15 Beautiful Orange Crystals

There are loads of different crystals to choose from on the market, each of them with their own dazzling blends of color, textural appearance, and spiritual uses and meanings.

Beautiful Orange Crystals

It can often be difficult to find the one that suits your needs, since there’s so much choice. This is especially true when it comes to picking out an orange crystal, because there are so many beautiful types to choose from.

On the whole, orange crystals are all to do with improved creativity, helpful guidance through life, and a great sense of love and bliss. However, each orange crystal also carries its own individual meanings.

In the fascinating guide below, you’ll find our list of 15 beautiful orange crystals (see also ‘20 Beautiful Brown Orange Crystals‘)! With each of these vibrant gemstones, we’ve got a breakdown of their meanings and what they’re primarily used for, as well as descriptions of their appearance.

What Do Orange Crystals Do?

Each orange crystal will have its own specific meanings, but there are a variety of general meanings that can be assigned to orange crystals as a whole.

For a start, orange crystals are used to help people express themselves much better, allowing them to understand their inner self more strongly and therefore giving them a chance to express their thoughts and feelings in a more accurate way.

On top of that, orange crystals are linked to positive energy, helping to remove negative energies. These orange gemstones are symbolic of a positive life with plenty of positive traits, such as confidence, determination, and more.

Speaking of positive traits, orange crystals are used to unleash creativity (see also, ‘11 Creativity Crystals‘) . They can help to bring out your unique and creative colors, which all feeds back into the idea of clearer self-expression, because you’re expressing your inner-inventiveness and thoughts out into the world.

1. Mexican Fire Opal

We’re starting our list off with the impressive Mexican Fire Opal, which is an especially vibrant type of orange crystal.

As you can guess from its name, its orange nature resembles fire, with Mexican Fire Opals available in blazing blends of orange, yellow, and red.

As for the stone’s meaning, it’s mainly associated with extreme passion and a joy in life. This passion is not only for the user themselves, but for everybody around them.

On top of that, it’s a passion for various important parts of life too, such as your hobbies and your job. It helps you to appreciate and enjoy all of these crucial elements.

2. Orange Moonstone

Orange Moonstone

This isn’t the most common type of moonstone that you come across, but they have a particularly beautiful appearance.

They’re very small and they’re color consistency can actually vary. For example, it’s the pure orange ones that are rarest, with pink-orange and brown-orange blends being more common.

The Orange Moonstone is all to do with finding the right balance in life, because it brings a sense of calm and order to things.

People use the stone in order to find greater clarity within themselves, allowing them to see things more clearly. It’s also a stone that is connected to the feminine, so it’s more popular with women.

3. Orange Calcite

Calcite (see also ‘Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite‘) isn’t a particularly rare crystal, but it does have the rare feature of offering double refraction. On top of that, getting Calcite in an orange shade is one of the rarer forms of it, making this a particularly special pick.

As for the meanings that orange Calcite carries, it’s all to do with increased energy. People use this stone so that they may have more energy in their day to day lives, cleansing away the tiredness that you might have.

In addition to that, the stone is also connected to creativity, being used as a way for people to unlock their more creative thoughts.

4. Orange Sapphire

This is a very rare crystal, so it’ll be extra special if you manage to get your hands on one. Their colors can vary, with some having a blend of orange and red or gold and yellow, while others are just light orange.

People use these stones in order to bring joy and energy into their lives, improving their connection in friendships and family.

On top of that, people use the stone to help provide them with guidance in life, which ideally will help them to reach their goals and keep being a moral person.

5. Amber


You’ll have heard of Amber before, because it’s notable for sometimes having old creatures fossilized within it, offering a fascinating window into the past.

However, you can simply get the gemstone on its own, technically being fossilized tree resin. It’s got a golden sheen to its orange, looking almost like honey.

Amber is linked to cleansing the Sacral Chakra, which is all to do with how we experience our emotions, sexuality, and creative expressions.

On top of that, Amber has also been linked to improving self-confidence, with the stone being used to give people courage in times of need.

6. Orange Spinel

When it comes to the different kinds of Spinel, Orange Spinel is one of the more costly ones. They have a great orange glow to them, and you can also get one that is a blend of red and orange – which is really enchanting!

In terms of its meanings and effects, Orange Spinel is used to help people express themselves better and more confidently, while not falling prey to ego and self-importance.

It has also been linked to greater creativity, as well as more happiness and joy in life.

7. Orange Sphalerite

These have an incredibly striking appearance, with a fiery blend of light and dark orange, red, and brown. Looking into one can feel like looking into a volcano!

As for its meanings, people use Orange Sphalerite in order to improve their spiritual understanding and insight. This can be useful, because it’s good to get in touch with karma and understand how to act morally.

Sphalerite is a grounding stone, which helps keep people humble and realistic.

8. Orange Quartz

This variety of Quartz can vary in their color, with some being rust-like shades of deep orange, while others are more of a light yellow-orange.

When it comes to meaning, people use Orange Quartz because it’s believed to be a healing stone. This means that it helps to provide users with positive things: happiness, joy, wonder, and so on.

9. Orange Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in various colors, but orange is one of the rarer ones. They have a beautiful golden glow to them, with a blend of both light and dark orange within.

This crystal is linked to action, with users being stimulated into action. With this, you should become more inspired, allowing you to try new things that didn’t have the confidence for before.

10. Orange Citrine

Orange Citrine

Orange Citrine is a transparent type of Quartz, and its shade of orange is fairly light.

The crystal is used for manifestation, with people using it to bring about their biggest dreams. Besides this prosperity, it’s also connected to energy and happiness.

11. Orange Diamond

These are a popular type of diamond, though the Pure Orange ones are extremely rare. Besides that, there are various shades of orange when it comes to the Orange Diamond.

As for their symbolism, Orange Diamonds are connected to courage, with users finding a stronger resolution. Similarly, the crystal is linked to enthusiasm too.

12. Orange Zircon

This type of Zircon stone is available in various shades of orange, from pure versions to orange-yellow blends, and even ones that look red.

When it comes to the crystal’s meanings, Zircon stones that are yellow or golden (like orange) are often connected to prosperity and success.

Besides that, Zircon is a grounding crystal, allowing people to become more attuned with their needs and getting more motivation as a result.

13. Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine

Available in shades going from light to dark, the Orange Aventurine is typically shiny and smooth.

As for its meanings, the crystal is connected to the Heart Chakra, which is all about love and compassion for yourself and others. On top of that, it’s also very comforting.

14. Orange Carnelian

These crystals have a vitreous luster, and you’ll be able to find them in shades all the way from a light orange to a brown-looking type of red.

People use the Orange Carnelian for its connection to happiness and joy. Part of this happiness is in the stone’s encouragement for greater connection with others, which strengthens friendship and family bonds.

15. Orange Sunstone

The last entry on our list is Orange Sunstone, which has a magical look to them. Part of this is due to their metallic flashes, but it also has a dreamy blend of light and dark oranges.

As for its meanings, these crystals are connected to ideas of positivity and good energy. It’s also believed to keep negative thoughts and attitudes away.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of really beautiful orange crystals available on the market, each with their own dazzling appearances and helpful meanings. Use our list to find one for you!

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