The 10 Best Combinations Of Crystals For Labradorite

If you are not familiar with labradorite, this is an iridescent stone, and it is most commonly used for channelling positive energy and changes because of its association with transforming.

The 10 Best Combinations Of Crystals For Labradorite

Labradorite is well known for having a positive energy and this is used to connect us to our intuitive side, and give us guidance in the more uncertain times in our lives.

There are other benefits which are associated with labradorite, and because of this, labradorite is often paired and combined with other crystals to amplify these positive traits and to help with manifesting them.

So, if you have some labradorite, and you want to know what is best to pair with it, this article will have the 10 of the best suggestions for you to try out!

Quick Summary

We will be going over 10 different pairings in this article, these are not the only 10 combinations which work with labradorite.

But they are 10 of our favorites which we have selected and narrowed down to make picking a pairing easier for you. 

Just in case you want to see if you have any of the crystals which we will be going over to see if it is going to be a good combination for you.

We having paired labradorite with moonstone, with lapis lazuli, with smoky quartz, with hematite, with fluorite, with amethyst, with moldavite, with astrophyllite, with rose quartz, and finally with Herkimer diamond.

So, if you have any of these already, then make sure to check out our sections on those pairings to get more details!

The Best Crystal Combinations With Labradorite

All of these crystal combinations are designed to help you achieve different goals and will get you different results.

This is why we recommend going through each of these sections so you can see which align most closely with what you are aiming to achieve!

Moonstone And Labradorite

We have put the combination of moonstone and labradorite first on this list because it is one of the best options when it comes to getting a fresh perspective and a fresh start in your life.

Everyone at some point or other has felt themselves in a situation where they are stuck in a position where they do not want to be, but you feel there is no way out which you can achieve.

By combining labradorite with moonstone you will be able to channel the energy of breaking free from limitations like this.

This is the energy of the moonstone, but when you combine this with labradorite, you will also be overcoming the insecurities and fear which come with changing in your life, and instead will help you go in a more positive direction.

So, if you are looking to go in a new direction in life, and you want to start aiming for new goals, then combining labradorite with moonstone is a great way to help you do this and find a new sense of purpose!

Lapis Lazuli And Labradorite

Another crystal which is a great choice to combine with labradorite is lapis lazuli, this is a crystal which has a very powerful energy as well and this will work well with labradorite.

If you do not know much about lapis lazuli, it is a stone which is perfect for improving your ability to express yourself.

So, you can combine this with the energies of labradorite, and use this to help you connect with yourself, and as a method to discover more about yourself and your truth.

You can use the focus on self-expression you get from lapis lazuli, and amplify this using the labradorite.

Both lapis lazuli and labradorite are known for having quite gentle vibrations, and together they have a great harmony which is perfect to help you find more peace in life.

By using this combination you can cancel out what you do not need, and instead focus on what you need to pay attention to in life.

By combining labradorite and lapis lazuli, you will also be stimulating your brain, this is because these stones stimulate your imagination, as well as helping you with your concentration.

Smoky Quartz And Labradorite

Smoky quartz is a great choice to combine with labradorite, and this is because of the ability smoky quartz has to improve and enhance your intuition.

This particular trait combines amazingly well with labradorite, and this is why it is used by a lot of crystal enthusiasts to improve and promote your psychic abilities.

By improving your intuition, you can channel information which will help you in guiding your life in the direction you want it to go, and this can be done through combining smoky quartz and labradorite.

By using these two crystals together with each other, you will be able to pick up on your intuition much more effectively.

This is most commonly done by using labradorite with smoky quartz during a meditation. This is a perfect ritual to try if you are aiming to improve your intuition.

Hematite And Labradorite

One of the main benefits of using hematite with labradorite, is that it will help improve your mental acuity.

This means your concentration and your focus will be significantly improved.

So, if you are struggling to focus on something which you need to, or you feel like your concentration is lacking, then these two stones will definitely help you improve this.

Aiming to improve our concentration is something which is becoming more and more important with digital spaces which are full of distractions getting more and more popular and more and more attention grabbing.

We are constantly being surrounded with information which we do not always want or need to know, so by making an effort to improve focus and concentration, we can make an effort to cancel out what we do not want to process.

And one of the best methods we have found to do this is with hematite and labradorite.

If you use these two stones together, you can use their abilities to dispel any negativity, as well as making it harder for other people’s negative energy to affect you.

Fluorite And Labradorite

If you are aiming to achieve more clarity in your life, then one of the best methods to try to achieve this is by using the crystal combination of labradorite with fluorite.

These crystals are both well known for dispelling any negativity, but also helping when you need to make decisions, so by combining them, you are amplifying their abilities in these areas. 

With how constantly bombarded we are with decisions, and how often we see the repercussions of negative decisions, we are hyper aware of how important this is to our life.

We also see how helpful it can be to know how to be decisive and to make the steps which you need to. This is why people use specific crystal combinations to help them with these decisions. 

The beautiful appearance of fluorite is what can inspire you to avoid overthinking, and to instead focus on reaching a proper conclusion.

And with labradorite, which can help you identify which risks are worth taking, this combination is incredibly helpful and powerful.

The warm vibrations from each of these stones also compliment each other too.

Amethyst And Labradorite

A lot of people already own amethyst because of how popular it is, so you will probably be happy to hear that the combination of labradorite with amethyst is a very helpful one.

Both of these stones are great spiritual tools, and the reason they compliment each other so well is because of their shared connection to upper chakras.

By combining the two, your spiritual awareness will be improved.

You can use the spiritual energy of amethyst to help soothe your mind and relieve you of any stress which could be bothering you.

You can combine this energy with labradorite to help further open you up to your intuition.

By doing this you can encourage yourself to connect to a higher version of yourself, and this is great in helping you become much more mindful.

This combination of crystals will also help with unblocking upper chakras whether this is the third eye or the crown. 

Moldavite And Labradorite

Many people know how helpful moldavite can be because of how it opens your life up to more positive changes, and this also means that it is a great choice to pair with labradorite.

This is because both of these stones can work together to break any barriers which could be hindering your personal growth.

The combination of these crystals help you when it comes to noticing the synchronicities which are present in your life, and then use these to channel your life into the right direction.

Astrophyllite And Labradorite

The combination of astrophyllite with labradorite improves your ability to accept your true self and strengthens your faith in the universe!

Rose Quartz And Labradorite

If you are looking to help improve your relationship dynamic, the energies of rose quartz and labradorite compliment each other perfectly!

Herkimer Diamond And Labradorite

If you are looking to open yourself up to success as well as prosperity, then use these two stones to clear energy blockages.

How To Use Crystal Combinations With Labradorite

How To Use Crystal Combinations With Labradorite

So, now you know which crystal combinations work best with labradorite, you might be wondering how to actually combine two crystals and use them together.

Some of these ideas will be more obvious than others, but all of these methods should let you channel the positive aspects of both the crystals which you are working with!

Making Crystal Grids

This is one of the most common methods when it comes to manifesting with crystal combinations. By creating a crystal grid, you can use this to manifest whatever you are wanting and to guide you.

You will of course be increasing your intuition when you are working with labradorite, especially when it is treated as the main crystal.

So, you will want to place the labradorite in the center of your grid, and then place the other crystals surrounding it in a geometric shape or pattern.

If you are struggling to come up with something, you can find crystal grid guides online to follow as a template.

Using Affirmations

Another effective way of working with crystal combinations is to work them into your affirmations to amplify them.

By using crystals, or for more effectiveness, crystal combinations, you will be better at challenging your self-sabotage, and any challenges which you might be facing elsewhere in life.

When you are reciting your mantra, or channelling your affirmations, try holding your crystal combinations and trying to channel their energy.

Crystal Meditation

By meditating with your crystals you should be able to achieve more calmness, more balance, and more peace, and the crystals will amplify this effect.

By meditating with your crystals, it has been seen that this can increase your health, physically and mentally.

This is partially because it is thought that labradorite connects onto your third eye chakra and this is why it is so effective to meditate with.

Some of our favorite crystal combinations to try while meditating with labradorite are with fluorite, Herkimer diamond, and lapis lazuli.


Finally, journaling can be one of the best ways for you to work through your thoughts and feelings, however, a lot of people can find journaling a struggle, and a way to help you through this struggle is by channelling crystals.

You can use crystal combinations for this as well by keeping labradorite alongside other crystals like hematite on your desk while you are working through your feelings as your journal.

By using labradorite in this setting you will use its positive energy for change to help improve your ability to express yourself.


As you have seen from this article, the warm and powerful energy of labradorite can be harnessed and amplified in a variety of different directions, and this energy can be harnessed through doing different activities with these crystal combinations.

If you are looking for a quick go to combination with labradorite, we would recommend fluorite or astrophyllite.

This is because labradorite combined with these crystals is a great way to help you in achieving your goals which is a good general direction to head in when working with crystals and labradorite specifically.

Andrea Daehma