16 Beautiful Sagittarius Crystals

When it comes to Sagittarius, the centaur half-man, half-horse creature with the bow and arrow, you can expect certain characteristics that identify this fire sign. This type of person is very passionate, with a great sense of adventure and with plenty of lust for life.

16 Beautiful Sagittarius Crystals

This star sign has plenty of positives going for it: a Sagittarian can be very generous and giving to other people. They are also extremely creative and can lend you a friendly ear when you need it the most.

They are also very positive and really enjoy their sense of freedom, although they can often say the wrong thing.

However, what stones will Sagittarians need to stay happy and healthy in their lives? Here are 16 great stones that Sagittarians can incorporate into their lives for luck, wealth and balance.

1. Turquoise


This kind of stone is very beautiful, radiating a sky-blue color that reminds you of a beautiful day or a clear ocean.

This kind of crystal is known for its protective and healing properties, especially when you hand it around the neck of a Sagittarian.

This is a December birthstone, which is why it has special application to the Sagittarian. This will also help you to restore your natural calm, which is why so many Sagittarians turn to this stone in times of intense conflict.

2. Blue Lace Agate

This kind of stone is another healing one, coming in a lovely light purple color. This can help you to prevent arthritis and other debilitating conditions which can get worse as the years go on.

If you are Sagittarius and you want to maintain a mental and physical equilibrium, then this is the stone for you.

This can also encourage better circulation of blood around your body, which is great if you are having trouble in this area. Make sure that you wear this all through your life, as it will help keep diseases at bay as you get older.

3. Tiger Iron

You’ll be able to see this beautiful stone from one hundred paces, as it comes with a brown and black tiger-style pattern. This is another stone that will give you great healing and help get rid of some of the anxiety in your life.

This is a stone that will also grant the Sagittarian with increased mental clarity, which is great if you need to focus either at work or during your family life.

This will also give you an increased level of stamina, which is great if you have a long and arduous journey ahead of you.

4. Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone bestows another calming influence on the wearer. This has been associated with various concepts and emotions: tranquillity, truth, royalty, strength and wisdom. This stone will imbue you with courage when you need it the most.

You could have this stone as a necklace or fashioned into a ring. With a Sagittarius, this has definite healing properties, which will help you get through times of severe physical distress.

This has been shown to give you greater insight into situations that you may have previously found confusing.

5. Emerald


This is another classic stone, coming in the deep green color that bewitches the gaze as soon as you set eyes on it.

This is a very lucky stone, so if you are a Sagittarius that likes to bounce from one situation to another, then having some luck on your side will be handy for a successful endeavor.

This will specifically bring calm upon the mind of a Sagittarian. If you are suffering with a lot of stress in your life, then having this stone will really help you to achieve some clarity.

6. Blue Topaz

Another stress reliever, this stone will keep you safe from all sorts of harm in your life. We would recommend fashioning this in a pendant and keeping it with you as you are traveling through a tricky stage in your life.

If you are accident prone, or you know a Sagittarius that is accident-prone, then we would recommend giving them some Blue Topaz as it will reduce their injuries significantly.

This will also help you improve your communication skills, which are very important in relationships and work life.

7. Lepidolite

If you are suffering pain in your knees and elbows, then one thing that you might want to incorporate into your daily life is the wearing of a lepidolite stone.

This beautiful grey and white-veined stone has healing properties as well as bestowing great luck on the wearer.

This will really help you to gain more confidence and bolster most Sagittarians against criticism (although they don’t suffer too much with this anyway). This can also help you if you are suffering from a heart condition.

8. Rose Quartz

Now we have a lovely pink stone that really helps Sagittarians when they are in love. This will help you communicate better with their partner and evolve a much deeper connection with those that are closer to you.

This will also help you to better love yourself, which is the foundation of some of the best relationships. If you are going through a bad patch in your relationship, then adopt this stone to see a radical improvement in your romantic situation.

9. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

This dark stone will keep a Sagittarian grounded, which is what this dreamer sign will sometimes need. Sagittarians are very passionate and will often suffer with tumultuous emotions that will often overwhelm them.

In these situations, it is often very important to have a clear head, which is what a black obsidian stone will help you to achieve. This is a very calming stone and will help you to reconnect with that spiritual side of yourself that you might have let drift away.

10. Labradorite

This stone has had a great history of relieving people with depression, which is great for Sagittarians, who are often prone to excessive ups and downs. This will keep you on a more even keel, especially if you are always on the go.

This stone is wonderful to look at, shining with iridescent colors, it will automatically put you in a much more serene mood. You can also pair this stone with an Aquarius to enhance their natural intelligence.

11. Clear Quartz

This next stone is great for restoring the clarity and the calm-headedness in your life. If you are struggling with stress, which can often create cloudy thoughts, then this is the stone for you.

Putting this clear white stone around the neck of a Sagittarian will have amazing benefits.

This one also connects you with your chakras and leaves you with lots of energy after you have worn it.

It is also the crown stone, which automatically gives a Sagittarian confidence and even bravado. You should wear this stone during or after a stressful period.

12. Fluorite


This is another stone that will help you clear the spiritual decks, so to speak. This will allow some of those prejudices to recede into the background, which is great if you want that extra level of clarity to get you through a challenging time.

A lot of people find it hard to set out and achieve their goals, especially if they are lacking in confidence. This stone will transform you into a supremely confident person. It also has the wonderful properties of transforming negative into positive energy.

13. Golden Sheen Obsidian

This is another gemstone that will ground you, making it perfect for anyone who is feeling a little untethered, either spiritually or emotionally. This is great for flushing out some of the negative toxins that have built up inside you through years of negative thinking.

This stone, like most obsidian stones, will help with circulation issues and digestive problems. If you know someone who is suffering from these problems, then you can give them one of these stones to see a rapid turnaround.

14. Black Onyx

This dark stone is also one that will help you to clear your mind. If you are finding it difficult to see what is true from what is not true due to some underlying thoughts or feelings, then this stone will help to restore some calm to your life.

15. Green Adventurine

This beautiful green stone can suck out all the anger and fury that might be blocking you up. It has an extremely calming influence that people of all star signs feel as soon as they wear it. It also has the capacity to bring the wearer amazing good fortune.

16. Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz

This is another one that will offer you some protection against danger, which makes it the perfect stone for the wandering Sagittarian. This is a November stone, meaning that it will amplify a lot of the natural emotions of a Sagittarius.


If you are a Sagittarian and are suffering from negative emotions or misfortune that is out of your control, try wearing one of these stones to see if your life improves.

Andrea Daehma