9 Beautiful Root Chakra Crystals

When you are feeling slightly off or just not your best self, you can often look to your chakras for answers. The chakra holds great energy within our spirits and has the ability to provide protection and healing when you need it.

9 Beautiful Root Chakra Crystals

Not sure how to tap into this power? Crystals are all rooted to a chakra. Allowing you to draw energy and find your inner strength.

When you need to feel grounded and secure, having a crystal connected to the root chakra can help you immensely.

In this article we will discuss what the root chakra is, how it can help you feel safe, and the best crystals for enhancing that energy.

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What Is The Root Chakra?

There are seven chakras throughout your body starting from the crown of your head to the base of your spine.

The muladhara chakra, which is the first, is situated at the base of the spine. The word “Muladhara,” which means “root,” is related to the earth element and expresses your capacity to delve deep and feel firmly planted in your life.

Because red is its related color, it has connections to the earth.

The root chakra is deeply connected to your sense of security. Being in harmony with your root chakra can leave you feeling grounded and in sync with yourself and those around you.

A block root chakra can manifest itself in physical forms such as:

You can use your first chakra’s capacity to support a steady and calm energy throughout your body when it is in alignment. You’ll experience a sense of being firmly planted in your body and your surroundings.

9 Root Chakra Crystals

Below are 9 crystals that will help you remain connected to your root chakra and to draw energy from it.

1. Bloodstone


Bloodstone’s meaning is complicated by a rich history and is sometimes referred to as the Sunstone.

The Bloodstone was revered as a diamond with extraordinary powers by the Ancient Greeks. They called it Heliotrope, which is another word for sunstone.

The main goals of bloodstone healing are to increase fortitude, bravery, and resilience. It aids by securing you and giving you a sense of absolute security in your own skin.

You can harness the energy of the bloodstone to connect with your root chakra. This energy can help you define your inner strength and support you in times of worry and stress.

Bloodstone not only helps to enhance the connection with the root chakra in a lovely way, but it also has amazing effects on the heart chakra.

You can utilize the bloodstone when you need to feel grounded while opening your heart to something new.

2. Red Aventurine

A stone of good fortune, achievement, and manifestation is red aventurine. It can assist you in receiving all the benefits of life that you are due.

Your wishes and dreams will come true with the help of this crystal. It is a stone of abundance and prosperity as well, aiding in fostering a positive outlook on financial matters.

Physical symptoms like lack of enthusiasm or lower activity levels will be helped by red aventurine.

This stone can be quite beneficial when you require regular stimulation or when you need to combat your current state of lethargy.

Additionally, red aventurine will assist you in overcoming sensations of elation, disconnectivity, and distance.

Working with the root chakra, red aventurine is effective in re-energizing your spirit and bringing you a sense of connection to the Earth and yourself.

3. Carnelian


The carnelian is a gemstone that will increase your sense of self-worth and infuse your life with passion. Additionally, this stone is extremely obstructive, keeping out any bad energy from entering your area.

Being closely connected to the root chakra, carnelian will keep you grounded while protecting your energy from within.

Physically, carnelian helps stimulate muscles and helps oxygen flow through the body for increased fitness and health.

This unique gem may also aid in enhancing fertility and enhancing sexual arousal. Consider employing the carnelian to provide you with a little assistance in the bedroom if you are having problems in this area.

4. Hemimorphite

Are you ready for a life-altering change in your life? Hemimorphite can help you through it. Hemimorphite is regarded as a stone of compassion, encouraging empathy in all interactions.

It is also said to help with inner emotional management and the expression of sentiments. Hemimorphite is recommended by devotees as a stone for letting go of self-ego and fostering spiritual development.

Working to develop our communication skills, hemimorphite allows you to process your emotions and communicate them in a more manageable way.

It is perfect when having an emotional discussion with a loved one and some balance is required.

5. Olivine


The stone olivine offers resiliency and assistance. It can be utilized to get rid of anxiety, despair, insecurities, tension, and lack of motivation.

One of the best root chakra crystals for both spiritual and physical healing is this one.The sterilizer olivine is widely used. At all levels, it releases and removes poisons. It lessens the feelings of wrath, bitterness, spite, and aggravation.

Olivine lessens anger, anxiety, and guilt. It allows us to open our hearts to new partnerships and joy. It encourages intensification and amendments while boosting self-reliance and assertion. It stimulates and loosens the mind’s hold on receptivity.

Olivine, while not directly connected to the root chakra, is still extremely powerful, giving us a sense of security and keeping us grounded.

6. Sodalite

Both your intuition and your cognition will be strengthened by the sodalite. It makes sure that each aspect of life moves along at its own pace and contributes to your inner calm.

The human body is given order, tranquility, and an open mind by this particular stone. One of the best crystals for connecting with your higher self is one that promotes both your physical well-being and emotional stability.

Sodalite keeps you connected to your root chakra, helping you find balance and clarity in even the most demanding situations. With this stone you can learn to lean on yourself and trust in your decision making.

7. Orange Zincite


There are various forms of Zincite, with orange zincite being the most connected to the plexus chakra and the root chakra. This stone promotes creativity and works to ensure you remain grounded.

You can discover and embrace your special purpose with the aid of this crystal, then pursue it boldly. In terms of relationships, zincite promotes strong, sincere friendships.

Zincite is also powerful in opening your mind and spirit up to a higher power. Keeping you in tune with your emotions and your higher self.

8. Turquoise

The stone offers a calming, anchoring vibration that makes it an excellent meditation aid or stone to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It is said to help you connect to the spiritual world and to connect heaven and earth.

Turquoise is deeply connected to the third eye which allows you to connect with the spiritual word. Harnessing this energy can build your intuition and trust within yourself. Its connection with the root chakra is planted within protection and cleansing.

This stone will keep your energy free from negativity and offer protection from anything toxic or harmful.

In addition to aligning all of the chakras, it is frequently used for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, turquoise can assist you in letting go of self-destructive habits and increasing your capacity for love and forgiveness.

It has a strong emotional balancing effect and makes you feel more at ease and peaceful.

Stones made with turquoise have no detrimental consequences.

9. Moss Agate

Moss Agate

This gemstone is reputed to have the ability to detect buried wealth as well as safeguard the home. It has a high vibration, is excellent for meditation, and promotes tranquility in the environment.

This stone boosts the immune system and has outstanding anti-inflammatory capabilities to give your body the boost it needs, just like oxygen-rich plants.

Moss agate keeps you exquisitely balanced no matter how much havoc the world around you is creating, stone constantly strives to keep you feeling soft, steady, and utterly secure.

Moss Agate can calm your soul if you’re one of those persons who is constantly caught up in emotional drama or experiencing extreme mood swings’ highs and lows.

This balancing stone keeps you feeling revitalized, even in the face of the most draining people and situations. Whether worn as jewelry or placed throughout the home, this cleansing crystal will have you brimming with confidence (see also, ‘10 Best Crystals for Confidence‘) and pride.

Final Thoughts

Being connected to your root chakra will only elevate your life. As you feel grounded and protected within yourself, your true strength can begin to shine.

A crystal can aid in boosting your power and enhancing your qualities. From the bloodstone to moss agate, there are many to choose from to keep you feeling fresh and strong.

We have 9 of the best crystals that will keep you connected to the present moment while ensuring that you are open to new possibilities. Check them out above!

Andrea Daehma