10 Best Crystal Combinations For Green Aventurine

I love to keep green aventurine around me in order to attract abundance and prosperity.

I find myself calmer and more in control when I have a small green aventurine on my person, which is great because of how common they are. 

10 Best Crystal Combinations For Green Aventurine

It’s not difficult to come across this beautiful stone, but that doesn’t make it any less useful to have around.

Green aventurine is said to connect with the heart chakra, which supports your emotional well-being and stability. 

But regardless of how powerful this one gem is, it can always be supplemented by another crystal in order to maximize their power.

Some of these combinations can be matched, or different in a symbiotic way. Continue reading to find out some potent ways to combine your crystals. 


In order to give you the contents of such, and an overview of the crystals that we will be discussing, here are the top ten crystals that you should combine with green aventurine in order to get the most out of them both. 

  • Black Obsidian
  • Turquoise
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Red Jasper
  • Malachite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Pyrite

Why are these pairing great and how do they work together? Continue reading to get all of the details: 

Black Obsidian 

When you combine black obsidian with green aventurine, the result is an incredibly calming effect that can amplify your awareness, and allow you to see past your perceptions.

If you’re looking to be able to access more possibilities and be braver with your choices, then this is a combination that you need to test. 

On one hand, black obsidian is a strong, protective stone that provides support and grounding. Whilst the obsidian is doing this, green aventurine is there to encourage you to shift your perspectives.

You might find that you’re able to challenge your own ideas about the way that things should be and what you’re willing to put up with. 

I have found that I am able to visualize what I want or who I want to be, using the help of the grounding I find in black obsidian.

More often than not, the only thing in our way is our mindset, and being able to challenge this is a fantastic way to expand our mind and try to push ourselves to do more. 


If you’re feeling low on self-esteem, or like you need to be kinder to yourself, then you should consider combining turquoise with green aventurine.

These crystals both promote self-compassion and support your journey towards self-acceptance. 

Through their clarifying and calming energies, these crystals can encourage you to honor and be more respectful to yourself, as well as release any regrets that you may be harboring. 

If you find that you’re carrying around guilt or low self-worth, the soothing vibrations of green aventurine and turquoise can help you feel more validated and forgiving of yourself, releasing negative emotions welcoming in more positive energies. 

It can be difficult for us to accept ourselves sometimes, and it’s far too easy to be critical of our actions and self. Let green aventurine and turquoise into your life and calm your critical thoughts. 

Rose Quartz

I really like combining green aventurine with rose quartz when I’m going to be in new social situations or starting a new project.

The specific vibrations from these two stones can encourage you to be your best self, particularly around others. 

Rose quartz is well known as a soothing stone that is deeply connected to the heart chakra, and is therefore a universal stone of love.

If you’re hoping to find new love or want some help with a first date going well, keep these two stones with you. 

These two stones are also known for having calming vibrations – rose quartz is fantastic for soothing any emotional turmoil or instability that you might be going through, whilst green aventurine is able to promote good luck and an overall feeling of well-being. 

If you are truly calm and confident, you will be able to build more substantial relationships. You will be able to show the best version of yourself to the world and feel good about doing so.



For times when you are feeling particularly angry or easily irritated, try holding a green aventurine and an amethyst in your hands and feel your negative energies wash away from you. 

Amethyst is pretty much the best stone for soothing anger and frustration, and is able to absorb whatever nasty thoughts you might be thinking and calm you down.

Green aventurine is also very well known for having a soothing or calming effect, so there are great benefits to pairing these two together as they radiate a feeling of serenity. 

Some situations are very frustrating, and anger is a totally normal way to respond to difficult times, however, if you let anger control you, you’re likely to say or do things that you regret. 

Having methods to deal with your anger, like holding these calming stones and repeating a mantra or just focusing on your breathing can help you regulate your emotions so you can deal with them in a more productive way. 

Red Jasper

If you feel as though you need a combination that is going to protect you from negative energies – perhaps you’re going home for the holidays or have been feeling run down by electromagnetic pollution, then pair green aventurine with red jasper. 

Not only does this striking combination look visually pleasing, it is particularly powerful for absorbing everyday electromagnetic fields that can be radiated from microwaves, computers, and cellphones.

These rays can end up making us feel very run down or give us headaches. 

You can place both red jasper and green aventurine near your devices in order to absorb these radiations in your environment.

Consider keeping them on your desk next to your computer or laptop, and near where you charge your cell phone, this should help keep you clear. 


Malachite and green venturing, when paired together, are able to help pull you out of your comfort zone because they amplify your own self-confidence. 

This is because malachite has a protective energy that can keep you and your mental well-being safe. It is a great stone for taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Use malachite to focus you and green aventurine to calm you, together they allow you to have a strong mental focus and confidence that things will go well, but also prepare you if your risks don’t go according to plan. 

I like to have these stones together when I’m going into difficult work situations or a first date that I really want to go well because these situations typically make me very nervous.

However, the gentle vibrations of malachite and green aventurine help keep me calm and confident. 

Blue Lace Agate

If instead of an everyday combination you’re looking for something that will support you more with your meditation practices, then you can look at blue lace agate and green aventurine. 

These two stones will ground you and keep you focused on the present moment – these are two very important qualities to keep if you’re looking for a powerful meditation practice.

Meditation can support you in de-stressing, keeping you positive, and balancing your emotions.

These blue lace agate and green aventurine will amplify these benefits and allow your meditation to be even more effective. 

Either hold these stones in your hands or place them on your mat whilst you’re meditating, you’ll find that you’re able to enter a deeper state of peace.



For help and support in resolving conflicts and arguments, use aquamarine and green aventurine.

Aquamarine is a very potent stone that is linked to the throat chakra and is able to promote open and honest communication.

If you and a partner or a friend are having trouble with conflict, try communicating whilst using these stones. 

So often, the disagreements that lead to anger and frustration come down to a break-down of communication.

If we’re able to open our minds to conversing more effectively, then these problems can be resolved so much quicker. 

Aquamarine is wonderful for allowing you to talk to one another in a more effective and honest way, whilst at the same time, green aventurine lets you take a step back and view the situation from another perspective, something that is always beneficial throughout conflict. 


To promote wealth and prosperity, pair green aventurine with citrine. These crystals can promote success in all different aspects of life, be it personal, work, or love.

You will find yourself able to take on more difficult tasks and achieve a greater level of success than you’ve found in the past. 

After all, success and overcoming difficult obstacles so often comes down to mindset, your ability and drive to work harder, and the want to pursue happiness. 

Green aventurine will support you in reinforcing your leadership skills and decisiveness whilst citrine connects with your Solar Plexus chakra in order to amplify your creativity and confidence. 

With these qualities combined, you’ll find that success is earned through a renewed drive and passion that you’re able to focus into whatever you’re driven towards. 

A great benefit of this pair is also wealth and prosperity, as you will find yourself open to new opportunities and filled with the confidence to get out of your comfort zone. 


Pyrite might also be known as fool’s gold because you’d have to be a fool not to tap into its potency. If you want to attract abundance and wealth, keep pyrite with you.

This crystal shares a lot of properties with green aventurine, which makes them a great pair to combine in order to get the most out of your stones. 

Pyrite is said to attract coins and cash, and is one of the best crystals for manifesting wealth. Whether it’s finding pennies on the ground or a random $10 lost on the sidewalk.

Pair this green aventurine, a stone known to promote good luck, and you will find that your luck improves a lot when you keep these stones with you throughout your day. 

If you’re looking to find more positive opportunities or just win more games, then keep these two lucky stones together while you’re going about your business. 

Using These Crystal Combinations

There are a few different ways that you can use these crystal combinations that will be more beneficial depending on the pair that you’re focusing on. 

Crystals Around Your Home

You can place your crystals in different, more beneficial places around your home.

For example, red jasper can be kept near your applicence to absorb the EMF, whilst citrine could be near your front door in order to invite positive energies into your home.

In Meditation

Either keep these stones on your mat or in your hands whilst you meditate in order to bring their energies into your practice. 

Crystal Jewelry

You won’t have any trouble finding green aventurine jewelry that you could pair with the odd other crystal like rose quartz so that you can bring the positive energy and soothing vibrations with you all day in case you find yourself in need (see also ‘18 Positive Energy Crystals‘). 

Final Thoughts

There are many great benefits to green aventurine, including how calming it can be, how it can build your confidence, and make you feel braver.

It combines really well with a lot of other crystals in order to keep you as your best self and with regulated emotions. 

My favorite combination of crystals is probably green aventurine with aquamarine, but all of the combinations on this list are great for inviting different energies and outlooks into your life. 

By making proper use of all of these different combinations, you will find that you can manifest the life that you want to live in

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