7 Beautiful White Crystals

White crystals are something special. Even though there are thousands of other crystals in a hundred different beautiful colors, often the most valuable ones out there are the clear or white ones.

7 Beautiful White Crystals

Whatever the reason, white crystals are as beautiful as they are helpful to the soul and in manifesting our inner thoughts and desires into a more tangible form in the real world, whether that is for emotional or spiritual healing, or even manifesting our hopes and dreams into something tangible.

Whatever the reason, there is a reason to have a gorgeous white crystal in your possession. And this guide to some of the most beautiful is exactly what you need!

1. White Zircon

Starting us off with perhaps one of the most popular gemstones on this list, we have the beautifully clear white zircon crystal.

While zircon is not normally found in a white form, with brown and reddish tones more well-known, it is possible to find white or clear zircon crystals, many of which are prized for their clarity and rarity. Mind you, with crystals that look this beautiful, who could blame them?

White zircon, despite its rarity, is a gemstone that has been known for centuries, used in jewelry since at least the sixth century by Byzantine Greeks and Romans, if not older.

And that’s not even covering how old the stone it is forged from, either. The oldest zircon gem found so far was dated to around 4.4 billion years ago, making it almost as old as the planet itself!

In terms of its meaning and abilities, zircon, like many other white and clear crystals, is a symbol of purity.

It is also seen as a sign of humility as well, something that is also sort of reflected in the real world already, as white zircon is often seen as lesser well-known, more grounded, and down-to-earth equivalent to diamond.

Not only that, but white zircon is also often seen as a way of instilling within yourself a greater sense of not just inner stability, but also greater awareness of the world around you.

2. Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Ah yes, the king of timekeepers everywhere! If you’ve owned or seen an older or more classically crafted timepiece like a watch or clock, then chances are that it has also contained some form of quartz in it!

Aside from what pieces, the inherent strength of quartz is one of the reasons that it is used in just as many industrial or commercial settings as it is decorative and spiritual, from countertops to machine components.

It’s this strength that many spirituals are also interested in, only in this case, it is used t enhance the strength within a person.

Clear quartz is prized for its ability to amplify other energies that you are looking to enhance in the body, meaning that it is a popular stone to pair with other crystals that enhance.

Such as the clarity of vision and awareness from white zircon, or even the compassion and love for others that garnet crystals with help you find.

It is also able to amplify your awareness of your other senses too, allowing for clear quartz to be a vital component of many meditations that allow you and your senses to be alone for a time.

3. Citrine

While usually found in an orange or yellow form in nature, citrine can be found in a wine-white variation as well, making it a popular choice for those who wish to add it to their collections of this color.

Technically speaking, citrine is part of the same family of minerals and gemstones as quartz, meaning that it also shares many of the same properties as the crystal that we talked about previously here.

It functions as a sense enhancer, as well as an energy amplifier for any inherent energies or forces that you are hoping to allow to take effect in your mind.

However, outside the properties that it shares with other crystals, citrine has distinct traits as well.

For one thing, citrine is often considered a gem of positive energies and joys, as well as abundance, qualities that are practically a match made in heaven when combined!

It is for this reason that citrine is a very popular gemstone to have for many business owners, who will often own pieces of citrine, either as part of a home/shop decoration, or even carved into a wearable piece of jewelry.

Hopefully, the gem’s positive energies will radiate out and spread good fortune to the business as a whole.

4. White Topaz

White Topaz

Like many of the gemstones we have covered so far, topaz comes in a variety of colors and shades, and that includes our very beautiful clear or white color as well.

These types of topaz are some of the most common that you can find in and around Central and Latin America, making them very easy to find and source in the surrounding areas.

White topaz is also the zodiac stone for people who are born Sagittarius (see also ‘16 Beautiful Sagittarius Crystals‘). So, if you are born in late November or early December, then you know what your lucky crystal is!

They aren’t particularly known for their shine, like other crystals and gemstones are.

However, they are undoubtedly tough, which often makes them a popular choice to help convey or channel inner strength through, whether of mind or character. After all, it is a white gem, so white topaz is often considered a simple of transparency and honesty!

Outside of this, white topaz is prized for its healing properties for the spirit and mind as well, a belief that has persisted for centuries by this point.

St. Hildegard, a German polymath from the Middle Ages, believed that these could help treat dim vision. So, this idea of treating energy or spiritual maladies has persisted throughout the years!

5. Howlite

Howlite might be one of the most unique-looking gemstones on this list, whereas other ‘white’ crystals often get their names from the transparency or imperfection of their crystallization process making them cloudy white, howlite is a crystal that is as white and opaque as a blizzard!

While we often associate purity in crystals with their clarity, this stark white (and sometimes light blue) stone also offers a different kind of clarity. One of a single color, with no way of seeing through it, one that does not need to be seen through.

This stone is still a crystal that represents a purity that cannot be misinterpreted. Only here, that purity is a solid color, that cannot be disrupted, both on the inside and outside. What you see, is what you get. Simple and clear.

It is a stone that allows you to feel the oneness of both your mind and body, that they are a single, whole, tangible

Yeah, it is a little simple. But simplicity is not a flaw, it is a characteristic. One that perhaps this crystal can help us understand.

6. Pyrite


Many of us are likely familiar with the term fool’s gold. But few people, outside of spiritualists and engineers who see its potential, seem to care all that much about this often overlooked precious metal and crystal.

However, this crystal still has its uses, even if they aren’t to necessarily fulfill your gold-rush dreams!

Pyrite is often used as a way of amplifying your confidence in a given situation, whether it is for split-second decisions that you want or need to make, or just in general.

Sure, some of us may be worried about being overconfident and becoming careless, a train of thought that can sometimes be valuable.

However, if you find yourself often overcome with fear, anxiety, or apprehension, then you need that extra boost of confidence to help resolve that inner turmoil.

And this is the crystal to do that with!

7. White Sapphire

We’ve all heard of sapphires at this point. Most of us are familiar with the iconic deep blue appearance that makes them one of the four true precious gemstones out there.

However, did you know that the purist form of sapphire gemstones out there are solid white or clear?

Like many of the other classic gemstones that everyone has heard of, sapphires are often associated with royalty and high-status life.

However, they have also been associated with humility and divinity among many different cultures, from Medieval scholars to Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, and even Buddhism.

This is especially true for white sapphires. After all, a rich person may go for a white diamond, but a wise person will choose the white sapphire (see also, ‘Which One Should You choose: Sapphire or Diamond‘)!

As a result, this is the perfect jewel to have if you are looking to amplify your spiritual intelligence and wisdom.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, white crystals are not just some of the most beautiful that you can find out there, but also some of the most interesting, and often healing of the many types of crystals out there.

And, of course, nothing signifies a sense of sincerity and purity in the world of crystals as a crystal that is as clear as water, or white as snow.

Andrea Daehma