9 Best Crystals For Grounding

We always try to remain positive, but let’s be honest – sometimes, the world just has it out for you. Whether your car keeps breaking down, you’re struggling with money, or your aches and pains are slowing you down, the world isn’t always on your side. 

When things keep going wrong, it’s easy to lose control of your emotions. Even if you’re usually cool, calm, and collected, you can be left feeling anxious, stressed, and out of balance. When this happens, it’s important to stay grounded. But how? 

9 Best Crystals For Grounding

Well, these 9 grounding crystals may help give you the power you need to remain in the present, regain control of your life, and keep your emotions in check. 

1. Celestite 

First up, we have celestite. When fully formed, this mineral made of strontium sulfate creates beautiful blue crystals that are thought to be associated with healing and divine power.

Celestite is a rather fragile crystal that’s soft and hard to cut, and its energy is closely related to the throat chakra (see also, ‘What Chakra Does Sunstone Relate To?‘). Celestite may help you speak your truth, and step into your authentic self in challenging times. 

Arguably, the most impressive quality of celestite is its ability to help ground you. Its peaceful energy can help balance intense and conflicting emotions, and provide its users with a greater sense of security and peace.

Celestite encourages self-awareness and can spark transformative shifts internally and externally.

Celestite is also thought to work with the pituitary gland which regulates serotonin, meaning keeping celestite on your person may make you feel calmer, happier, and more grounded in day-to-day life.

2. Black Tourmaline 

Next up, we have black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is a form of silicate crystal that carries some powerful physical and emotional healing properties.

This hexagonal crystal is often completely black, but it can also come in red, brown, yellow, pink, and blue hues. 

Black tourmaline is a crystal that symbolizes protection, healing, and grounding. This powerful stone can be used for protection and cleansing, and it’s usually used to purify negative thoughts and emotions and deter negative vibrations from entering your space.

Black tourmaline is the ideal crystal for grounding, and it can help bring its users back down to earth in times of stress, thanks to its purifying and grounding properties.

Its powers to connect nature and the human spirit can also promote a sense of calm, and guard the auric field. 

3. Howlite 

Howlite is a type of borate mineral that’s usually a light grey or white, spotted with grey, brown, or black veins.

Howlite stones (see also ‘The Meanings, Healing Properties And Uses Of Howlite‘) are known for their soothing properties, and their ability to tap into your highest self and allow you to see yourself, and your surroundings, with a whole new sense of perspective. 

Howlite is also thought to help its users become masters of their emotions, practice self-control, and calm their racing thoughts.

Whether it’s worn as a bracelet or carried in your pocket, Howlite will give the beholder a deeper connection to their inner sense, heighten their intuition, and ground them in the present moment. 

9 Best Crystals For Grounding

4. Amber 

Amber is one of the most popular crystals in the world. This powerful and diverse semiprecious stone has the power to absorb unwanted energies, balance the mind and body, and kickstart our natural healing abilities.

Amber is a universal cleanser, which means it can also be used to cleanse your environment, as well as your body and soul. 

Amber can absorb all of the negative energies that surround you, and help balance each and every chakra in your body.

This grounding crystal has strong connections with mother earth, and it works especially well when used in meditation to heal and protect the aura and help its users remain in the present.

If you’re plagued by anxiety and stress about the future, use Amber to keep you centered.  

5. Blue Lace Agate 

Now it’s time to take a look at the powers of a lesser-known crystal: blue lace agate (see also ‘A Comprehensive Guide To Flower Agate‘). Blue lace agate (see also ‘15 Powerful Blue Crystals‘) is a crystal known for boosting self-awareness and encouraging greater self-expression and confidence.

If you’ve ever struggled to speak your truth in life, or you’re an anxious person who would benefit from an energetic boost in social situations, blue lace agate may be a great stone for you. 

This spiritual stone is also widely celebrated for its grounding properties. If you struggle with stress or depression, in particular, blue lace agate can help absorb the negativity that surrounds you and put you on the path toward spiritual enlightenment and self-love.

With greater calmness and peace of mind, you’ll be able to face life and all its challenges head-on. 

6. Selenite 

Selenite is one of the most talked about crystals in crystal healing, but why? Selenite is something of an all-purpose crystal.

Not only does it have some impressive healing and cleansing properties of its own, but it can also be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals in your collection, making it a must-have addition to your crystal arsenal. 

Selenite is a translucent crystal that’s often used to cleanse the body, soul, environment, and other crystals of impurities and negative energies. If you’ve ever held selenite in your hands, you may notice an immediate sense of calm and clarity.

This unique crystal is strongly associated with the crown chakra, and it can boost access to your higher consciousness, encourage manifestation, protect your energetic field, and help you find your sense of peace. 

Selenite will help you clear through any energetic blocks caused by trauma or intense emotions, resulting in a much more balanced state of mind that will keep you grounded in the present, and feeling positive for the future. 

9 Best Crystals For Grounding

7. Rose Quartz 

Next up, we have rose quartz. Although this crystal is most famous for its associations with romantic love, rose quartz is also an excellent crystal for promoting self-love and keeping grounded in the present moment. 

Rose quartz is a form of pink quartz that promotes healing and universal love. This popular crystal can help you feel connected to the earth and will help purify your heart chakra, making way for more positive energy forces in your life.

Rose quartz even had connections with the third eye chakra, which make it an excellent choice for grounding and gaining access to your higher self, and the most authentic version of you.

By helping to dissolve negative memories and emotions, rose quartz can rid you of the negative energies that keep you feeling anxious and depressed, and work wonders for your emotional health and well-being. 

8. Sodalite 

Sodalite is a rare crystal that’s often found in blue or blue-violet variants (see also, ‘5 Blue and Brown Crystals‘). This crystal can help calm the mind and offer you more clarity and peace in your day-to-day life (see also, ‘The 14 Crystals You Need to Find Peace‘).

By connecting you with your intuition and rational thought, sodalite will give you the power you need to rationalize and dispel your low mood and negative thoughts, which will keep you grounded and focused on the present moment. 

Sodalite is known for kicking your survival instincts into action, but not out of fear.

It’s a great way to connect with the power and confidence that comes from the pressure to survive, and it’ll help strike a balance between the intense physical and emotional sensations that can be overwhelming.

Sodalite will help you find your true self and help you work toward the peace you deserve. 

9. Smoky Quartz 

Next on our list is smoky quartz. This member of the quartz family is a translucent yellow and brown color, but it can often appear black.

If you’ve been living under a cloud of depression and anxiety, smoky quartz will work with you to remove the veil and restore peace and tranquility back into your life. 

Smoky quartz has the power to cleanse emotional toxins and can be particularly beneficial for people battling addictions.

Its grounding properties will offer you security, stability, and confidence, and it can also block geopathic stress and help with physical ailments, such as aches, pains, and headaches. 

Smoky quartz will help you find relief from your intense emotions, whilst protecting you against further negativity and emotional blockages.

Whether it’s used on its own or in conjunction with other crystals, smoky quartz is a powerful healer that will benefit your life in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts 

There are many reasons why you might not be grounded. If you’re not feeling centered with your body, mind, and nature, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed with life in general.

Whether it’s due to work, relationships, or physical stress, remaining grounded is essential for ensuring your own happiness.

Thankfully, these 9 healing crystals can help put you on the path back to stability and tranquility, and work with you to remove the emotional blockages that keep you feeling stuck and depressed. 

You can use these crystals on their own, or you can use several of them collectively to promote more peace and positivity in your life.

Whether you’re carrying them in your pocket or wearing them as jewelry, you may be surprised to learn just how powerful these crystals are (see also, ‘10 Crystals for Learning‘)!  

Andrea Daehma