14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

Overthinking is something a lot of us deal with, whether it’s occasionally or on a more frequent basis. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that overthinking is helping you to figure things out when, in fact, it’s keeping you stuck and causing feelings of stress and anxiety. That’s when crystal therapy for overthinking can come in helpful. 

14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

If you’ve been looking for the best crystals to stop overthinking and open up your mind, this is the guide for you. 

We’re going to be sharing our top 14 crystals for overthinking so that you can resolve any problems in your life in constructive ways and stay calm and open-minded no matter what the universe throws at you. 

The Best Crystals For Overthinking 

1. Aquamarine 

Aquamarine has the power to calm and clear your mind, making it easier to see when your overthinking might be becoming a problem.

If the reason for your overthinking is a difficult situation, using Aquamarine for crystal therapy may help you to see the situation more clearly and come up with a solution intuitively rather than thinking about it endlessly. 

Using Aquamarine might also be helpful if you’re overthinking because you’re seeking closure. The clarity brought by this crystal can help you bring you the closure you need to move on from a situation and stop overthinking. 

2. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz carries one of the most gentle, loving energies of any crystal.

It’s an excellent crystal for finding emotional balance, even in overwhelming situations, and it’s known to bring the user inner peace as well as compassion (both self-compassion and compassion for others). 

All of the healing properties outlined above can help you if you’re overthinking, regardless of what you’re thinking about.

Having compassion for yourself and other people can help to stop unhelpful rumination while the feelings of balance and calm will help you to relax and accept what is. 

Rose Quartz is particularly useful if your overthinking is related to a romantic relationship, however.

Whether you’re obsessively thinking about the state of a current relationship or ruminating over what could have been with a previous relationship, Rose Quartz will help to soothe your mind and emotions. 

14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

3. Howlite 

Howlite is famous in the crystal community for alleviating feelings of anxiety, so if you’re overthinking because something is making you anxious, Howlite is one of the best crystals you can use. 

Howlite will help you to center yourself, especially when incorporated into a meditation practice.

If you are overthinking because you have a big decision to make or an important task to complete and you don’t know where to start, Howlite will calm your mind so that you can make more rational decisions. 

4. Sodalite 

Sodalite is a crystal of intellect and intelligence. Often, overthinking happens because we are having a strong emotional response to something, so using Sodalite in your crystal therapy can help to promote clear and rational thinking instead of emotional thinking. 

Sodalite can help to elevate your consciousness, too. This means that if you’re overthinking because you’re seeking a higher truth, Sodalite will guide you to a place of higher consciousness without the need for excessive thinking. 

Another reason why we recommend Sodalite for overthinking is because in addition to being an intellectual crystal, it also has a connection to the Heart Chakra in addition to the Crown and Third Eye.

Sodalite’s link to the Heart Chakra will bring you the peace and calm you need to stop overthinking and live in a place of clarity. 

5. Lepidolite

Lepidolite promises the wearer emotional stability, so if you’re overthinking because you’re in a place of heightened anxiety and stress, using Lepidolite will bring you balance and healing regarding your emotions.

This should help to tackle feelings of anxiety and make you feel more in control. 

We also love using Lepidolite for overthinking because it radiates a harmonious, loving energy, and it can also promote self-awareness.

Being self-aware is really important when it comes to overthinking because this is how you can identify the self-destructive pattern and stop it in its tracks. 

14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

6. Angelite

Angelite (see also ‘The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Angelite‘) isn’t just a beautiful blue crystal. It’s also a powerful one that can be used to bring the user to a higher level of consciousness and healing. 

Overthinking is often the result of unhealed wounds and low vibrational energy, which leads to a lowered state of consciousness. 

The ethereal nature of Angelite’s energy will allow you to center yourself and follow your heart rather than getting caught in an endless loop of overthinking. 

7. Obsidian 

Obsidian is a grounding stone that also protects the user from negative energy. It can also protect against psychic attacks and even dark magic. 

Since overthinking can often stem from low-vibrational energy, using Obsidian in your crystal therapy can be an effective way to banish that energy, boosting your vibrations and resulting in more constructive, positive thinking and intuitive decisions. 

Additionally, Obsidian’s grounding properties can help you to ground yourself in the moment rather than overthinking about the past or the future. 

8. Fluorite

Fluorite is considered to be one of the most effective crystals for spiritual development, which is why many experts in crystal therapy suggest incorporating it into meditation practices to develop your intuition and clear your mind. 

Overthinking is often the result of blocked intuition. If your intuition is compromised, you may turn to overthinking in an effort to make the best possible decision because you feel that you can’t trust your gut. 

Fluorite will help to calm your mind and bring it into a balanced, organized state of consciousness so you don’t have to rely on overthinking anymore.

9. Rhodonite

If you’re carrying a lot of unhealed emotional wounds through life and find yourself overthinking and ruminating as a result, you may find yourself turning to overthinking as a subconscious coping mechanism. 

Rhodonite can help you with this because it stops unnecessary noise in your mind, clearing your consciousness so that you’re better able to observe your thoughts calmly and rationally.

Rhodonite will help you to get in touch with your thoughts and emotions so that you don’t feel the need to overthink so much. 

10. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is often thought of as a stone that can help with your interpersonal relationships, but it can also help to improve your relationship with yourself, especially when it comes to overthinking. 

Lapis Lazuli will take you on a journey of self-discovery, allowing you to see yourself and your situation more clearly.

It’s also great for helping you to express yourself, so if you’re overthinking because you can’t seem to find the right words to express your feelings, Lapis Lazuli is the crystal for you.

14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

11. Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective grounding and protecting crystals.

If you’re caught up in negative energy and can’t seem to stay in the present moment (two big causes of overthinking), Smoky Quartz will relieve your anxiety and allow you to get back in touch with your mind and body. 

12. Amethyst 

Amethyst is known to be an all-purpose healing crystal, which means that it can help you with your overthinking, particularly if the source of your overthinking is either anxiety or blocked intuition. 

Amethyst is a highly spiritual crystal that will get you back in touch with your higher self and help to strengthen your intuition. In doing so, Amethyst decreases anxiety and reduces the urge to approach problems by overthinking. 

13. Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful protective crystal, so if you suspect that you’re stuck in an overthinking spiral because you’re overcome with negative energy, use this crystal to counteract it. 

Using Black Tourmaline in your crystal therapy will effectively form an energetic shield around you to protect you from toxicity.

It will also boost the amount of love you have for yourself and ground you in the present moment, helping you to let go of unhelpful thought patterns and approach obstacles mindfully. 

14 Best Crystals For Overthinking [Help To Open Your Mind]

14. Celestite 

Celestie is another deeply spiritual crystal known for calming the mind and bringing balance to everything you do, including the way you think. 

Incorporating Celestite into your crystal therapy or meditation will help to stop the endless cycle of overthinking and promote intuitive, helpful thought instead.

After using Celestite to calm your mind, you should find that you feel peaceful and harmonious and are able to approach your problems with calm confidence rather than frantic overthinking. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re stuck in a pattern of overthinking, it may feel like there’s no way out, but with the help of the 14 crystals listed in this guide, you should soon be able to approach your problems in a more calm and centered way. 

Whether you’re overthinking about the past or the future, a big work project or a romantic relationship, there is at least one crystal in our guide to end the overthinking cycle and replace it with positive, constructive energy moving forward. 

Remember to use crystals that have already been charged and activated if you want your crystal therapy to be effective.

Andrea Daehma