores vitality, motivation and purpose.

It also helps to imbue a feeling of strength, the strength to make your life exactly what it ought to be. Free of negativity, and full of optimism about what is to come.

To make the most of the properties of this stone, be sure to wear it for extended periods.

13. Lapis Lazuli

Beautiful and beautifully named, lapis lazuli is the perfect crystal to take to your therapy sessions.

It’s a calming yet stimulating stone that helps you to clarify your thoughts and communicate what you’re going through, in order that you can reach breakthroughs and move forward in your healing process. 

It accesses your energy reserves and helps to release emotional pain, so you can be clear on what your current problems are and have the energy to take the next steps on your journey to a wonderful, fulfilling life.

With lapis lazuli you can reach a level of clarity that can be a real turning point for you.

Wrap Up

It is my sincere hope that you’ve come across content in this article that can help you in your particular circumstances and condition.

I would recommend trying everything that you might think will help you. And if you feel drawn to a particular crystal, trust your intuition and use it, it is there to help.

Whatever you do, please persevere and don’t give up on yourself. You are not hopeless, and help is at hand. 

Andrea Daehma