Best Crystals For Weight Loss

Best Crystals For Weight Loss

While many swear that the right crystals can aid them with anything, certain crystals may help with weight loss. 

Specifically, with an individual’s motivation and preventing them from falling into bad habits, while others can encourage the best eating choices, and some crystals are even said to boost metabolism.

In this guide, we will look at the best crystals for weight loss and what each one means.

  • Citrine
  • Blue Apatite
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Clear/White Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Turquoise
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Sodalite
  • Peridot
  • Iolite
  • Sunstone
  • Tourmaline
  • Ruby
  • Amber
  • Agate
  • Garnet


Citrine simply looks radiant with gorgeous sunlit shades and summer vibes.

This may be an ideal stone to wear during winter, when you may be more tempted to gorge during the holidays. 

By ridding yourself of the chills of winter, wearing citrine can increase your energy and even your sense of self.

While you may find a specific health kick difficult in your quest to lose weight, citrine can make you feel great in the process.


To help control your hunger and benefit your body, look to blue apatite.

The stone can work magic on your metabolism with a beautiful boost to lessen hunger pangs and put you in the mood to be patient to eat something good for your body.

Blue apatite can keep you grounded when you need some help to look after yourself.

The stone can also help with nurturing an individual’s social ease, making it easier when they may be feeling low in self-confidence.


While providing a boost to your metabolism, amethyst should help you balance out your hormones too.

That’s a practical reason for wearing the crystal but a more emotional reason could be that it helps provide a deeper understanding of one’s self (read more about the best crystals to wear right here).

You can use it for a swift meditation to make sure you remain true and determined to lose weight.

The crystal is linked to the third eye and the crown chakra so should help you make choices aligned with your well-being.



If you like to be bold with your stones then opt for the vibrant shades of red and orange that come with carnelian.

This is known as the sunset stone that aligns with great commitment, fire, and passion which can help you out of some low self-esteem.

Carnelian is renowned for raising an individual’s libido which can be a welcome alternative to thinking about weight loss.

Whenever you feel like you need some help against temptation then turn to carnelian.

As well as providing a boost to your libido, the stone can improve your resolve with more positive energy. 

The detox properties of carnelian can help too as they should aid you to rid your system of vices like alcohol and drugs. 



For a clear, bright, and icy-looking gem, clear quartz can sparkle and shine up your life.

This is especially important when you are trying to update your reality and manifest a new version of yourself.

During a weight loss journey, this should mean great news for your metabolism, getting rid of troublesome toxins, and then making sure that excess energy goes to a good place.

At times when you are feeling low on energy and feeling that you are not losing weight quickly enough, clear quartz can help you direct that energy.


Starting a weight loss journey can mean changing your mindset so to cut out that negative self-talk, start wearing rose quartz.

Sure, it looks pink and gentle but it is packed with compassion.

This is a heart-healing gem that is deep with empathy and can help you feel loved when you need to support yourself.

Before you start slipping into despair, use rose quartz to realize your worth and that you deserve to be loved.


To divert your energy to the best positive places, and specifically for thymus gland healing, opt for green aventurine.

This is a soft, green stone that can open up your heart and fill it with purpose.

When times are hard as you try to lose weight, rely on green aventurine to aid your positive thinking and embrace those tough changes with ease. 

If you feel that your energy is drifting towards the negative, use the stone to shift back to a more positive frame of mind. 


With deep shades of green-blue, turquoise has been a healing stone for centuries and works in three ways.

As a treat for the body, mind, as well as soul, though you should be most interested in the first means of healing for your health and balance.

Turquoise then operates as a strengthening stone for healing your mind of anxiety and your soul for overcoming difficulties.

By using turquoise, you can improve your resolve to shake off old, troublesome habits.

A weight loss journey can be difficult and when you need an extra boost, turquoise can stop you from feeling on edge and burnt out.

To bring back balance, use turquoise for fewer mood swings and more emotional balance. 


For a stunning and powerful stone on its own merits, Tiger’s Eye is well worth wearing.

The gold, black, and orange shades come equipped with a fierce energy to boost your self-esteem and bring about unquestionable motivation. 

This is ideal for those moments when you feel a little weak as you cut the calories.

With Tiger’s Eye, you should still feel bright, bold, and primed with plenty of big cat energy.

Try wearing the stone during regular bouts of exercise as it can prove to be quite the cheerleader.

During moments when you need to feel strong, Tiger’s Eye can push up your positivity and lift you up.


Sodalite may look ideal if you are close to the sea with its appearance of white-topped waves and salty surf.

The crystal provides a physical power that also looks out for the body.

That could be in keeping hydrated with more fluids or improving your immunity. 

For honing your positive thinking and keeping you feeling positive, sodalite can cheer you up when you need some emotional support.


Peridot has a deep green color that is said to help provide a metabolism boost.

When you are trying to lose weight, you may feel like your energy levels are slipping.

To keep up your momentum and positive vibes, peridot can bring your emotional stress levels down and make weight loss that bit easier. 


A lot of weight loss is tied into detoxing and ridding yourself of those bad toxins to purify your body.

The stone itself may look stormy with shades of gray and purple yet it can help set your path and your destiny.

If you want to lose weight then using iolite can help you reach that goal. 

The stone works well by helping you cut out those bad habits and unhealthy traits by boosting your healthy digestion and acting in a soothing manner for your nerves.

Iolite is particularly useful when you are trying to avoid temptation when it comes to vices, specifically alcohol.

The stone can assist with cleansing your liver and lowering those fatty deposits to provide a spring clean for your body.


When you have doubts over your own willpower during hunger pangs, you should look towards sunstone.

The radiant energy can promote your metabolism to help you achieve your weight loss goal by feeling increasingly active.

Sunstone sure looks like summer with beautiful, deep shades of peach and orange with that solar plexus energy that can boost your confidence and keep you focused while you improve your physical activity.

The stone proves its worth when you can feel your energy levels reduce as it can act as a pick-me-up and a strong reminder as to why you should stay focused.


There are many shades to one piece of tourmaline, everything between gold and black.

The stone is said to provide great healing aid, especially for healthy digestion. 

Tourmaline is said to boost an individual’s immunity and strengthen their root chakra to help when times are tough.

You should feel safe with tourmaline as it can improve your well-being to make sure you feel supported yet grounded as you embark on your weight loss journey which should mean great change.

During those occasions when you are struggling to attune to a new diet, use tourmaline if you encounter any digestive issues.

The stone is a loving one that comes with bold compassion that can reassure you that all will be well.

If you need reassurance and to feel that you are on the right path, wear the stone to get back on track.


Another crystal that is said to help boost an individual’s metabolism and provide some welcome energy to combat those hunger pangs is ruby.

The crystal comes in shades of fiery red and could prove vital as you try to lose weight.

As your weight hopefully drops, ruby can make it easier on the way down as you find your inner strength and keep up the momentum.

Ruby’s energy is also believed to help drop stress levels and keep your positive energy up which can also help with weight loss.


For detoxifying the body, turn to amber which is a great stone for weight loss.

While boosting an individual’s metabolism, their energy levels can be lifted too which is a bonus.

Plus, the stone looks effortlessly soothing while remaining surprisingly powerful.

If you need a stone to make your weight loss journey easier then let amber help you keep up your momentum.


With agate, you can get closer connected to higher vibes as an individual could always do with more optimism while trying to lose weight.

The stone is a powerful one that can connect to your energy reserves and then provide a refuel with positive vibes.

For a really subtle way of keeping the stone close, wear an energy bracelet to keep your energy levels up before you feel down.

Agate can absorb those troubling negative vibes, and then replace them with balance and strength.


Garnet is known as an all-round crystal for weight loss as it can help in several ways.

Start with boosting your metabolism then your energy and, finally, help you reduce your stress levels.

All of those benefits can help you on your weight loss journey as garnet can connect to your root chakra.

Garnet can also stimulate your passion and help you enjoy those little things in life to take your mind off weight loss and provide a release to restore your emotional balance.

How To Use Crystals For Weight Loss

With a good idea of which crystals you should wear for weight loss, you should feel confident that you can tap into your determination which could prove crucial.

The crystals can help draw out that empowering energy and when wearing those crystals you should feel determined and use them positively.

Here’s how to use the crystals properly to help you achieve your weight loss;

  • Place the crystal, or crystals, on a yoga mat when you are meditating or performing routine exercises. 
  • They can help your willpower and stimulate your energy reserves.
  • Set intentions with your crystals, specifically to help you lose weight and have more energy when you need it.
  • If you have several crystals, set a general intention for each one and, when combined, that can prove to be very powerful.
  • Positive affirmations can also be helpful, specifically when holding your crystals.
  • Repeat those affirmations each morning, prior to a workout, or whenever you feel low and need a boost.
  • That could be before bed or during the day when you feel those hunger pangs coming on.
  • Continue to wear those crystals as jewelry to help take that intention with you and surround yourself with their positive energy and vibrations.
  • Learn to use the crystals at the right times, particularly in the morning before you eat as your energy levels may be low.
  • As you continue on your weight loss journey, learn to revel in your body more as you stand in the mirror.
  • Hold a single crystal in your hand then use positive affirmations as a spiritual boost when you most need it.
  • Losing weight should mean keeping hydrated.
  • Keep a crystal in your glass of water and replenish it during the day to enjoy those benefits and let the toxins flush out of your body with the elixir tonic from the crystal itself.
  • Some of the toughest moments when trying to lose weight can be when you desperately crave junk food.
  • Before you succumb to those unhealthy traits, sit down in silence with your crystal and allow it to soothe your mind and boost your resolve.
  • Crystals can be a great accompaniment to a Reiki healing or a chakra clearing practice as they can help flush out those bad, negative vibes.

Final Thoughts

When you do decide on which crystals will be of most benefit to you for weight loss, place them in the kitchen which could be the best place for them.

They can be worn as jewelry if you prefer to wear them at all times.

While there is no bona fide research that confirms getting close to certain crystals will result in losing weight, there is always the placebo effect. 

That because you believe you are doing the right thing with the crystals, then it might work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can There Be Drawbacks To Using Crystals To Achieve Weight Loss?

If an individual struggles to lose weight, even while wearing certain crystals that are designed to help, then there is the ‘nocebo’ effect. 

This is where the individual blames the lack of weight loss on bad energy or a bad crystal that is working against them.

If you were to ask dieticians, they’d likely suggest methods such as habit changes, mindset shifts, and regular exercise. 

There may be more sensible methods which include positive affirmations while you can still use crystals.

How Do You Include Your Crystals During Regular Exercise?

As part of a weight loss program, you should be looking to include your crystals during your regular exercise sessions and workouts.

While you are getting sweaty and close to feeling overwhelmed, take your crystals with you and hold at least one of them.

These should boost your optimism and maintain your positive mindset that you are on the right path.

The crystal should refuel your energy supplies and comfort you before you begin to feel tired and discouraged.

For example, while you are doing a yoga workout, place the crystals on the mat itself to clear those chakras then boost your stamina.

In general, these crystals may help you lose weight simply by boosting your energy then keeping it up as the day goes on. 

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