15 Best Crystals To Help You Focus

Many crystals possess the ability to tap into our personal energies and our chakra, enabling us to make sense of the world around us and any tasks set in front of us by cleaning our mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

15 Best Crystals To Help You Focus

This is why one of the most common reasons people will keep crystals close by is to help them focus and keep them centered on a certain task, or throughout the day, rather than getting distracted by doubts, stress, fear, or any other negative thoughts that so many of us can become overwhelmed by in our busy and demanding day to day lives. 

When you feel your mind is too cluttered to think straight and you need a natural way to keep you focused and determined when life starts to get a little too hectic, there are luckily an incredible number of crystals that can help you focus when you need them most, here are a few of the very best to try out today. 

How Do Crystals Help With Focus?

Certain particular crystals contain a certain vibration, aura, and type of energy that allows them to stimulate our intellect and improve our concentration and focus, primarily through activating and linking with certain types of chakra in the body. 

The two main chakra types associated with the intellect are the crown and third eye chakra.

Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is the energy center that controls our connection to our spirit, along with being the base for our sense of universal consciousness which is why when it is activated, it allows us to focus on tasks and activities in a much border and clearer way.. 

Crown chakra is therefore considered to influence many brain functions including memory, focus, and overall intelligence, which is why healing stones and crystals that are associated with this type of chakra are so highly sought after and praised for their effects.

Third eye chakra is often referred to as ‘the seat of intuition’ since it is most associated with clairvoyance, perception, consciousness, and visions.

Third eye chakra provides the oversight and wisdom necessary to understand existence beyond time and space as once it is opened, it grants an individual a much deeper understanding and awareness of both themselves and the world around them, allowing them to focus far easier.

While these are the two primary chakras associated with focus, the heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras can also help to ease any mental or physical pains and keep a person focused for longer. 

Best Crystals To Improve Focus

There are many different crystals that are capable of activating and tapping into these types of chakra, however with that being said, there are a few that many will say work better and have much more profound effects than others when it comes to helping us focus. 

Here are the very best crystals that will help you focus when you need your mind to be clear of negative thoughts and centered on the tasks and activities you need to get through during the day. 

1) White Jade

Chakra: Crown
Location: Eastern Siberia, Russia, China

While jade is a crystal most commonly associated with a glistening green appearance, depending on the color, it will actually affect particular types of chakra in the body, with the white variant being the one that taps into and activates the crown chakra. 

It is most associated with serenity and peacefulness, helping to put the mind at ease and decluttering any negative thoughts or fog to keep you focused on the present moment.

White jade has the ability to help us connect to higher vibrational energies, which can increase our general insight and encourage us to act intuitively by triggering our crown chakra.

As a bonus, white jade is also associated with feelings of love, compassion, and empathy and so can also help you mend any troubled relationships, or give you the courage to speak to someone you may be interested in by filling you with charm and charisma.

2) Fluorite

Chakra: Third eye chakra
Location: Russia, Brazil, Spain

Fluorite crystals are not only highly admired and sought after because of the fact that they can come in essentially any color from a deep and glistening red to a smooth and rich green, but they also tap into and activate our third eye chakra, granting us a greater level of consciousness while neutralizing all negative emotions that might be plaguing our body and mind. 

Fluorite is therefore a crystal that is praised for its spiritual detoxification properties, which can convert negative energy into positive energy, helping to stabilize our emotions and keep us focused and clearheaded throughout each day. 

3) Labradorite

Chakra: Third eye chakra
Location: Canada

First discovered in the Canadian province of Labrador, labradorite has been known to possess many healing properties and is a stone closely connected to wisdom and intuition, promoting psychic abilities while also helping you to reveal the truth behind illusions. 

Labradorite taps into our third eye chakra to enhance the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, granting us a much more reliable and measured view of many aspects of our lives, making it excellent as a natural way to enhance both your wisdom and focus. 

On top of this, labradorite also helps with contemplation and introspection, which makes it a great crystal to keep near you during meditation sessions where you can make better sense of any thoughts and ideas that come to mind. 

4) Sodalite


Chakra: Third eye chakra
Location: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar 

Many healers seeking truth and greater perception will often use sodalite since it is a crystal associated with rational thought, objectivity, and truth, encouraging us to take a much more critical and objective approach towards specific situations and tasks. 

Sodalite therefore activates our third eye chakra to help us think logically while granting us clarity and keeping our emotions balanced so that we don’t end up having a bias or becoming untruthful and instead, remain vigilant and focused on what we know needs to be done to help further improve our lives. 

For the way it encourages us to tackle issues head-on with a clear and determined mind that only seeks the truth, sodalite is the perfect tool to keep around you when you need to remove any doubts or emotional influence from your mind, making it great for when you need to confront someone, when you want an effective meditation period, or even while you’re studying and need to be as objective as possible. 

5) Malachite

Chakra: Throat Chakra
Location: Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Mexico, Australia

Malachite is an incredibly powerful crystal that is well known for its many healing properties on the body, capable of treating sexual disease, high blood pressure, swollen joints, asthma and virtually any physical sign of discomfort due to its ability to activate and work with our throat chakra. 

Because of these incredible properties, malachite has become internationally renowned for being one of the greatest protective stones you can use, and while its effects are more concerned with treating us physically rather than mentally, it does mean that if there is some uncomfortable lingering pain or issue that is preventing you from being as clearheaded and focused as you could be, malachite is the perfect stone to keep around so that you can always feel at your best. 

6) Amazonite

Chakra: Heart and Throat Chakra
Location: USA, Mexico, Canada

Recognised as a stone of truth, hope, and flow, amazonite can take on a range of colors from its signature green and blue appearance, all the way to a pale milky-white. However, no matter the color, this powerful crystal will always work to calm the brain and nervous system, dispelling negative energy and helping protect from EMFs. 

Amazonite creates this soothing effect by utilizing and connecting both our throat and heart chakra, encouraging a gentle flow of energy to travel throughout the body and seeping out any negative frequencies, helping to keep us feeling clear-minded, even when there is a tremendous amount of worry and stress surrounding us. 

If you find that your worries and fears are preventing you from focusing on your priorities and need something to keep your body and mind calm rather than getting distracted by racing thoughts, amazonite is a beautiful and effective crystal to use. 

7) Onyx

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra
Location: Yemen, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Brazil

The solar plexus is the third chakra that spins in the area around the abdomen just above the belly and reaching up to the breastbone.

When it is activated, it instills an individual with feelings of clarity, judgment and self-assurance, granting a sudden surge of confidence that can help rid any lingering doubts or uncertainties. 

The powerful crystal onyx connects with the solar plexus and third eye chakra to instill feelings of clarity and intuition, but also determination and passion into an individual, getting them fired up and focused for the day ahead. 

It is known as a crystal that will offer up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, and willpower, making it perfect for when you’re having doubts about an upcoming task or activity, and need to clear your mind and get back to your feet so that you can take on any obstacle with full determination and a roaring heart and soul.

8) Clear Quartz

Chakra: Crown Chakra
Location: Japan, Russia, China

Beautiful crystal clear quartz stones are healing stones that interact with the crown chakra to encourage mental clarity by decluttering the mind and spirit of any worries or stress that is holding us back from being at our best intellectually. 

Clear quartz is actually commonly known as the stone of light since it is believed that when carried, it allows for higher and happier frequencies to be received.

This is done through improving us not only mentally, but also physically as this stone helps to stimulate the immune system, bringing the body into balance so that we can feel stronger and healthier as opposed to feeling sluggish and weak. 

By combining these physical and mental traits, clear quartz is excellent at aiding in concentration, and with its gorgeous clear and reflective surface, you definitely won’t want to miss out on keeping it around when you need it most. 

9) Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart and Throat Chakra
Location: Brazil, South Africa

Known as the crystal of universal love, rose quartz is intricately connected to the heart chakra and is often used to help the heart heal from pain or trauma.

We will all inevitably run into some emotional hardships that will affect us during our lives which can leave a lingering pain in our heart that can prevent us from moving forward and remaining focused on what we need to do next, which is why rose quartz are so popular in helping ease out these pains, allowing us to concentrate on the here and now. 

The many healing attributes of rose quartz are actually greatly connected to its very eye-catching and vibrant pink color, with it radiating a warm and comforting aura that encourages calmness, compassion, and mindfulness in times of doubt and despair, making this crystal incredibly useful when you’re struggling to focus due to feelings of emotional pain. 

10) Blue Sapphire

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye Chakra
Location: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka

Not only can blue sapphire help to deepen our intellect and insight of the world around us along with our inner self thanks to its connection with third eye chakra, but it also possesses many physical benefits including helping to ease migraines, headaches, eye-sight problems and hearing issues. 

Blue sapphire is believed to reflect the color energy of the sky as winter gives way to spring and the sun starts to climb higher each day, representing the individual reaching higher heights and advancing to a new stage in their life by protecting against any further emotional or physical pain while also helping to rid any that is already present in the body and mind. 

Blue sapphire is therefore a beautiful and incredibly effective crystal for when several physical problems are halting your personal and spiritual journey, helping to keep you focused on the important aspects of life without any distractions or external factors slowing you down or preventing your personal development. 

11) Snowflake Obsidian

Chakra: Root and Third Eye Chakra
Location: Mexico 

With an incredibly unique formation and design mirroring a dark sky full of snowflakes, snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity and symbolizes the need to regularly clean the body, heart, and mind of toxins that can prevent them from functioning as best as they can.

They are particularly useful in chaotic environments and situations where they can assist in purifying the body and soul while helping to balance emotions, keeping you feeling light and refreshed rather than tense and anxious about your surroundings.

Snowflake obsidian helps to keep us grounded not only through triggering and linking with our third eye chakra, but also through the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for our sense of safety and protection.

This crystal therefore helps to keep you feeling safe and secure so that you can always be clearheaded and ready to face anything that life throws your way with full focus and determination. 

12) Amethyst

Chakra: Crown Chakra
Location: Uruguay, Brazil

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals on the international market, and that isn’t just due to its incredibly elegant and rich purple appearance, but also because it is considered by many to be a ‘natural tranquilizer’ due to its properties of relieving stress, soothing irritability and helping to manage mood swings by tapping into the crown chakra. 

Overwhelming amounts of stress are a primary reason so many of us can struggle to keep focused on our work or responsibilities, which can often lead to us doubting our own abilities and what we know we can achieve. 

Amethyst is the perfect natural antidote to these issues, and on top of this, it is also great to keep in close proximity during meditation sessions since it can elevate a person’s spiritual wisdom, making them more aware of the notions, ideas, and visions that they experience among their spiritual journey, making it a very popular but still very effective crystal to utilize when you need to remain clearheaded and focused. 

13) Hematite

Chakra: Root and Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Mexico, Brazil, Australia

Hematite is most well known for being a grounding crystal due to its powerful interactions with the root chakra which keeps us disciplined and helps us realize what we need, and what we might simply want because of our inner instincts. 

The strong vibrations from hematite also interact and awaken the third eye chakra, granting a much deeper sense of perception and intuition that can help cleanse our aura and mind of negative thoughts.

By interlinking both types of chakra, hematite therefore encourages an individual to leave their desires behind to focus all their energy on the present moment and the task at hand, while also helping to inspire feelings of courage and a greater belief in the capabilities of one’s self and their own personal abilities and traits. 

14) Citrine

Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Russia, Madagascar

Commonly found in the large and rocky Ural Mountains of Russia is citrine, a crystal that is a member of the quartz family and is most popular for its bright and sunny yellow appearance which actually reflects the properties this crystal grants those who keep it close to them. 

Citrine is a natural energy enhancer that possesses the ability to improve our physical stamina, our metabolism, and our mental focus, alongside imparting joy, wonder, and delight, making it a very vibrant and expressive crystal. 

The citrine crystal is actually a natural pairing with solar plexus chakra since the element of this chakra is fire, and with citrine resembling the image and energizing properties of the sun, the two work well together, providing an extremely effective and natural way to keep your body and mind feeling energized throughout the day which is perfect if you are someone who struggles to stay clearheaded and focused for long periods. 

15) Garnet

Chakra: Heart and Crown Chakra
Location: Brazil, India, Madagascar, USA

Radiating with a warm and inviting aura and with a striking deep and rich reflective red appearance, garnet has been one of the most commonly worn crystals throughout history, especially among wealthy individuals in royal families and members of the nobility. 

Garnet summons both the heart and crown chakras to revitalize, purify and balance a person’s energy, encouraging serenity, passion, and a determination in one’s own abilities rather than relying on others.

This crystal has not only been utilized by many for its ability to help improve personal relationships, but also for how it has been believed to flush out body toxins, keeping circulation strong and allowing us to feel light, refreshed, and focused at all times without the stresses of the outside world creeping into our mind. 

How To Receive The Effects Of Crystals

Whether you intend to keep a crystal next to you while undertaking a long and arduous study session, or you were hoping to carry one in your pocket while on your way to a job meeting or interview (see also, ‘Best Crystals to Wear for Job Interviews‘), so that you can feel fully clearheaded and focused, it’s important to know the best ways of maximizing the properties of these crystals so that you can guide all your physical and mental energy towards one task for as long as possible. 

For one, it’s incredibly important to keep your crystals cleansed since they require this to maintain their vibration power.

To make sure they are cleansed and that you are receiving the maximum amount of benefits possible, always try using different cleansing rituals such as sun or moon bathing. This keeps the crystals from becoming overwhelmed when there is too much energy present in a single area. 

It’s also important to open up your body and mind to the energies irradiating from the crystal rather than being ignorant of its effects.

While keeping the crystal close to you is one thing, you should also try breathing deeply through your mouth and nose to allow the crystal to connect and interact with your chakra and help clear your mind of worries and stress as quickly as possible. 

If you are meditating and using a crystal to help you focus, holding the crystal is also an effective way to make sure it interacts with your body and mind.

A good method that can also encourage this is rubbing your thumb along the surface of the crystal while you focus on your thoughts which will quickly become clearer as you go on. 

Finally, while you can try several different techniques to feel the effects of healing crystals, the most important thing is to let yourself go and release the pressures of everyday life as best you can, along with any doubts you may have initially had about the crystal itself.

It’s therefore important to open up your subconscious so that you can automatically detect the effects on their own. 

Best Ways To Use Crystals To Enhance Focus

Crystals that can help improve your focus are usually placed on a desk, nightstand, or anywhere in a room where they are in close proximity to the individual.

If you aren’t in the house and want to experience the effects while on the go, you can also just as easily keep them in a bag or a pocket, they will still radiate the same amount of energy and will help you feel clearheaded and focused throughout the day. 

Another popular and potentially more stylish way to keep a crystal near you is by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. This could be in the form of a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring to name just a few examples. 

Finally, these types of crystals work extremely well for meditation and spiritual experiences since they will help to elevate your consciousness and make any thoughts or visions a lot more clear and more understandable. 


If you’re having trouble clearing your mind and staying focused for prolonged periods of time without doubts, anxieties, and uncertainties fogging up your mind, try out one, or a few of these crystals that will all help get your mind back on track in no time.

Andrea Daehma