11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals

The ocean is home to many beautiful gems, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, amethysts, garnet, tourmaline, peridot, beryl, spinel, jadeite, chrysoprase, agate, quartz, fluorite, calcite, selenite, pyrite, smaltite, kyanite, malachite and others.

In fact, there are over 4,500 minerals found in the oceans alone!

11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals

Crystals are not always thought about as being associated with the seas, yet the sea has several gems that it gives up as treasures from a treasure chest. 

Let’s look at some beautiful crystals that belong to the sea. 

1. Pearl

The Pearl is arguably the world’s most famous natural gemstone. Found in the ocean, it takes millions of years for a pearl to form. Once formed, the pearl must live in the sea for about ten years before it becomes large enough to harvest. 

When harvested, the pearls are cleaned and polished into beautiful pieces. You can buy over 40 different types of Pearls, including Freshwater, Saltwater, Cultured, Natural and Synthetic.

2. Peridot 

Another jewel of the sea is the most common type of Peridot known as “fancy,” because it contains a variety of colors within the stone.

This makes it very popular among jewelry makers, since it allows them to make unique pieces. Fancy Peridots are usually cut into cabochons, which are small round stones used to decorate rings.

Another type of Peridot, known as “green,” is actually composed of several different minerals. Most commonly, it contains chromium oxide, iron oxides, and magnesium silicate. These minerals give the stone a light green color.

A third type of Peridot contains a combination of all three types of minerals. This is what gives the stone its characteristic blue-green hue.

3. Serpentine 

Born from peridot, serpentine is another ocean-source stone.

When hot water interacts with the rocks beneath the earth’s crust, it transforms into serpentine This is why olivine usually turns into Serpentine before reaching the surface of the Earth; due to its color and overall look, Serpentine is sometimes mistaken for jade and other green gems.

11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals

4. Aquamarine

The color aqua is associated with water and sky, and the name aquamarine comes from Latin words meaning “water and air.” 

This gemstone is named for its blue-green hue, which resembles the ocean. In fact, aquamarine is often called the “sea jewel,” and it’s believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

5. Aquaphrase 

Aquaphrase is a unique, rare, and beautiful aquamarine gemstone. It is a type of beryl, and is the most common variety of aquamarine.

The name “aqua” refers to water, while “praesepe” is Latin for “king of gems.”

6. Tanzanite 

The most beautiful blue gemstone known to man, Tanzanite is found exclusively in Tanzania. Its name originates from the region where it is mined, and its deep purple hue reflects the surrounding landscape and the deep ocean. 

A true natural phenomenon, Tanzanite is one of the few stones that actually changes color over time. As the light hits it, it shifts from a soft lavender to a brilliant violet. This process takes place in minutes, making it truly special.

In addition to being a stunning piece of jewelry, Tanzanite is also a powerful healing crystal. It helps bring balance and harmony into our lives, especially during times of change.

11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals

7. Turquoise 

The world’s most popular gemstone, turquoise has been celebrated across cultures since ancient times.

From the Egyptians’ use of the stone in jewelry to Native American tribes adorning themselves with turquoise jewelry, the mineral has always held a special place in people’s hearts.

Today, turquoise is still revered for its unique coloring and rich hues, and the fact that it never fades. In fact, turquoise continues to hold its position as one of the most desirable ocean sourced stones in the world.

8. Tsavorite 

The gemstone called tsavorite garnet is one of the most expensive gems in the world. Its rarity makes it even more desirable. But despite its name, it is actually a type of ruby, not a garnet.

This beautiful gemstone is named after the Tsavo National Park in East Africa where it was first discovered. The park is located near Lake Natron, a salt lake that is part of the Great Rift Valley.

9. Ocean Jasper 

Jasper is known for being a very powerful crystal, especially when it comes to helping you find inner peace and balance.

With its unique shape, jasper is often used as a symbol of the moon. In fact, many people associate the moon with healing energy and believe that it brings out our emotions.

The color of jasper varies depending on where it came from. Some come from Brazil, while others come from Australia, Sri Lanka, India and China. There are even different types of jasper, including pink, green, blue, yellow, red and white (see also ‘15 Beautiful Red And White Crystals‘).

The benefits of ocean jasper go beyond just helping you to feel good. It can help you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. You can use it to attract love and prosperity into your life.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or stress, ocean jasper can help you find inner peace.

11 Beautiful Ocean Crystals

10. Coral 

Although it’s not crystal, coral is worth a mention here. Coral is a living stone; it grows and changes over time. In fact, some types of coral are actually colonies of tiny animals called polyps that live inside the rock. 

These polyps secrete limestone and make up the hard outer layer of the coral. When you look at a piece of coral under a microscope, you see a colorful pattern of tiny holes, each one containing a polyp. A single polyp can grow up to several inches long.

The coloration of coral varies depending on where it lives. Some species form white or cream-colored  corals while others are bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink or brown.

In addition to being beautiful, coral is fascinating because it is alive. As the coral grows, it secretes lime and carbonate minerals that build up around itself. Over time, the coral becomes encrusted with sediment and algae, creating a protective shell.

If conditions become too hot or cold, the coral dies off and falls apart.

11. Diamond 

Diamonds can be found both on the surface of the earth and beneath the oceans. They are extracted by mining companies using processes known as open pit mining and marine diamond mining.

Marine diamonds are often found in rivers and oceans, and they’re usually quite big. Because of this, marine diamonds are worth much more than land diamonds (see also, ‘Emerald vs Diamond: Which One is Worth More?‘).

Diamonds found in the sea are different from diamonds found on land because they’re often of a higher grade. Rivers transport these diamonds to the oceans where they get ruined during transportation. Only the highest-grade diamonds end up in the ocean.

Other Stones And Crystals 

There are many stones and crystals that are associated with the sea in one way or another. Some of these stones are used for healing purposes while others help us connect with our inner selves. 

Water-washed agates are a special type of gemstone that are especially popular among beachcombers. They are usually found washed up on the shores of oceans and lakes.

Cleansing And Charging Sea Stones 

Sea stones are powerful tools for clearing negative energy and balancing our bodies. They are used to cleanse crystals, clear chakras, balance emotions, heal emotional wounds, and help us find clarity in life. 

How To Use Them

  • Feel the power of the stone drawing out the negativity and releasing it into the ground. When finished, place the stones back together and charge them by placing them under running water. This activates the healing properties of the stone.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by something, hold one stone in each hand, focus on what you want to let go of, and visualize the unwanted energy being drawn inside the stone. 
  • Then, feel the power of the stone absorbing the negativity and releasing it back into the universe. Place the stones back together and recharge them by placing them under flowing water. This activates the power of the stone and helps bring things back into balance.
  • You can also use sea stones to cleanse other crystals. For example, if you are cleaning a quartz crystal, hold two sea stones in each hand and visualize the negative energy being drawn into the stones. 
  • Once this has been done, place the stones back into their original container and charge them by placing the containers under running water. This will activate the cleansing properties of the sea stones and help the crystal return to its natural state.


Crystals from the ocean are very powerful and can be used to improve health, increase happiness, and enhance spirituality.

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