10 Best Crystals For Empaths

As an empath you will feel highly connected to your inner self and the emotions of those around you. You can develop incredible relationships and often task yourself with being a source of dependency and love. 

However, you also have the ability to neglect yourself and absorb the negative emotions of those you love. This can be draining and leave you feeling less than your bright, happy self.

10 Best Crystals For Empaths

Crystal can be that source of energy that you need to keep you feeling whole and grounded. 

We have 10 crystals that work best for empaths. Keep yourself energized, grounded, and protected by having a healing stone that is focused on keeping you at your best self. 

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What Is An Empath?

In the world of science, empaths are often a debated topic. However, it is indisputable that there are people who are more connected to the emotions of the people and the Earth around them. 

Empaths cannot help but absorb surrounding emotions and energy, whether they be positive or negative or something in between, because they lack the filters that other people use to shield themselves from overwhelming stimuli.

Empaths are more sensitive to external stimuli including loud noises, strong personalities, and busy places. They have a lot of heart and caring, and they have very strong emotions.

1. Rose Quartz 

Although the rose quartz stone is a stone of the heart chakra, it may keep you immersed in the light of love so that even the darkest moods don’t bring the clouds because of its skillful capacity to foster serenity, inner harmony, and positive energy.

The Stone of Love promotes not only love for those you surround yourself with but also for yourself. Allow yourself to take care of what’s important, you. 

Rose quartz also purifies bad air and cleanses toxic emotions. It means that when you are clinging to negative energy, it can be quickly cleansed with this delicate pink stone’s ever-present, reassuring touch.

2. Lapis Lazuli 

Being an empath can occasionally cause us to be off our game. Finding our own voice among the throng can be challenging since we are so often influenced by the whims and viewpoints of others.

Lapis encourages you to stand up in multiple ways without even the slightest hint of fear while regulating your throat chakra and third eye.

The stone allows you to feel connected to your inner strength that you can use to be confident within yourself and show your power in times of uncertainty. 

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone which is said to promote creativity, objectivity, and clarity throughout your life. By having lapis lazuli in your home or on your person can help you in communicating your thoughts and emotions that you may be struggling with. 

10 Best Crystals For Empaths

3. Black Obsidian 

Black obsidian, named due to its extremely dark coloring, it’s known for its protection against bad energy and luck. As an empath you may find yourself drained by other people’s energy.

Black obsidian is excellent at warding off toxic energy and allows you to protect yourself. 

It eliminates the dangers of energy vampires and psychic assaults while also soaking up any possible environmental negative vibes.

Obsidian offers profound soul healing by traveling to previous lifetimes to release emotions or trauma that have carried over into the present and restore clarity to the emotions.

However, those suffering from anxiety are not encouraged to draw from black obsidian (see also, ‘How to Make Obsidian‘) as its power can heighten these emotions. This is for those looking to connect to their inner-self and draw from their power. 

4. Malachite 

When everything feels like it is becoming too much, Malachite can give you that burst of air that you need. Additionally, it is a heart chakra stone that fosters love and trust and promotes constructive development.

It keeps the energy flowing freely from head to toe and supports empaths in developing resilience and inner insight.

It is recommended that malachite is worn in a form of jewelry or kept close to the body. It has incredible healing abilities allowing you to develop the positive emotions within your life and transform the negative energy. 

Malachite allows you to open yourself to building a loving relationship with someone while ensuring that your energy is protected from harm. 

5. Citrine 

Citrine is one of the best stones for removing toxins, boosting the solar plexus connection, and bursting with joy and sunshine. Self-will, personal power, the creative spirit, and expressing your greatest wishes are the main themes of this golden stone.

It is frequently utilized to help manifest financial prosperity and possibilities. Additionally, it can be utilized to open the solar plexus chakra, which supports the development of self-assurance and personal power.

Citrine will keep you feeling bright and joyful throughout turbulent times which can happen when dealing with emotional and mental struggles. 

10 Best Crystals For Empaths

6. Lepidolite 

Lepidolite or the Peace Stone is known for its ability to promote calmness and clarity. Connected to the crown chakra, Lepidolite is excellent at opening your inner self and outer self to higher states of consciousness. 

It promotes independence, self-love, and self-confidence. Lepidolite is a superb stone for business endeavors because it combines its strength of impartiality with direction and unrestricted communication, focusing on what is vital.

Lepidolite (see also ‘Healing Properties And Meaning Of Lepidolite: The Complete Guide‘) holds many healing abilities of both physical and mental issues, making it excellent for those in need of a recharge in energy. The Grandmother Stone relieves exhaustion and allows the mind and body to relax after being filled with tension and stress.

7. Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz not only helps individuals who wear it gain clarity and vision, but it also helps to purify the air around you, preventing you from becoming weighed down by stale air.

Connected to the root chakra, smoky quartz keeps you grounded and in the present when you feel yourself being overrun by negative energy produced by others. 

Smoky quartz’s emotional calming characteristics can help you overcome depression and improve your emotional wellbeing. Smoky quartz aids in the purging, shedding, and discharge of negative energies.

You’ll vibrate at a higher frequency with the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit when you’re free of these emotional toxins.

Find yourself letting go of energy, emotions, and people that no longer bring purpose to your life as you carry smoky quartz. 

10 Best Crystals For Empaths

8. Hematite 

Hematite, a stone of the warrior, has an innate wisdom that teaches us just how to access our sense of survival. Compartmentalizing people’s energies enables us to avoid becoming overburdened and bowed down by them, but rather to stand tall and proud.

It is used by people to increase circulation, lower blood pressure, dissolve clots, and even slow painful periods. Hematite is used to strengthen your resolve and give you more courage and willpower, which is more on the metaphysical side.

In favor of protecting other people’s feelings, you may end up harming yourself. Hematite allows you to have the courage to put yourself first and stand by your decision. It will also bring a sense of concentration, allowing you to deal with difficult situations. 

9. Brown Agate 

One of the coziest and grounding agate kinds available is brown agate. Agate is a grounding and warming stone that keeps both feet firmly planted even when the winds of emotion are blowing strongly all around you.

While other protective stones will simply block negative energy from entering your space, Agate blocks and bounces the negative energies back and transforms it into something beautiful. 

Agate improves mental performance by enhancing focus, perception, and analytical skills. It soothes and calms, releasing any internal tension or aggression, and fosters a sense of safety and security.

10. Amethyst 

Amethyst, known for its connection to the crown chakra can open you up completely to your spiritual form and bring your psychic protection. 

Amethyst is here to help you take a deep breath by encouraging restful sleep, reducing anxiety, and immediately eliminating any negative energy.

Amethyst was thought to help with mindfulness, help with sobriety, and help with overall thought control. Ancient Egyptians assigned additional meaning to crystals and wore amethyst jewelry as a defense against guilt and fear as well as a defense against witchcraft (see also ‘Are Crystals Witchcraft?‘).

Known as the all purpose stone, amethyst is an excellent crystal to keep within your personal space, on your person, and even as jewelry for protection and to bring a sense of peace. 

However, it is not recommended to wear amethyst all day everyday. Its power can be overwhelming if not used correctly and can have intense effects in both physical and spiritual forms. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an empath yourself or know someone who is, it can be physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting. Constantly taking in everyone elses emotions without the ability to protect yourself. 

On the other hand, you have the ability to build deep connections with those around you and bring light and joy to the world. 

All of this can be hard to sustain. Why not try drawing from a crystal? Whether you need some extra protection from negative energy or need a boost after a day surrounded by people. 

We have 10 of the best crystals to help protect, calm, and energize empaths!

Andrea Daehma