20 Beautiful Rough Crystals

You might have heard of the phrase ‘diamond in the rough’, but sometimes rough is just as appealing as diamond.

Rough crystals are beautiful in their own way, coming in wonderful colors and textures that are out-of-this-world!

20 Beautiful Rough Crystals

Getting rough crystals can be a great way of reconnecting with the earth.

Not everyone wants a crystal in its polished and bejeweled form. If you want to be reminded of the unvarnished beauty of nature, then a rough crystal is the way to go.

But where can you find rough crystals in all their natural beauty? How much will you have to fork out for one? Do rough crystals have better healing properties?

Well, check out our list of 20 of the most beautiful rough crystals that we can find.

20 Beautiful Rough Crystals

1. Amethyst


Coming in a lush purple color, amethyst in its most raw form is a beautiful thing to behold indeed.

They come in large fat columns that almost look like the spires of an old Gothic cathedral. This would make a very eye-catching centerpiece for your home.

This rock will help to promote a great immune system and increase your digestive health. If you have headaches, then this will reduce the pressure that you are feeling on your skull.

This is also great for promoting circulation throughout the whole body.

2. Chrysoberyl

This is an extremely hard crystal, so if you are looking for a raw element that you could fashion into a necklace, then we would suggest that you pick up some chrysoberyl.

This gem is associated with wealth, an ideal anchor for traversing through financial hardship.

This stone, in its most raw form, will help you to restore balance to your life. This will be important if you are going through some tumultuous times. This will also develop balance in your mind, helping you make clearer decisions.

3. Trapiche Emerald

This next stone is green in its raw form, as is meant to represent that warrior spirit, helping you to gain confidence that is hard to find in your life.

This will help you to find inspiration, which can be crucial if you are suffering from a creative block.

This will also enable you to give and receive unconditional love, which is difficult if you have trust issues on account of some past trauma.

We would recommend taking some raw trapiche emerald and meditating with it nearby to purify the spirit.

4. Aquamarine


This is an incredibly calming and balancing crystal, coming in a pale blue that resembles a peaceful sky. In its raw form, this comes in oblong shapes that make it almost look like a living being.

This helps to reach inside a mind that is too active at times, quelling all those pesky intrusive thoughts that might be giving you a lot of pain.

This will also help to sharpen the mind, which is very important if you are making crucial decisions on a daily basis (Also check out Best Crystals For Decision Making).

5. Elbaite

If you want a new start and wish to leave a lot of negative baggage behind, then having one of these crystals will help you to gain that new perspective that you need in your new life.

This comes with a lovely gradation of colors, running from purple to green.

In terms of symbolism, this has been said to enhance your dreams and wishes. So why not get some rough elbaite and have it next to your bed while you are sleeping (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals That Help With Sleep‘)? This will also help you to stimulate your creative ambitions.

6. Red Beryl

This deep red stone comes in thick chunks and it will help to quell any fear that has built up in your body, mind, and soul.

This will also help you with physical issues, helping to speed up your metabolism, which is great if you are looking to lose some weight.

This is a stone of passion and integrity, so have it beside you so it can remind you of who you really are.

Often it is hard to keep our principles clear and focused in our heads, so having this stone will protect us, particularly from negative influences.

7. Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

This is a delicious-looking raw gem, we don’t whether to eat it or mount it on the mantelpiece. Running the gamut of colors from green to pink, this stone would make a beautiful centerpiece on your coffee table.

This stone connects directly to the heart chakra, which is great for activating that unconditional love inside you. This will help you to achieve new levels of creative excellence and insights.

Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees and this raw stone will help clear away some of that mental foliage.

8. Rutilated Quartz

This is another beautiful stone that is understated but adds that extra level of sophistication to whatever you do.

This has seams of gold running through it, so if you want to give your home that royal quality, then this is a great raw stone to have in your collection.

9. Chambersite

This beautiful deep purple stone represents originality because it is such an original stone itself.

Placing it nearby will help you to reconnect with your original self, getting rid of all the negative opinions that might have been collected around you.

10. Purple Taaffeite

Purple Taaffeite

This stone is known as the ‘circle of luck’, which means that it will increase the amount of luck that you are experiencing in your life.

This is the perfect stone for decoration too, the raw crystals giving the illusion of life to a drab living room.

11. Benitoite

This comes with some serious warrior energy, but one that is tempered by a gentler spirit.

If you are looking for something that will protect you against malevolent energy, stimulating the latent creative energies in your brain.

12. Tourmaline

This raw green stone is very eye-catching and will help you dispel a lot of the pent-up negative energy that can result from your everyday life.

This comes in a pointed spire that looks very powerful, giving your space that commanding energy.

13. Morganite


This stone will help you to cultivate that innocence in your life that you might have lost due to a traumatic life event. It is a wonderful stripey purple pattern, making it a great addition to your garden setup.

14. Peridot

In its raw form, this stone comes in the shape of a roaring green wave. But aside from its aggressive appearance, this one symbolizes compassion, allowing you to develop empathy with others and improve your relationships.

15. Jeremejevite

This amazing purple crystal has been used time and time again in healing ceremonies. It comes in a tall and ragged style, excusing powerful and calming energies into the environment surrounding it.

16. Seraphinite


This stone is associated with the sign of Sagittarius, so if this is your star sign, then you should expect to have plenty of good luck and healing fortune come into your life (see also ’16 Beautiful Sagittarius Crystals’).

This is also linked to the heart chakra, which will foster unconditional love.

17. Vanadinite

If you are looking for a stone that will help you to think clearly and organize your life in a better way, then this is the stone to have in your life.

This one will help you to tackle tasks without any fatigue and help to revitalize you for difficult tasks.

This is a fire stone, so you can be sure that it will give you the added fire that you need to stay enthused about a long-term relationship or project.

18. Wulfenite

This stone is often red, orange or yellow in color and will certainly inject a bit of energy into any room. This will also reinvigorate you, which might be needed if you have been struggling with a long illness.

This stone has been shown to reduce the negative effects of menopause. So, if you are someone going through this, then having wulfenite nearby will certainly allay some of those symptoms.

19. Cinnabar


Having self-doubts can be worse than having a physical illness, as it can affect how you approach so many things in your life.

This will help you to break through those moments of inward-directed negativity, which can sometimes be crippling.

This stone is also associated with Leo, which is a fire sign that will sometimes need grounding (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Leos‘).

This is associated with the base chakras, so it will help you to stay rooted in the present, especially handy if you are going through a turbulent time.

20. Realgar

Finally, we have a stone that, in its raw form, exudes so much power that it will be hard to temper.

Realgar has been shown to increase sexual potency and reinvigorate you if you have been suffering from a lack of energy for a while.


The rawer the stone is, the more potent and unrestrained the energy. This is amazing if you are looking for that super boost of health or vitality needed to drag you out of negativity.

Andrea Daehma