15 Beautiful Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow crystals are beautiful and eye-catching stones that not only make for great decorations – if you are a fan of sprucing up your home with crystals, but that also hold a much deeper meaning and have various properties for those interested in the more spiritual side of crystals.

15 Beautiful Rainbow Crystals

If you are looking to invest in some rainbow crystals, but you aren’t sure where to even begin looking, then have no fear, as that is where we come in!

We are going to be looking at fifteen of the most gorgeous rainbow crystals that you can find, as well as looking at some of their properties for those with a keen interest in the spirituality associated with crystals. Let’s get started.

1. Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is a calcium fluorite mineral that can be found all over the world, though there are certain places where it is more popular.

The rainbow variation of fluorite features colors that resemble a rainbow (obviously!), making it a unique option that is able to reflect like and look different from various angles.

The combination of colors in this crystal make it a complex one in terms of its metaphysical properties, with many believing that the core meaning behind rainbow fluorite surrounds around finding and maintaining a well-balanced level of mental clarity.

2. Smoky Elestial Rainbow Quartz

An elestial quartz is one that has natural terminations all over the different faces of the etched or layered crystal.

Because of this, the elestial quartz is a crystal that is a bit rare in comparison to other kinds of quartz, with the rainbow within the smoky elestial rainbow quartz making it even rarer!

The internal veils of this quartz are the cause of the rainbows being cast inside, making for a unique yet highly beautiful kind of rainbow crystal.

3. Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite

This rainbow version of the hematite crystal is a strikingly beautiful stone, made of a hard, iron oxide mineral.

Rainbow hematite comes about when regular hematite is mixed with a dark mineral called goethite.

The multicolored look of the crystal is caused by the aluminum phosphate particles found within the crystal, which act as diffraction and cause beams of light to scatter, leading to that beautiful rainbow effect.

In terms of the metaphysical, the rainbow hematite is often associated with grounding and balance in a general manner due to not being associated with one particular chakra.

4. Rainbow Aura Kyanite

Rainbow aura kyanite is another beautiful rainbow crystal, but it is one that didn’t start out its life as a rainbow crystal.

All kinds of aura kyanite crystals- including rainbow ones- began as simple black kyanite (see also ‘What Does A Black Crystal Mean?‘). The colors of kyanite come from a superheating process wherein the kyanite is coated with metallic vapors.

When it comes to the rainbow colors in particular, they are formed with platinum and titanium atoms fused upon the surface of the stone, creating a rainbow like iridescence.

The rainbow aura kyanite crystal is thought to have a high level of energy surrounding it, with an emphasis on energy for emotional grounding.

5. Citrine Rainbow Quartz

Citrine is a golden yellow stone that is one of the five major forms of quartz, though the citrine rainbow quartz is rarer, found in one of twelve citrine crystals.

The citrine rainbow quartz is a crystal that emphasizes positive energy, focusing on transforming negative energies into positive ones.

As well as that, it is a crystal also known for resonating with happy and optimistic emotions, making it a great choice for those who struggle to stay positive.

6. Rainbow Aura Quartz

The rainbow aura quartz is created with titanium that is bonded to the surface of a quartz when in a high temperature vacuum chamber.

This combination of minerals makes for a crystal that is not only beautiful, but that also harnesses the best traits of both titanium and quartz (see also ‘Titanium Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers‘).

Often used for quieting the mind, the rainbow aura quartz is another rainbow crystal that emphasizes clarity and cleansing of unnecessary thoughts and feelings that block that clarity.

7. Rainbow Amethyst


Another crystal that is well suited for aura cleansing, the rainbow amethyst, is a regular amethyst crystal that has been permanently treated via that heat vacuuming fusing process that we have mentioned a few times here.

When it comes to creating rainbow amethyst, the amethyst is fused with either silver crystals or platinum.

As well that aura cleansing nature, this crystal is also known for offering a sense of tranquility and peace.

8. Rainbow Moonstone

This next rainbow crystal is also a form of white labradorite, though the name “Rainbow Moonstone” was created by the mineral and lapidary communities due to its smooth and white moon like appearance.

The rainbow moonstone is another rainbow crystal that aids with mental clarity whilst also shielding from negative vibrations.

9. Rainbow Solar Quartz

The solar quartz is a crystal that offers vitality and increases energy, with the rainbow variation of the stone featuring a crystal core in its center that is surrounded by shining crystals in a variety of rainbow-colored shades.

These colors change from crystal to crystal, though some of the most common colors include purple, blue, pink and green.

10. Bismuth Rainbow Crystal

Bismuth Rainbow Crystal

Unlike the other crystals that we have looked at here, this rainbow crystal is actually formed from a metal. This metal is bismuth (see also, ‘Can Humans Handle Bismuth?‘), which is a silvery metal with a natural pink tint.

These metallic crystals are not only fantastically complex and incredible to look at due to their geometric forms combined with the rainbow colors, but they are also known for aiding with energy and vitality.

11. Rainbow Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a crystal that has one of the widest ranges of colors, including the multicolored rainbow shade!

Tourmaline is known for its protective abilities, and the rainbow version of the crystal is very much the same, whilst also offering the balance and energy that most rainbow crystals do.

As well as bringing together the best of both rainbow crystals and tourmaline, rainbow tourmaline is also known to emphasize emotional stability.

12. Tibetan Rainbow Quartz

The Tibetan quartz is a somewhat underrated crystal, and the rainbow version of the quartz is even more so.

The Tibetan quartz is one found in the Himalayan Mountains, as the name would suggest. This location- nestled amongst the sacred peaks of Tibet- means that this quartz is often thought to absorb spiritual vibrations.

The crystal is normally a white or clear color, though some variation of this quartz are black due to including carbon and hematite.

The rainbow version of the Tibetan quartz is said to be effective when it comes to opening up communication as well as balancing the chakras.

13. Virgin Rainbow Opal

One of the most expensive and rarest opals in the world is the “Virgin Rainbow Opal”, which features gorgeous, fluorescent rainbow colors. It is so vibrant that it actually glows in the dark!

This opal was found in southern Australia by a miner working in an opal field and can now be found displayed in the Southern Australia Museum in Adelaide. This beautiful opal is also worth more than a million dollars.

Whilst this isn’t a crystal that you can get for yourself, it is certainly one of the most beautiful rainbow opals that you will ever see!

14. Smoky Rainbow Quartz

Similar to the smoky elestial rainbow quartz, this is a crystalline quartz that is available in a range of colors, including rainbow.

The smoky rainbow quartz is another known for grounding and balance, but it also has a variety of healing properties that are linked to the quartz crystal family, such as the dispelling of negative energy and encouraging calmness and serenity.

15. Rainbow Herkimer

A herkimer is a diamond (though it is actually a double terminated quartz crystal and not a diamond) that was discovered in the exposed outcrops of dolomite that were found around and in Herkimer County in New York, as well as in the Mohawk River valley.

Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful of all the quartz crystals, and the rainbow herkimer diamond is no exception.

The rainbow herkimer diamond is a crystal that evokes spiritual energy and amplifies focus whilst also bringing about the balance, positivity and optimism that is associated with rainbow crystals in general.

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen beautiful rainbow crystals that are sure to light up any room and bring some positivity into your life.

Whether you have a keen interest in crystals and their connection to spirituality and healing or if you are just a casual fan who wants to decorate their space with some pretty rainbow stones, you are sure to find the best rainbow crystal for you from our extensive list!

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