15 Beautiful Crystals That Help With Sleep

If you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep, and you have tried all the usual remedies to no avail, you might decide to try out using crystals.

15 Beautiful Crystals That Help With Sleep

Crystals can help you with all sorts of things, and that includes getting a better night’s sleep.

There are lots of different types of beautiful crystals that can help you with sleep.

While there isn’t any scientific evidence that using crystals to help get a better night’s sleep works, they are something that many people swear by, and that is because of the energy that these crystals give off. 

So, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, and feel rested the next morning, you should consider wearing these crystals before bed, or placing them in your bedroom.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 15 beautiful crystals that help with sleep. 

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1. Black Tourmaline

First up, we have Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is part of the tourmaline family, and it is often referred to as the most abundant type of tourmaline.

The dark color of this crystal is achieved because it contains a very large amount of iron.

For a better night’s sleep, you should place black tourmaline beneath your mattress or on your nightstand.

This crystal gives off grounding energy and is also used for protection too, which is why it can help you get a good night’s sleep, simply by having it nearby.

2. Moonstone

Another great crystal to keep nearby if you want to get a good night’s sleep is Moonstone. You can probably guess that Moonstone is a good crystal for the night time by the presence of the word “moon” in its name. 

Moonstone is a calming crystal, and that is why it is able to help you sleep. This crystal is excellent for easing anxiety and bringing peace, which is exactly what you need if you are struggling to sleep.

No matter whether you are having a bad night’s sleep or a disrupted sleep, this crystal will help. 

3. Howlite

You definitely should also consider using howlite if you are struggling to sleep through the night. Just like the last two crystals we have looked at, howlite gives off a calming energy and this can really help if you are struggling to sleep through the night. 

For people who struggle with insomnia and disrupted sleep, howlite releases a soothing energy that can help release your stress and allow you to sleep peacefully. It is the perfect crystal for placing near your bed for a relaxing sleep.

4. Angelite

Just as its name suggests, Angelite is perfect for giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. Angelite is pure and it gives off calming energy that is perfect for easing you into a relaxing night of sleep. 

Angelite allows you to connect yourself to a higher self, and get better control of your body and mind.

As you gain better control of your mind, you will be able to shut it off and fade into a deep, restful sleep. Just keep this crystal near for a decent night’s sleep.

5. Celestite

In contrast, Celestite is a strong crystal. This stone gives off incredibly strong energy, and for many people, this strong and calming energy can really help them drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Celestite is well-known for promoting peace and tranquility. This crystal gives off incredibly calming vibes, and these calming vibes will send you off into a sea of peace.

As your body feels at ease, you will be able to drift off and have an excellent night’s sleep.

6. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a little different from the other crystals that we have looked at so far, and that is because this is a warm crystal. This warm crystal provides a grounding energy that will ease any frantic energy that you may have, and bring you peace. 

This is a calming quartz and its energy can feel like a warm embrace. It is also a useful stone for manifesting your hopes and dreams, so it is a great energy to have around you.

7. Green Calcite

A lot of people choose to wear green calcite when they sleep as it can help them get a better night’s sleep. The green color of this crystal can really help people feel at one with nature, and this can help you get more rest. 

This crystal gives off an incredibly soothing energy, and that is why it is so popular. Wear it in a necklace, or place a crystal on your nightstand for a better night’s rest, and to ease your insomnia. 

8. Amethyst

Amethyst isn’t only the birthstone for February, it is also an excellent crystal to use if you are struggling to sleep during the night time.

Amethyst is a crystal that can help with spiritual alignment, and it has been known to help even the most restless individuals sleep. 

The lilac of this crystal brings a softness to your energy, and this can really help calm you down. If you are a lover of crystals, you will likely already have an amethyst crystal in your collection – so why not use it to help you sleep? 

9. Rhodochrosite

Often, when people cannot sleep, it is because of emotional difficulties that they are fighting through. If you are struggling with your emotions, and finding them hard to handle, then this can have a huge impact on your sleep. 

Rhodochrosite is a healing crystal, and it can really promote self-love. It can help you feel love for yourself and this can help you with your own meditation.

This energy can help you get a better night’s sleep because it promotes peace and serenity. 

10. Lepidolite

Just like rhodochrosite, lepidolite also promotes self-love, and this can help you get a good night’s sleep. This crystal promotes compassion, love and the release of unwanted tension. 

Often, when you cannot get off to sleep at night-time, it is because you are holding a lot of tension in your body or in your brain. This tension can keep you up at night and prevent you from getting any rest.

But, lepidolite allows you to release the tension and get a calm and peaceful night of sleep. 

11. Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that many people choose to place beneath their pillow as they sleep as it is said to absorb any excess energy you may be holding in your body.

This energy will likely keep you up at night, and stop you from sleeping. 

But the Red Tiger’s Eye will absorb that energy, allowing you to get a good night’s rest. Red Tiger’s Eye is also said to help you get a better night’s rest if you suffer from nightmares.

All in all, it really does promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

12. Rose Quartz

Alternatively, Rose Quartz is another calming crystal to try out if you are struggling to sleep (see also ‘The 11 Best Benefits Of Sleeping With Rose Quartz Under Your Pillow‘).This crystal gives off a loving energy that can deter negative thoughts that are keeping you up, and allow you to rest peacefully.

Rose Quartz gives off a calm and peaceful energy that will not only stay with you at night while you rest, but further into the day too.

It can place you into an elevated state, allowing you to sleep peacefully and remain calm well into the day! 

13. Opal

Opal is well-known for helping with emotional healing, if you are struggling with an unbalanced energy field, then opal can help bring calm and serenity to your life. 

Opal gems are able to promote your body’s ability to relax and unwind, and this can lead to you getting a much better quality sleep.

Simply place an opal in your bedroom, and your energy field will become a lot more balanced, allowing you to get a good night’s rest. 

14. Selenite

Next, we have Selenite. Selenite is a bright and guiding crystal that can add light to your energy field. It is able to help you sleep by promoting relaxation and clearing unwanted emotions and bad feelings. 

Selenite is a tranquil crystal which can bring comfort to your waking life. Comfort in your waking life allows your brain to rest, without worrying, and this can help you get a good night’s sleep. 

15. Ruby

Finally, let’s wrap this up with the ruby. The ruby is a great crystal to keep close if you find it difficult to sleep due to body pain or circulatory problems.

Historically, these crystals were rubbed on the body to promote health, and now they can be used to promote sleep. 

Placing a ruby near your bed can help ease any aches and pains that may be keeping you up at night, allowing you to drift off into a calm and peaceful sleep.


In short, there are lots of different crystals that can help with sleep. In this guide, we have taken a look at 15 different beautiful crystals that help with sleep and insomnia.

Andrea Daehma