15 Beautiful Libra Stones And Crystals

Balance and justice… these are just two of many words that describe the zodiac sign of Libra. This sign is the 7th astrological sign of the Zodiac and it is ruled by the planet Venus. 

15 Beautiful Libra Stones And Crystals

Libra is a very graceful and passionate sign if you were born under the sign of Libra, balance, justice, and love are all really important to you, and keeping everything in harmony is an absolute must too! 

When it comes to looking for the right crystals for a Libra, you need to think about the keywords and traits that are associated with the sign.

When you get the right crystals and stones, you can amplify that Libra energy, and great things can happen. 

We are going to be taking a look at 15 absolutely beautiful stones and crystals that are perfect for all the Libras in your life! 

15 Beautiful Libra Stones & Crystals 

Some of the most common keywords that are associated with libra include balance, harmony, fairness, justice, equality, and love.

Libras love the idea of love and they want to focus on balance in their lives and those around them as much as possible. 

The crystals we have listed here perfectly complement Libra’s energy and help to bring out those traits even more.

Each of these crystals will help to bring out different aspects of the sign of Libra and will have a positive impact on the person who keeps them close! 

1. Rose Quartz

This stone is usually associated with unconditional love and compassion, making it a perfect stone for Libras to have close by. 

It will open your Heart Chakra and make you feel more in tune with yourself, those around you, and the universe.

Rose Quartz is great to use if you want to strengthen the bonds in any kind of relationship, which is something all Libras strive to do already! 

2. Opal

Opal is the most well-known of the Libra birthstones, so having one of these close by is absolutely essential for a Libra. It symbolizes personal power and helps to improve the self-confidence of those it comes in contact with. 

Libras are people pleasers, but opal will help you gain clarity on your own needs and it will also help you focus on them, so you can be the best version of yourself.

It’s fine to care about the needs of others, but we need to make sure our own self is ok first! 

3. Black Tourmaline

This stone is known for its powers of protection and balance, which are perfect for every single Libra out there.

Libras are known for being very social, but sometimes, they can draw the wrong energies in, and black tourmaline helps to stop those negative energies from influencing them. 

If you have found yourself surrounded by negative energies and it is having a bad effect on you, black tourmaline will act as a psychic shield to keep you balanced, grounded, and protected. 

4. Jade

Jade is a green stone that symbolizes love, and it will aid Libra in their own romantic life. Libras love the idea of love, which can sometimes lead them to romanticize every single relationship they come into contact with. 

Jade will help you channel your romantic energies into the right places and it will bring good luck to your love life. It will also keep you balanced and in harmony with yourself and those around you. 

5. Labradorite

This beautiful stone is actually considered to be one of the luckiest stones for Libra. It will enhance your self-confidence and bring good luck into your life. 

Labradorite will also protect Libra from any negative energy that is trying to invade your life and it will block that energy from being able to cross into your own. 

6. Turquoise

Turquoise is quite commonly associated with Libra and it’s no real surprise as to why! It promotes justice and fairness in your life and in those around you, which is an important thing for Libras to have in their life. 

This stone will also help to promote communication, which is an essential quality that Libras need in their life. It will help that communication to stay balanced, truthful, and just, which is absolutely perfect for Libra. 

7. Blue Topaz

This stone will help to increase a Libra’s intellect and it will also increase their intuition. It will help you to problem solve better, and it also promotes unconditional love. 

When a Libra has blue topaz close by, it makes communication with others a lot clearer and more balanced.

It will help you to form more meaningful and lasting relationships and connections, which is something that every Libra needs in their life. 

If you need a boost of positivity in your life, blue topaz will give you the boost that you need!

8. Moonstone

Moonstone is an ethereal stone that completely embodies feminine energy and intuition and it is a great stone for every Libra to keep close by. 

It will help to calm and balance your mind, especially when you are trying to do something creative! It will keep you grounded when you need to get a task done, but feel like you need a bit of extra help. 

Your intuition will be enhanced when you keep moonstone close as well. It will help you trust in yourself and your intuition, especially when it comes to difficult situations and decisions. 

9. Amber

Amber is a stone that’s all about promoting success and abundance. Both of these qualities are very important to someone born under the sign of Libra, so having amber close by is fantastic. 

Amber is also a great stone to have around because it helps to facilitate healthy relationships and connections. It will ensure that any love you put out into the universe and into your relationships will come back to you. 

This stone is also great for physical healing because it will help to cleanse your mind and body of any negative or stagnant energy that lingers there. 

10. Garnet

Libra is a passionate sign in every aspect of their lives, so having garnet close by will really help to boost and maintain that passion!

It also inspires universal and unconditional love, which will help to attract passionate people and things into your life. 

Garnet also stimulates all of the lower chakras, which will help even further in enhancing the passion in your life. It will also help you to accomplish even the hardest of goals without the risk of your energy depleting. 

This is a powerful stone, especially when it is used by a Libra! 

11. Agate 

Libra is usually a sign of many talents, and most of those talents go unnoticed for many, many years.

Agate will help boost your creativity and unearth those talents, showing you positive things about yourself that you didn’t know were possible! 

If you are currently having issues in expressing yourself, agate will help you to communicate what you need to express much easier.

Libras can be very critical of others, and this stone will also help you to be less critical and more constructive. 

This is a great stone for Libras to use as it covers all the bases that are associated with this sign. 

12. Amethyst

Amethyst is a universal stone and works with most signs, but when it comes to Libra, it is especially useful because it helps them to achieve their goals no matter what.

It will also help those born under the sign of Libra to realize any negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, and stress. 

It will balance out your energy and bring you back into a state of equilibrium. Libra strives when everything is in balance, so utilizing these energies from the amethyst crystal is absolutely essential. 

13. Onyx

Onyx has immense powers of protection, especially when it comes to those born under the sign of Libra. It helps to release fear and anxiety from your heart and mind and brings you back into a state of balance and harmony. 

14. Pink Tourmaline

This stone is known for its healing and psychic abilities and will help Libra in terms of matters of the heart. 

Pink tourmaline will help any Libra be more open and honest about their emotions, and it will encourage you to articulate them in an intelligent and truthful way. 

15. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a great stone for Libras because it promotes balance. It will help you balance your emotions and it can also help you reach your goals. 

Because it is associated with water and the sea, aquamarine has flowing energy that will bring harmony and balance to any Libra that carries it with them. 


Each of these crystals works absolutely perfectly for those born under the sign of Libra.

Whether you want to enhance your emotional bonds, improve the balance and harmony in your life, or just want to find clarity and confidence in achieving your goals, these stones will help you along your path! 

If you are a Libra, these stones are perfect for you! 

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