15 Beautiful Red And White Crystals

Red crystals usually symbolize passion and they radiate fiery and powerful energy, making them incredibly powerful stones that work in many different rituals and practices. 

White crystals on the other hand are gentle and pure. They are very celestial in nature, which makes them quite a bit opposite to red crystals. 

15 Beautiful Red And White Crystals

When you mix the two together, you have an eclectic mix of energies that work together to create something really special.

We will be taking a look at 15 of the most beautiful red and white crystals you can find, and we will be giving you a bit more insight as to what sort of energies they provide.

15 Beautiful Red And White Crystals 

When you mix the two energies of red crystals with white crystals, you get all the fiery passion of the red crystals, but it is presented much more gently, with a celestial nature thanks to the white crystal. 

This is a special mix of energy that is very powerful but not too intense to handle. Take a look at these red and white crystals and see which ones you are drawn to the most! 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Though rose quartz (Also check out Fire And Ice Quartz) is technically either red or white, it still makes it onto this list because it has the qualities of both crystals mixed into one.

It is filled with passionate unconditional love and compassion, but it presents itself to the user in a gentle and pure way. 

Rose quartz is a great crystal to keep close to you because it will not only help with your external relationships but also your relationship with yourself. It will encourage you to be more accepting of yourself and have more self-love. 

2. Red Quartz

Red quartz is another type of quartz that is a perfect example of white and red energies that are perfectly balanced. 

If you are dealing with intense emotional wounds, red quartz will give you the courage to face them head-on and help to heal them.

It will boost your self-confidence and help you to accept yourself just as you are, so you can have the courage and confidence to move forward in your life. 

Red quartz gets its healing powers from its connection to the Heart Chakra, so this is a great crystal to work with. 

3. Fire Opal

Fire opal is an incredibly powerful stone that is filled with both passionate and metaphysical energy (see also ‘What Are The Metaphysical Properties of Opal?‘). They are perfect for artists or anyone who is creative, giving you inspiration, passion, and originality. 

This crystal encourages you to think outside the box and be unique in your approach to any ideas you may have. It also helps you to use the same approach in all aspects of your life, which in turn, will make navigating your life much easier. 

Fire opal will help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter and will give you all the courage you need to do so. 

4. Red Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline

Natural red tourmaline is both red and white in its appearance and it has the energies of both crystals within it. It will help you love more passionately and truly, and show you how to communicate your feelings with ease. 

It is an intuitive stone, thanks to the white within it, and it will help you express that intuition in a pure and gentle way.

Red Tourmaline is connected to the Root Chakra, so it will help you stay grounded and balanced in everything you do (see also ‘9 Beautiful Root Chakra Crystals‘). 

5. Red Aventurine

Natural red aventurine is pale red with bits of white scattered around it and it is an incredibly powerful stone that will encourage you to take action rather than stay stagnant.

If you are looking for a stone that will help you manifest your dreams more clearly, then red aventurine could be just what you need. 

It will also push away and dispel any negative thoughts or emotions that linger within you, giving you more room to think positively. 

6. Red Agate

Red agate is a popular stone used for warding off negative energies and keeping the user protected against them.

Also known as “The Warrior Stone”, red agate is also believed to bring out your inner courage and strength, so you can face anything that comes your way. 

If you feel like your passion has been waning lately, red agate will reignite the fire and keep you motivated. It will keep you balanced and pure of heart, making life a little easier. 

7. Red Apatite

Red apatite is mainly red of course, but it also has flecks of black and white. This is a great stone to use if you need clarity in any situation, as it will help you see beyond your own two eyes and see the bigger picture. 

This is a great stone to use for cleansing and unblocking your chakras as well. It is deeply connected to the heart and circulatory system, giving you an energetic boost that will keep your stamina high. 

8. Red Calcite

Red Calcite

Red calcite is filled with the energies of both red and white crystals. You can find regular calcite all over the world, but red calcite is found mostly in Mexico. 

Rec calcite is especially helpful for those who want to boost their self-confidence. This stone will encourage you to accept yourself for who you are and not be ashamed in the process.

Its also a fantastic stone for those who want to boost their self-expression. It will encourage you to speak your truth without feeling anxious about it. 

9. Red Beryl

Also known as bixbite, red beryl in its raw form is both red and white. This is actually one of the rarest minerals and stones on earth, so it can be quite hard (and expensive!) to find. 

As a healing stone, red beryl works as a foundation for the entire spiritual and physical body.

It will recycle old, stagnant energy and transmute it into new, fresh energy that will give you more stamina and strength.

It will help you see the power you hold within yourself, helping to motivate you in all that you do. 

10. Red Hematite

Though red hematite is usually dark in color, there are some variants that have bits of white in them.

Red hematite is an incredibly grounding stone that will help to keep you rooted in reality and bring you back down from the clouds. 

It will work with the natural strength within and amplify it, giving you the confidence you need to see any tasks or issues through. It will also connect you to nature itself and make you feel more at one with it. 

11. Red Rhodonite

Red Rhodonite

Red Rhodonite is mainly a dark red stone, but it has traces of white within it, so it still taps into both energies. It is physically delicate, but its metaphysical properties are incredibly strong. 

Red Rhodonite is a stone of compassion and it will keep your emotions balanced and positive.

If you have any emotional wounds you are dealing with, it will help you heal them and find ways to live with them in a positive way. 

12. Red Labradorite

This is another dark red stone, but it still has bits of white in it, so it fits perfectly onto this list. Red labradorite is a highly protective stone and it will keep any and all negative energies at bay. 

It works especially hard at protecting your Root Chakra from these negative energies, so you will always stay grounded when you have red labradorite close by.

You can think of this crystal as a natural shield that will always protect you from metaphysical harm. 

13. Red Sunstone

This stone is actually a rarer version of classic sunstone, which also means it’s a bit more expensive. In terms of the metaphysical, red sunstone will give you plenty of courage and help you to be fearless.

This is a great stone to keep close by if you are trying to achieve a goal or dream, as it will help you achieve it faster. With this stone, you will be able to face anything. 

14. Red Malachite

Red Malachite

Red malachite is actually a variety of jasper, so it has a lot of the same properties. It is a stone that promotes inner peace and helps you to reflect on yourself easier. 

This is a great stone to work with if you are interested in doing some deep shadow work. The reflective nature of this stone will help you look within and get to the root of your problems. 

15. Red Citrine

Red citrine is perfect for anyone who wants to attract joy into their life. It will boost your energy and give you more strength and stamina to get through your day. 

This is a stone of peace and prosperity too and will bring you a great deal of luck. 


Red and white crystals are exceptionally powerful because of their combined energies. Each of these stones will benefit you in some way, so give them a try for yourself! 

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