7 Beautiful Yellow Crystals

Yellow is perhaps one of the most varied colors in nature. Often the color of choice that you’ll find in many flowers, as well as a warm and cozy sunrise or sunset, yellow is a very prevalent color in the natural world.

Beautiful Yellow Crystals

This means that when it appears in crystals, it often has a range of different meanings attached to it, as well as plenty of the cultural and historical significance that these illustrious gemstones often pick up along the way, from prehistory, right up to modern day.

So, if you wish to learn more about crystals of this particular color, continue reading this guide to find out what exactly your favorite yellow crystals means, and what they can do!

1. Yellow Topaz

We’re starting this list off with an old favorite when it comes to gems from around the world.

Topaz is a pretty common gemstone that can be found in all sorts of colors and shades, including yellow.

Topaz crystals are often associated with healing, and bringing a piece of soul with that healing effect, and a similar effect is believed to happen with yellow topaz as well.

Yellow topaz is a color that is meant to bring serenity to a person’s spirit, as well as bring a little individuality to a person’s soul, and the serenity that comes along with that.

This is a common theme that you’ll find with many yellow gemstones and crystals out there. Self-expression has been a key element of many yellow crystal items, both for material’s sake, as well as in your body and mind.

And while some people may find that uniqueness, loneliness, in some people’s eyes, there is comfort in that as well.

Being the gemstone of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, this is also your zodiac stone if you are born between late November and early December (see also, ‘What is December’s Birthstone?‘)!

2. Citrine


While you’re just as likely to find citrine as a wine-white colored gem, yellow is probably the color of this crystal that most people are familiar with.

Technically speaking, citrine is not part of its own family of minerals, but is a form of quartz crystal, coming with that distinct toughness and durability that quartz is known for as well.

With this factor, its often golden yellowish hues, as well as how well it can be crafted into many different kinds of jewels, it is no wonder that citrine has garnered the name ‘the merchant stone’.

Likewise, the gem is also often tied in many ways to feelings of joy and abundance, and possessing the crystal is often a hope on part of the person that great abundance will come not their lives.

You can imagine how this sentiment and hope would make it a popular gem among merchants and business owners, respectively!

So, if you see a business owner with this gem on or around their person, you know what it is, and why they have it!

3. Yellow Diamond

Diamonds might be most famous for being clear or white, but they come in a massive variety outside of this most famous aesthetic.

Probably one of the most common and popular are yellow diamonds, which also makes them a very popular color for engagement rings around the world.

Especially when paired with a gold or similarly rich metallic colored ring base, the yellow of the diamond can shine beautifully and in vivid color!

Yellow diamonds are still diamonds, so they are among the strongest and toughest gemstones out there.

A yellow diamond is incredibly difficult to shatter and scratchproof, making it perfect for regularly worn jewelry, as well as being easy to clean at the same time.

In the same way that engagement rings and diamonds themselves are a sign of trust, love, and commitment, yellow diamonds are often tied to the joy of engagement.

Giving someone a yellow diamond engagement ring is perhaps the greatest way of showing your love for them and the joy you have at the prospect of sharing the rest of your life with them.

4. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

What? Sapphires (see also, ‘Sapphire: Symbolism & Legends‘) can be not blue? As a matter of fact, yes they can!

Like how diamonds are often characterized as being just white, sapphires are usually portrayed as benign only blue gemstones.

However, as we can see, sapphires can come in a massive range of colors, including, of course, yellow!

Similarly, yellow sapphires are also a sign of joy in loving another person with all your heart, making them a very good gem to use in an engagement ring also, especially if you are unable to find or purchase yellow diamonds for some reason.

However, they are also often connected to divine power or grace. After all, a piece of jewelry that incorporates a yellow sapphire is arguably a stone embedded with a direct connection to the divine energies of the world, and to yourself.

It is a union in more than just the marriage sense!

5. Yellow Carnelian

Going from a stone that brings overwhelming joy, to a crystal that is very much about soothing the soul, we have yellow carnelian.

Carnelian crystals are unlike many of the other gems that we have covered so far. While they might have been crystal clear in their most treated forms, carnelian is an opaque crystal, through and through.

Carnelians tend to be more earthy in color, often shimmering or reflective browns, or even clay red from time to time.

You can still get this earthy tone with many yellow carnelians, as their two-tone which they often reflect when the light hits them, reveal a slightly darker second color, looking a little more earthy in the correct lights.

And that down-to-earth aspect is another aspect that is reflected in this stone. Not literally, this time, but in how common it is.

The abundance of this type of rock has made them a popular crystal to adorn many items of jewelry. The prophet Muhammad famously has a signet ring carved from this very type of stone.

So, as you can imagine, there are quite a lot of spiritual connotations to this crystal too. Their commonality is a sign of someone with great humility, who does not need the most extravagant gems to feel powerful or balanced.

In this way, the soothing effect that this crystal has is supposed to humble and ground us. That joy can be found not just in the big, extravagant items, but in the understated, almost mundane, joy as well.

6. Amber


Speaking of earthy, Amber (see also ‘What Does Amber Mean?‘) is a very interesting type of crystal and gemstone to discuss, partly because, unlike many other gemstones that you’ll find out there, it is almost an entirely organic type of rock.

Don’t worry, it’s not alive or anything. But amber comes from a tree resin that has since fossilized and turned into a hard rock, preserving the sap into a beautiful honey-colored yellow/orange rock.

It might also be one of the oldest crystals that have been turned into jewelry by people. There is archaeological evidence of humans carving this rock into art and items as far back as 13,000 years ago (probably helped by how soft amber is comparable to other crystals).

That means it might just be older than the concept of human civilization itself!

Amber is thought to help embolden those with vitality and an urge to create. It can also be a stone that is supposed to engender safety in a person when they meditate on it.

Benign such an old type of crystal and jewelry, we can see how contemplating with this stone could bring a soul some comfort and reassurance.

7. Golden South Sea Pearl

Moving from one organic crystal to another, pearls are likewise a type of gemstone that has its origins in organic material, grown inside of an oyster.

However, what many people don’t seem to realize is that earls can come in many different colors, from glossy white to iridescent to even, as we have here, golden.

Golden pearls are some of the most sought-after types of pearls, fetching massive sums of money when they are found. Growing in the mouths of gold-lipped south sea oysters.

Golden pearls are supposed to help a person focus on their divine purpose. When you find yourself struggling to orient yourself, or find yourself in doubt, this crystal can often help remind you what your place in your plan is, and how best to get to the next step.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

Yellow crystals are overlooked a little, especially in comparison to other gemstones such as red, blue, or even white.

However, as we have hopefully explained with this guide, yellow crystals still have a unique energy to them that other gems cannot compare with, both physically and spiritually.

Sure, red gems are for those who are passionate, blue is for those who look for tranquility, and white is before those with great strength, but yellow crystals are for those who strive to be different from the crowd and want to find joy in that.

Does this sound like you?

Andrea Daehma