7 Beautiful Raw Crystals

Crystals have a particular allure to them. There’s just something about the light that they can catch at just the right angle, or the way the bands of patterns wrap around them, or even just the energy that they give off.

7 Beautiful Raw Crystals

However, when it comes to perhaps the most interesting crystal formations that you’ll find, nothing can beat the appearance of raw, uncut crystals when you can find them fresh from the ground, or left untouched in a jagged, unrefined state.

If you are looking for these sorts of gems, then perhaps our guide to the best and most beautiful crystals of this kind might be interesting to you!

1. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline has always been a popular gemstone, thanks to its often almost obsidian black color and relative sturdiness, despite how easy it is to work into a piece of jewelry.

Necklaces, rings, and bracelets that have this gem in them are often quite striking, especially when they are made with strong and luscious gold plating.

However, if you’re looking for raw, uncut gems, then black tourmaline also has its allure to it, with its jagged edges catching light in a way that shines beautifully at almost any angle.

In terms of the effects it can bestow on you, black tourmaline is known for its protective powers, especially against negative emotions that you may come into contact with, either in others, you are around, or even within yourself.

With a rock stripped of all of its noticeable colors, black tourmaline crystal also has a kind of purging effect on your emotional state, getting rid of any emotions that may be throwing you off your balance.

If you are looking for a raw crystal that can help anchor you, this is the gemstone to do that with!

2. Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Quartz is probably one of the most popular crystals that you can find out there.

It isn’t too hard to find quarts that can be found in either a refined, treated state or just as a raw, unrefined crystal.

Quartz comes in a variety of different colors, depending on the rock formations that it is found in, depositing minerals into the crystal as it forms. However, if we’re talking about some of the most beautiful raw crystals, clear quartz might be the prettiest in this form.

With an appearance that looks clear like fresh ice, this is a crystal that has nothing to hide, both literally and spiritually. Its absence of color is the perfect representation of its cleansing ability for both your body and soul through this gem.

However, that clear crystal isn’t just something that can bring balance. That see-through aspect of the crystal also means that it is an excellent method for channeling other energies that you are hoping to boost in your mind and body.

Combining this with another gem that can help boost your joyful or passionate energies is a great use for clear quartz alongside its more traditional uses.

3. Raw Pyrite

Pyrite is instantly recognizable, thanks to its shiny, metallic outside that has often tricked many people over the years into thinking that it is a true precious metal, hence its very popular nickname ‘fool’s gold’.

However, there is still plenty to love about this metallic crystal (see also ‘15 Of The Best Metallic Crystals‘). Even if it isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme like its more well-known and coveted counterpart used to be!

For one, its brass-like color does still make it an appealing metal to work with many jewelers, particularly in the 19th century, when buckles, rosettes, and rings would all be cut from it.

In its raw form, however, pyrite has several interesting properties, especially when it comes to matters of the spirit.

Pyrite has often been held as a protective charm to those who have been interested in this gem, and for a long time as well.

Both Native Americans and Medieval Europe would often use this stone as a protective charm against evil or negative energies, making it highly coveted in some circles.

The stone is also said to help bolster the physical well-being of a person who holds it, as well as strengthen your mental resilience and powers at the same time.

This makes pyrite a great stone for the mind as well as the body!

4. Amber Chunk

Amber Chunk

We tend to think of amber as a smooth and elegant type of crystal, almost like a large crystallized dollop of honey in its most famous examples.

However, like any other rock, amber forms into the crystal gemstone that we know through the millions of years of the pressure of being compressed by other rocks, so it’s going to start like any other gemstone before it is worked: Sharp, jagged, and full of its special kind of luster!

Amber has been a long sought-after gem by people across the world. There is evidence that amber was one of the first gemstones that were used as jewelry by people, with some amber artifacts being found to have been made around 12,000 years ago!

This might be because amber has long been sort after as a symbol of courage. And in those early days of human civilizations, with so much new ground to explore and new dangers to conquer, bravery would have almost certainly been in high demand!

However, outside of the promise of courage to soldiers and warriors, amber has also been a symbol of bows being renewed or made between two people, making it a very popular gift to give a significant other at a wedding.

5. Selenite

When it comes to raw crystals, there might not be one that is striking in the same way that selenite is (see also ‘Can Selenite Be In The Sun?‘).

These crystals form long columns of clear crystal in the formations that they are found underground, making them appear almost like pillars of gems growing out of the ground.

From a distance, its somewhat translucent makeup makes it almost appear like giant crystals of salt or ice crystals, and become a very popular type of gypsum crystal in the 186th century onwards, when it was recognized as being its distinct type of stone.

You can imagine how a gem like this would be coveted by so many people for so many hundreds of years!

As far as its spiritual properties and powers go, this is a stone that is often used to help fortify a person’s mental fortitude, as well as if you are trying to achieve some kind of mental clarity on a topic or issue that you are focused on.

6. Raw Green Fluorite

Raw Green Fluorite

Green fluorite is an interesting gem in many respects.

For one thing, its green and white, almost marbled effect, when tumbled, makes this a very popular crystal to decorate accents of an object with, or even the entire object itself!

However, in this case, we are more interested in the raw form of this crystal, which often has a much darker tone to it before it has been tumbled and treated, making it look almost different from the form that we recognize it as.

These crystals are the perfect crystal to help you find balance within yourself, being able to align both your mind and body into a single focusing crystal, especially when it can otherwise be very difficult to center yourself.

Not only that, but they are also very popular crystals to use when it comes to their healing properties as well, and are a great way for the spiritually attuned to heal themselves, whether their issues be physical or psychological.

If you need some psychic support to help amplify a healing process or journey that you are currently going through, this is the gem to do it with!

7. Raw Amethyst

Perhaps one of the most iconic crystals that you can find anywhere in the world, amethysts have long been coveted as an accessory for jewelry and other accessories, thanks to their hardness and often deep, yet still vibrant colors.

However, amethyst is also a popular gem when it comes to its rawest forms Geodes of amethyst are sometimes the most valuable versions of this already highly sought-after crystal, and it isn’t hard to see why!

In its raw state, amethyst is often considered a symbol of purity, perhaps partly thanks to the natural beauty that it represents in its geode or raw form.

The deep red and purple that this gem can be found in also represent the suffering that one can go through to maintain that purity, making that dedication an even more important symbol of focus and hope.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it.

As you can see, raw crystals come in a range of forms. Some of them look very similar, if not identical, to the shapes and colors they take when they are crafted and treated, while others look almost entirely different from the forms that we normally recognize them by.

However, what is true for all of them is that they are all stunning in their natural forms, and would be the perfect item for anyone interested in them, both for their physical appearance, as well as their metaphysical benefits alongside them.

Andrea Daehma