20 Beautiful Peach-Colored Crystals

Crystals are an amazing addition to our home as well as our wedding rings, broaches, and necklaces.

And what better, warmer, more delicious color is there than peach? If you are looking to brighten up a drab living room, then peach colored crystals might be the answer.

Beautiful Peach-Colored Crystals

But there’s not just cosmetics to think about. There are plenty of healing properties to peach colored crystals.

These crystals have healing properties, cleansing the spirit, healing you from old wounds and helping to restore some calm and balance in a turbulent life.

But where can you get these crystals from? What types of rock can you get that are exclusively peach-colored? What other properties do peach crystals have?

Well, keep reading this article to find out everything you need about these beautiful objects.

1. Amethyst

This is one of the most common stones that people buy, mainly because it is very easy to obtain and is an extremely pretty-looking thing. This has purifying properties and has been worn by royalty across the centuries.

This will bring you strength and courage if you decide to wear it around your neck or on your finger. This is also a healing stone, which will help you recover from a physical illness or get over some sort of emotional trauma.

2. Apatite

This next stone comes in many varieties of pink, which means that there’d be a shade for everyone. This is a very soft stone, so it can break if you are not careful with it. This will help you to banish all confusion, restoring clarity to your mind and soul.

Despite its brittle nature, this stone is said to be very powerful and will help you to heal from all manner of spiritual and physical ailments. This is meant to be one of the most potent stones and will help you regain any lost self-esteem.

3. Aventurine

This stone comes in all different shades, the most common being green. But if you hunt around, then you can find aventurine in pink and peach.

This stone will help you to recover from a lot of illnesses and give you the strength you need to get through the day.

This stone is very malleable and can be used in many ways, either for jewelry or as a small stone to put in the corner of your house. You can even make a bowl from this stone, either for decoration or to eat out of.

4. Calcite


This stone is great if you are suffering from anxiety, as it has been said to restore the senses and promote general awareness in the owner.

You can get this in its purest form, coming in a round sphere that you can use as the centerpiece of your home.

This stone is very difficult to cut, which might make it hard to form into jewelry. However, if you are looking for a paperweight for your office that will imbue you with tranquility and good luck, then we cannot recommend calcite enough.

5. Chalcedony

This next stone is waxy, meaning that it can be easily molded into many different shapes, such as teardrop necklaces, bands and spherical earrings. This stone is often used in healing sessions, as it is great for absorbing a lot of negative energy.

Chalcedony will help you to find self-love, which is important for your happiness and understanding others. If you are struggling with bitterness, then understanding is a very important part of overcoming that hurdle.

6. Cobaltoan Calcite

This stone comes in a vibrant peach color, it comes with a wonderful texture and shines brilliantly when exposed to sunlight.

This stone is used to encourage love, making it a great gift for a romantic partner or anyone you know that has just got married.

This stone is in abundance, so if you want to get something that will heal and reduce your anxiety at an affordable price, then cobaltoan calcite is great to have for your collection.

7. Coral

A beautiful peace coloring, if you get a spherical stone of coral, then it won’t look too dissimilar from a bar of soap. If you wear coral, then it will boost your natural confidence, which is important when you are facing hardship.

8. Diamond


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as the old saying goes. But you can get diamonds with a pink tint, which is great if you are looking for something to match your sophisticated clothing.

This is one of the hardest stones known to man, so you can wear it anywhere for as long as you like.

9. Epidote

This type of rock is softer than stones like Quartz, but it is still very hardy, and you can be sure that it will last for years if taken care of correctly. This one can be fashioned into many different shapes and can be used as jewelry or ornaments.

10. Eudialyte

This type of crystal is often used in healing and mainly used for topping up the health of somebody that is in the final stages of recovery.

It will also help you in all areas of your love left, from communication to understanding your partner.

11. Fluorite

This type of stone is fluorescent, shining with a radiant pink color when light passes through it. This is a great stone to have for emotional healing, often used for recovery when anyone is going through a trauma.

12. Halite


Next up, we have stone of rock salt that usually comes in a pale coloring, making it the ideal centerpiece for your coffee table or as the main stone in a multi-stone necklace. Halite will help you with your metabolism and aid digestion.

13. Garnet

This is another very popular stone that has been used for centuries. This will help you to achieve greater well-being, often helping you to overcome various illnesses and helping to restore any vitality that you might have lost, post-virus or treatment.

14. Kunzite

This is a gem that is wonderful for healing, imbuing you with the power that you need to revitalize yourself after any long-term illness. This will glow when light passes through it, making it a great ornament for you to put in your window.

15. Moonstone

This is a very soft type of stone, prone to breaking and fracturing if handled roughly. This will help to protect you from bad luck and other misfortune. It has also been said to be the source of great inspiration.

16. Morganite


This is known as a ‘pink emerald’ and can be found in quite a few places around the world. This will help you to reduce your anxiety levels, which is very important if you have a stressful job.

This stone is also said to represent a deep spiritual love, as well as understanding.

17. Mystic Topaz

This kind of topaz can be fashioned into any sort of shape, whether it be a teardrop or a pure round circle. This is a beautiful rainbow design which will help lift your downcast spirits, as well as focus the chaotic mind (see also ‘15 Beautiful Rainbow Crystals‘).

18. Ocean Jasper

If you are struggling with confidence issues, then having a drop of ocean jasper in your life will soon lift you up and restore some of that self-esteem.

Sometimes it will be hard to salvage positive emotions from within, so you’ll need a little helping hand from outside sources.

19. Opal

This is a great stone for helping you to heal from emotional trauma. This will promote self-love in the wearer. It will also help you to recover from any serious illnesses that you might be suffering from.

This stone is often used as a powerful amplifier by many crystal healers.

This opal is used in many different crafts, including ceramics and jewelry. It can easily be fashioned into a necklace, as it does not weigh too heavily around your neck. This is very important if you want a jewel to wear in the long term.

20. Pearl


Finally, we have a classic stone that you’ll have seen adorning many necklaces and earrings. This is associated with various emotions like positivity, purity, romance, and protection.

This stone is also connected to spiritual awakening, which you might be craving if you have gone through a prolonged period of negativity.

This is said to open the heart chakra, which is great for allowing unconditional love to flow inwards and outwards. If you increase the amount of love that you have in your life, then you can be sure that good things will follow suit.


Peach-colored crystals are becoming ever more popular and are widely available in most crystal stores. If you want something that will promote love and spiritual growth, then we would certainly recommend investing in some opal, pearl or amethyst.

Make sure that when you are using your stone that you place it in the right environment. They will usually soak up all sorts of energy, so make sure that you charge them regularly and fill them with good intentions.

Andrea Daehma