15 Beautiful Pink Crystals

From the soft pink shades of a newly blossoming rose, to the vivid hot pinks of an evening sky, pink crystals are hugely popular. Closely linked to love and feminine energy, pink crystals have a soothing shine that many are drawn to.

Beautiful Pink Crystals

Pink crystals might be best associated with love, but there are many types of pink crystals. Read on to discover some of our favorite pink crystals, and how to incorporate them into your life.

1. Pink Tourmaline

When anxious thoughts are filling your head, Pink Tourmaline can provide a soothing energy. Pink Tourmaline almost seems to glow from within, exuding a sense of calm and kindness.

This crystal is known for its self-healing properties. Carry Pink Tourmaline with you, and you can draw strength throughout the day. Pink Tourmaline is a gentle healer, providing a soothing balm to stressed heads.

Tourmaline comes in a breathtaking scope of colors, including the beautiful Watermelon Tourmaline. This is green at the base, with a pretty pink top. Watermelon Tourmaline is calming and centering, and can bring a deep rooted peace.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a delicate appearance that belies the power of this charming crystal. Rose Quartz is the crystal to turn to when your heart is in need of some healing.

Radiating a loving energy that strengthens and opens your heart chakra, this crystal provides support when you’re feeling low, and lifts you up higher.

Filled with compassion, Rose Quartz is a supportive stone. When you’re lacking in confidence, Rose Quartz offers positive energy, and can help you focus on all the good in your life.

3. Rhodochrosite


Rhodochrosite has a distinctive appearance. Bright bands of color run through the stone, ranging from a pale and rosy pink, to a deep and rich red. Rhodochrosite is for compassion, and has an association with motherhood.

Encouraging us to speak openly and trust, Rhodochrosite can support healing and growth. It also lends us the courage to confront painful memories, and to start moving forward. When you’re struggling to let go of the past, Rhodochrosite can guide you.

4. Pink Opal

Rare and highly prized, the Pink Opal is only found in a few places on earth. Pink Opals range from delicate baby pinks with a dreamy shimmer, to gleaming and vibrant rich pinks. This is a soothing stone, particularly prized by those with anxiety.

Pink Opals have a gentle energy. When indecisive thoughts are causing stress, the Pink Opal acts as a balm (see also ‘What Are The Metaphysical Properties of Opal?‘). They’re particularly supportive for young children who are feeling anxious.

5. Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz is a newcomer to the crystal scene, having only been around since the 1990s (keep in mind, some crystals have been healing for centuries)!

Created using a film of color on a clear Topaz, these gems typically have a baby pink brightness.

Symbolizing eternity and love, Pink Topaz is a popular gift between romantic partners. The joyful energy of this crystal can also lighten the heart, helping you find a positive outlook when you’re feeling low.

6. Morganite


Heartbreak and grief can weigh us down, and prevent us from moving forward in life. The warm and supportive aura of Morganite offers wisdom and support, helping us to heal from pain and look for acceptance.

Morganite is also associated with love, and it can help foster self-love. If heartbreak has left you riddled with doubt, then look to Morganite for understanding.

This stone can help you remember the good in yourself, and take knowledge from your experiences.

7. Pink Moonstone

Moonstones pulse with celestial energy, and the Pink Moonstone is rich with divine femininity. It encourages a deeper connection to the world and to ourselves, helping us to get in touch with our inner wisdom.

Brimming with feminine wisdom, Pink Moonstone can help you navigate relationships.

When you aren’t sure what the heart wants. Pink Moonstone can help you look within, and discover your natural intuition. Turn to Pink Moonstone when you’re struggling with a romantic entanglement.

8. Pink Sapphire

Glimmering and glamorous, Pink Sapphire is a popular gemstone for jewelry, particularly romantic gifts.

This stone symbolizes love, vulnerability, and connection. It’s more than just romance — Pink Sapphire is an emblem of giving yourself to another, and the risks that come with it.

But sapphire is also a tough crystal, and Pink Sapphire has a great deal of inner strength. It doesn’t break easily! Pink Sapphire is an intense commitment, and a symbol of strength, even in hard times.

9. Rhodonite


There’s often a pretty pink blush to Rhodonite, offset with splashes of darker shades and bands of black.

This stone represents pushing through boundaries to reach your potential, and can help you remove the negative energies that might be holding you back.

Rhodonite is a stone for empowerment. It encourages community and connection, while also seeking the power within. Rhodonite offers balance and support, so turn to this stone if you’re struggling to find your place in the world.

10. Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite has a delicate touch, a soft pink shading that speaks of loving warmth. Highly compassionate, Pink Kunzite can help us to wash away negative energies, and replace them with love and understanding.

Encouraging you to access your full potential, and to greet the world with joy, Pink Kunzite can soothe anxieties.

Pink Kunzite might look gentle, but it can have a great deal of power. Rich with healing energy, Pink Kunzite is transformational.

11. Pink Calcite

With a pink as light as a flower petal, Pink Calcite encourages smoothing down rough edges, and accessing compassion. Pink Calcite is closely linked to the heart, and it holds onto the positive energy you pass into it.

If you feel you’re greeting the world with too much negativity, Pink Calcite can encourage a softer view. It not only helps you see others with compassion, but also turns compassion toward yourself.

Fostering empathy, Pink Calcite can help you connect to what your heart really wants.

12. Pink Zircon

Pink Zircon

Pink Zircon rarely has the baby pink brightness of other pink stones. Instead, this popular crystal is more salmon-colored, with a coral undertone giving the pink a welcoming warmth.

When you feel lacking in confidence, turn to Pink Zircon for support. Glimmering and gorgeous, Pink Zircon symbolizes success. If you’re struggling with self doubt, Pink Zircon can help you see your own worth, and move towards prosperity.

13. Lepidolite

There are differing hues of Lepidolite available, with some leaning towards violet, and others glimmering with a dusty pink.

In pink, the Lepidolite gem is closely linked to the heart chakra, and this calming stone offers an anchor in uncertain times. Hold it close, and use it to find balance when life seems to be sweeping you away.

Passion is a good thing, but sometimes strong emotion can blur the truth. If you have a tendency to go into emotional overdrive, look to Lepidolite for calm.

14. Pink Spinel

There’s a vibrancy to Pink Spinel, both in color and in energy. Pink Spinel has a joyful aura with a high level of vibration. Bright, cheerful, and full of life, Pink Spinel can revitalize.

The world is full of things that can bring us down, and negative energies have a tendency to cling.

Once your energy levels are depleted, bringing them back up can feel like a lot of hard work. Pink Spinel (see also, ‘Is Spinel Valuable?‘) can help you refresh and renew, and this transformational crystal works with both the body and the soul.

15. Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet

Garnet is often associated with glowing reds, but Pink Rhodolite Garnet has a brighter, shimmering finish.

Rhodolite Garnet ranges from a sweet dusky rose pink, to a scorching hot pink. With a shining warmth, Rhodolite Garnet is connected straight to the heart.

Romance pulses through the Rhodolite Garnet, but this is also a crystal of confidence and spiritual growth. Meditate with Rhodolite Garnet to access your inner fire, and protect your aura.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Pink Crystals Symbolize?

Pink crystals are often linked to the heart, and feelings of love. But this is more than just romantic love!

Many pink crystals can help you nurture self confidence, and connect to your inner worth. Pink crystals are often soothing and calming, and can ease a restless mind.

What Other Stones Should I Combine Pink Crystals With?

Color can help us find the perfect partners for gemstones, and soft pink crystals often combine with clear and white gems (see also, ‘12 Cloudy White Crystals‘).

Clear Quartz will intensify the innate power of pink crystals! But if you’re wary of vulnerability, use pink crystals along black stones. Hematite and Obsidian can help guard against heartbreak.

What Chakra Do Pink Crystals Connect To?

Pink crystals are connected to the heart chakra, and feelings of love and self confidence. Pink crystals can help nurture your feelings of empathy and compassion, so you can approach the world with a softer and kinder outlook.

Final Thoughts

Pretty in pink crystals form a close connection to the heart, and can be used to manifest love and partnership.

Pink crystals are also excellent at nurturing self-love, and building confidence. If you’re looking for a brighter outlook towards yourself and others, try a pink crystal!

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