18 Beautiful Crystals For Yoga

Including crystals in your yoga practice is a simple way to make them even more powerful and effective!

18 Beautiful Crystals For Yoga

Throughout history, gemstones and crystals have not just been prized for their attractiveness, but for their healing benefits to the body, mind, and soul.

For those who are skeptical of the powers these stones hold, crystals and gemstones can still act as powerful resources for the light and beauty within.

Although there are a variety of gemstones you can bring with you to your practice, below you’ll find 18 particularly powerful crystals you can use to keep grounded, protected and strong. 

The Best Crystals For Yoga

Gemstones and crystals for meditation and yoga are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Small, tumbled stones are more widely available, as well as being more affordable and easily accessible.

However, if you want to treat yourself to a bigger crystal that you want to show off at home, that’s fine too! 

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone that represents clarity, inner strength, patience, peace and stability. This sacred crystal opens and stimulates the crown chakra and helps clear negative thoughts from your mind.

Meditating with this crystal heightens your inner peace, helps with intuition, and gets rid of darkness. 

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is an incredibly empowering crystal.

When using this crystal in your yoga practice, you may feel more connected to the divine feminine deep within you. It will empower the energies between your heart and throat, giving you a clearer understanding of your inner truth.

3. Black Onyx

Black Onyx has empowering healing properties that help to connect the dualities in your inner self.

This dark quartz is stabilizing and grounding, and transforms angry energies into mental and physical strength, giving you the endurance and persistence needed for a particularly tough yoga session!

It will rid your mind of self-doubt and help you achieve your goals.

4. Black Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline has powerful, protective properties that clean your body’s energy and gets rid of all negativity.

This is a grounding stone that encourages a positive attitude, frees you from anxiety and self-doubt, keeps you centered, and helps with physical healing.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian gives you a powerful boost of energy when you really need it, giving your body necessary movement and heat. You can use this stone to motivate yourself during your practice and to keep you energized. 

6. Citrine

Citrine is seen as a symbol for abundance, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

This stone can be used to boost creativity and help you stay optimistic. Channel the power of citrine’s clarity, inspiration, and warmth to help you power through a difficult yoga flow.

7. Crystal Quartz

Also known as clear quartz, crystal quartz is an incredibly popular crystal that is commonly used to help clear the mind, build inner strength, and encourage spiritual growth.

This crystal is versatile and boosts the energy of any stones around it. It can also be used to align all your chakras. If you’re looking to deepen your meditation, crystal quartz is the stone for you. 

8. Emerald

Emerald is a stone of inspiration and aspiration. It opens the heart and strengthens and clears your connection to divine love, helping you on your spiritual journey.

Emerald’s energies also help with gratitude, opening your heart to all that life has to offer. 

9. Fluorite

Fluorite is a stabilizing and protective stone that promotes concentration, and helps you stay focused and grounded, pushing out overwhelmed feelings and negative patterns of thought.

This balancing, harmonious stone also helps you deal with chaos and restlessness.

10. Green Jade

The Green Jade brings you love and also boosts love. It symbolizes purity, serenity, and tranquillity and encourages friendship, fortune, harmony, and peace. Plus, green jade is a protective stone that will keep negative energies at bay.

Green jade can also boost your creativity and help you become more resourceful. It will help you drown out that limiting inner critic and will help you achieve your goals and manifest your dreams. 

11. Hematite

Hematite is a protective stone that helps you remain grounded by opening up the root chakra. It is commonly used as a powerful crystal to soak up negative energy, improve your concentration, decrease stress, boost strength, and make you more confident.

If balancing or standing poses in yoga are particularly difficult, then try taking this stone into your practice.

12. Jet Stone

Jet stone gives you emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance that helps you reach your goals while keeping you balanced and maintaining your peace of mind. Jet stone helps you let go of anger, anxiety, and your fears.

It has an incredibly calming influence and is great to have to hand whenever you feel stressed. Jet stone is also beneficial for boosting your knowledge. 

13. Moonstone

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Moonstone is a soft stone that is sacred in India and associated with femininity, and promotes intuition, sensitivity, and wisdom. It is a stone that will bring you luck and encourage balance, confidence, harmony, and peace.

Bring moonstone to your yoga practice when you want to harness the moon’s energy, and when you want to clear your mind and keep your soul balanced.

14. Pyrite

Pyrite is an amazing tool for manifestation. It boosts the nourishing energies of the body and helps with motivation.

Pyrite’s energy empowers the soul, helping you overcome any fears. It is also a protective stone, and can ward away any danger or harm that may otherwise befall you.

Pyrite also keeps you protected from outside control, non-constructive criticism and manipulation, and helps you remain calm in the face of it. It also boosts leadership qualities, and so is great if you’re in a managerial position, or are working towards one.

15. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz opens up the heart chakra to every type of love. When you use this soothing, calming stone it helps balance your emotion, increases your self-esteem, and rids you of any unnecessary guilt.

Rose quartz is particularly helpful for heart-opening back-bends, and meditations that are focused on compassion. 

16. Shungite

Shungite allows you to embrace positive energy and reject negative energy. It is an incredibly powerful crystal that is beneficial when dealing with any toxic people in your life. It’s also an excellent stone for keeping you grounded.

If you have any worries relating to your career, money, your relationships, or your happiness in general, Shungite will help you channel some positive energy so you can overcome these issues.

17. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye helps open the chakra of your solar plexus to bring you confidence, focus, bravery, and strength. This stone also helps you stay grounded and has amazing healing powers, particularly for your digestive system.

18. White Jade

White jade helps you stay focused by filtering out distraction and improves your decision-making skills.

Its energy helps you lead a more spiritual life, and assists you in following higher energies that give you a more profound sense of the meaning of your life.

It has a calm and profound energy that helps you gain perspective during moments of stress and anxiety. 

How Do You Use Healing Crystals In Yoga?

There are many ways you can use crystals and gemstones when practicing yoga, and we hope our above picks have given you some inspiration.

Below you’ll find how you can use healing crystals in yoga, but you can of course experiment with your crystals of choice to find what works best for you!

First, choose some crystals and position them around the meditation cushion or yoga mat. Putting the crystals at the top of the mat is the most effective, and placing them in a crystal grid pattern can also be beneficial.

Small, tumbled stones are the preferred options, while tall, crystal points are not recommended.

You can also put a couple of gemstones on your windowsill or meditation altar where you practice your yoga. These stones can serve as a reminder during your session to embrace their powers.

During a pose, focus on a single stone and think about what it represents.

You can also wear a string of gemstone mala beads with a crystal pendant during your yoga practice, or place a crystal into your yoga bag to enrich the yoga mat with its properties and help you connect to your intentions. 

You can also place some crystals on your body while in shavasana. The belly, forehead, heart, and palms are all great spots on the body to gently place some healing stones.

If you have a few types of small stones you can put them in a pouch and practice divination.

You can then ask yourself ‘what is my focus or intention for today’s practice?’ then remove one crystal from the pouch to reveal which stone should be your focus. 

However you choose to use your gemstones and crystals, remember to handle them carefully and keep them stored in a safe, clean place.

Final Thoughts

Yoga aligns your body, mind and soul, while crystals release energy that clears any mental and physical blockages. Yoga and crystals go hand-in-hand!

Incorporating crystals and gemstones into your next practice can really enhance your yoga practice and create a more effective healing experience.

Andrea Daehma