20 Best Crystals To Use During Virgo Season

Each astrological sign is assigned its own season depending on what type of element they are most associated and connected with.

For example, while Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have their seasons in the Spring, because Virgo is a sign associated with earth as its element, it has its season throughout Autumn when the dry environment starts becoming colder and people begin their vegetable and fruit harvests. 

20 Best Crystals To Use During Virgo Season

There are many crystals that are also intrinsically connected and tied to specific people depending on their energy, aura, and personal traits that have been assigned to them depending on when in the astrological calendar they were born, meaning there are a select number of crystals that are much better suited and align with certain seasons where they will radiate much greater effects than if they were used at other periods. 

With that being said, if you’re a Virgo and want to know what kind of crystals will be best suited to you during your season, here is a full breakdown of each one, including their properties, how and when to use each one, and how they can enhance Virgo attributes and traits. 

When Is Virgo Season And How Long Does It Last?

Astrological seasons work through the sun, which will take an annual tour around the Earth where it will enter each sign one by one, functioning like a spotlight where it will fall on a sign making it much more prominent and allowing it to flourish at that particular point of the year. 

For Virgo’s, the sun falls on their sign after leaving Leo, with the season officially starting on August 23rd and running all the way through to September 22nd.

Virgo season therefore falls at the very end of Summer and enters the beginning of Autumn, where the temperatures begin to become much cooler outside and the days start becoming shorter. 

Since Virgo season represents coming out of the hard-laboring season of summer and entering the Autumn, it is therefore also associated with reaping the physical rewards of projects and harvests we had tended to during the hot Summer months.

This symbolism specifically relates to focused, hardworking and disciplined Virgos who will be able to receive the fruits of their labor from the Summer, however, the ‘reward’ also refers to how people with this sign will receive blessings and benefits throughout this new period, especially when accompanied with the right crystals. 

What Are The Traits Of A Virgo

If there’s one word that people will commonly use to describe someone who is a Virgo, it’s ‘perfectionist’ since these people tend to be very efficient in how they think and act, being very logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. 

They are known for leaving no stone unturned, possessing incredible attention to detail, and always having a desire to improve their personal attributes and skills so that they can become the best version of themselves possible. 

As they are known for being sensible, determined, and loyal, Virgos will often take up very demanding and high-profile jobs such as scientific researchers, accountants, film directors, and teachers. 

How Do Crystals Connect With Astrological Seasons?

Alongside the benefits that crystals can instill onto people naturally through their aura and energy, they also have energetic properties that align each of them with one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Each zodiac sign (see also, ‘What are Zodiac Crystals?’) therefore has a natural affinity with particular sets of crystals and stones which makes the properties and energies of the crystal even stronger and more potent when they are used during the time that the sun lands on that specific sign during its season. 

Wearing or keeping a crystal near you during these periods therefore allows the energies of the crystal to align with the sign that it is most closely related with, promoting greater vibrations and effects to come from the crystal. 

20 Best Crystals For Virgo Season

While you will need to be very particular about what crystals you use during an astrological season to be sure that they will benefit from that specific period, the good news is that for Virgos, there are plenty of crystals which sync and align with this season that you can consider using to receive the enhanced benefits from.

Here are 20 of the very best crystal you should consider using during the Virgo season:

1. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Alongside being reliable, efficient, and always focused on the task at hand, Virgos are not above being critical of themselves and taking time to reflect and become introspective, which often becomes more prominent throughout the Virgo season. 

The beautiful and brown misty smoky quartz crystal (see also ‘15 Powerful Brown Crystals‘) commonly found in Switzerland is known primarily as a ‘grounding stone’ that possesses the ability to bring clarity to a person’s mind and negating any distractions or negative thoughts that might be causing doubt or uncertainty. 

A smoky quartz crystal therefore pairs up with Virgos incredibly well, especially between the end of August and September when its clairvoyant (Check out some Incense For Clairvoyance) effects will be even stronger, allowing a Virgo to keep a clear and collected mind whenever they are deep in thought. 

2. Howlite

Howlite (see also ‘The Meanings, Healing Properties And Uses Of Howlite‘) may be very well known for the array of vibrant and exciting colors it can appear in, however, it also contains some fantastic and extremely useful health benefits thanks to its light and positive aura that helps to soothe the body, spirit, and mind. 

Above all, howlite is a calming stone that helps to strengthen memory and stimulate the desire for knowledge and wisdom, making it perfect for Virgos who need a natural way to keep their mind focused and driven when finding themselves in a slump. 

Howlite is therefore another excellent grounding crystal with properties that really shine throughout the Virgo season due to its abilities to suppress and protect against feelings of stress, tension, and anger, and instead connects with our crown chakra to stimulate and enhance the intellect. 

3. Peridot

Recognised as an August birthstone, this bright and reflective green crystal hailing primarily from Arizona and Hawaii is known as a natural cleanser, capable of releasing and neutralizing toxins in all areas of our body, alleviating negative emotions of jealousy, resentment, spite, and bitterness. 

The reason this crystal aligns so well with the energy of Virgos is that it removes these feelings, emotions and habits that are blocking spiritual growth, and in turn, encourages a greater awareness of the world around them.

Keeping peridot (see also ‘How Do You Pronounce Peridot?‘) nearby grants razor-sharp precision when you need it most, while also being a great addition to a meditation session to help extinguish any negative thoughts that could be clouding your vision and disrupting the entire experience. 

4. Carnelian

Since ancient times, carnelian has been heavily sought after due to its ability to connect to the lower chakras which helps us to open up spiritually and connect with our inner-self.

Carnelian is also well beloved for how it can balance our body energy levels, encouraging us to physically and mentally work for far longer than we normally would while protecting against feeling lethargic and lazy. 

In this way, the beautiful carnelian crystal is most optimal for Virgos who feel they need a natural way to reenergize when they want to be at their most productive and efficient, but are being brought down by negative energy, whether this is from their inner thoughts, or from those around them. 

5. Sugilite


If you’re suffering from lingering thoughts of trauma or pain from the past, sugilite is a crystal associated with tenderness and spiritual affection that helps us acknowledge and come to respect our inner selves while burning away negative attachments from our past life. 

Sugilite therefore inspires calmness and serenity when our mind is racing with regrets and fears, and has even been known to aid with physical healing when kept close by.

This crystal will help to restore your precision and keep you focused on duties and responsibilities with full passion and conviction without having doubts or regrets holding you back and fogging up your mind. 

6. Amethyst

The gorgeous sparkling amethyst is one of the most popular and well-beloved crystals out there, and while some of this has to do with its jaw-dropping aesthetic and formation, a much bigger reason is because of how effectively it can help us assess situations in our lives and maintain a balanced perspective rather than letting our emotions influence our decisions.

During Virgo season, Virgos tend to be a lot more sensitive, and this can sometimes lead to a person becoming too critical of themselves and their abilities, along with overanalyzing every decision they make. 

Amethyst helps Virgos find true peace and serenity within themselves so that they can still feel compassion and empathy through this period, but without the negative connotations attached. 

7. Sardonyx

Sardonyx is well known as the original birthstone of August and is recognized as the crystal of stability, encouraging positive emotions and igniting that passionate fire within a person during a period when they might be doubting themselves or are unsure where to go next in their life. 

These sorts of uncertainties can occur most often during the Virgo season, which is why sardonyx is such an effective tool for inspiring strength and determination throughout this period.

Not to mention, sardonyx is also believed to attract other Virgos along with good fortune, making it incredibly beneficial overall and highly effective in the months of August and September.

8. Tourmaline

Tourmaline connects with and activates our Third Eye chakra to encourage harmony and clairvoyance in our mind while also helping to connect us to our spiritual inner self, inspiring a deeper appreciation and acknowledgment of a persons own capabilities and talents. 

This deep green crystal therefore creates a balance between the mind, body, and soul to create a surge of self-confidence and energy while diminishing any fear or worries we may have about taking certain risks. 

These benefits are especially useful for Virgos who always prioritize being efficient and having a hard work ethic throughout their daily lives, and with this crystal nearby, it encourages them to take on even more challenges throughout the day that they might otherwise be hesitant to try. 

9. Chrysocolla

Not only does the chrysocolla crystal work as an incredible soothing stone, but it is also great to keep around because of its incredible appearance having a very distinct and recognizable deep blue-green that imitates the clear blue sea with how light and vibrant it is. 

Known as an incredibly popular soothing stone, chrysocolla radiates a very calming and serene aura, helping a person to balance their internal energies which cleanses and re-energizes all the chakras in a very gentle and harmonious way. 

It is most useful for Virgos when they feel that some part of their body isn’t aligning or working well with the rest of their body, such as if their mind is too clouded with thoughts to function properly with the body or if the soul has become damaged or wounded from internal or external conflicts. 

10. Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss agate (see also ‘The Ultimate Guide To Moss Agate‘) is known as the stone of ‘new beginnings’ and is often used by people who want to participate in or take up a new hobby, meet new friends, search for a new job, or start any new chapter in their life. 

It does this by balancing out our heart chakra, allowing a person to have a much better understanding of their personal needs and emotions while granting a surge of courage by disciplining emotions of anger, fear, and anxiety and transforming them into more positive and hopeful feelings. 

Moss agate is most optimal for Virgos during Virgo season when they feel it’s time to make a change in their life and want a natural way to instill within them the belief that they can make these necessary changes without their fears and worries getting in the way. 

11. Amazonite

Amazonite (see also ‘The Healing Properties, Benefits, And Meaning Of Amazonite!‘) is an opaque stone known for its pale milky-white cloudiness with streaks of light green or blue shooting through it, making it a marvel to look at.

However, during the Virgo season, its properties of balancing energy and emotions become more important than ever. 

Virgos are known as perfectionists, and while this does have a lot of positives attached to it, it also comes with inevitable feelings of anxiety, worry, and in many cases, unbearable levels of stress, especially during Autumn when we start to plan out new ventures in our lives after enjoying the Summer.

The ‘mood balancing’ effect that has become synonymous with amazonite therefore helps to keep a Virgo feeling fully focused, efficient, and clearheaded when they need to be by keeping the energies balanced and resisting stressful emotions that can end up making each day seem harder than the last. 

12. Moonstone

Being so productive throughout the day also means that many Virgos will often struggle to slow down and enjoy the present moment, which can lead to a lot of regrets down the line. 

By soothing emotional instability and helping make us more empathetic and intuitive, moonstones are great for helping Virgos slow down and focus on the here and now, rather than stressing about any responsibilities or duties that may be unfinished. 

If you’re a Virgo who can’t seem to let their mind relax and want to be able to better appreciate the time you spend with friends and family over the Autumn period, a moonstone might be just what you need. 

13. Green Jade

Being so busy each and every single day also means that Virgos can often be very hard on themselves and how much progress they are making, especially during Virgo season when they tend to be more introspective and reflective. 

Green jade is a glistening crystal that not only encourages Virgos to acknowledge and accept how far they have come, but it also directly enhances many of Virgo’s very best traits including boosting attention to detail, magnifying personal goals, and speeding up the manifestation process. 

This dazzling crystal is able to do this by connecting and activating the heart, throat and third eye chakras, helping to revitalize each one alongside flushing out bad toxins and energy to keep the body and mind feeling light, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead. 

14. Citrine 

If the golden yellow sheen of citrine isn’t enough to pique your interest in this vibrant and exciting crystal, the manifestation enhancements it offers definitely will with it being well-known as a good luck charm that attracts wealth, prosperity and success.

Because of their work ethic and driven attitude, Virgos can often be their own worst critic, which can make them doubt if they’ll ever reach their own personal goals.

Citrine counteracts these feelings by transforming negative vibrations into positive energy, allowing Virgo’s to activate their natural powers and abilities and realize that they are more than capable of achieving the heights they have always dreamed of. 

Citrine also possesses physical healing properties including being able to ease joint pains while also enhancing stamina and physical strength, allowing you to feel even more determined and driven without uncertainties holding you down.

15. Fluorite


The light, vibrant and airy aura of fluorite provides an easy way to help a Virgo feel more light-hearted and joyful throughout the day rather than being overly serious or distracted by their own ambitions. 

This ‘rainbow crystal’ is able to help us relax and de-stress thanks to its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy, leaving us feeling content and present in the current moment rather than thinking about what needs to be done in the near future (see also ‘10 Crystals For Relaxation‘). 

Fluorite has also been commonly labeled as the ‘genius stone’ thanks to its connection with the crown and third eye chakras that stimulates the intellect, helping us to work through complex issues when it is time to get down to some work, making this an incredibly versatile crystal that all Virgos should consider utilizing. 

16. Red Jasper

While earth is the element associated with Virgo’s, because of how focused they are on their own ambitions and responsibilities in day-to-day life, it can be easy for Virgo’s to feel disconnected from this element as they begin to feel lost, or as if the world around them is moving too fast before their eyes. 

As a stone that encourages tranquility and wholeness, red jasper is a must-have for any Virgo who feels they are getting caught up in the busyness of life and are losing track of where they need to be going, along with being able to help you relax and recognize when it’s time to settle down in the day.

It is able to instill this emotional balance due to how red jasper is able to interact with and stimulate the lower three chakras, especially root chakra, which is recognized as our driving force that helps to give us the energy needed to accomplish our goals, making it an incredible tool to help a Virgo get back on track.

17. Mookaite

This earthy crystal is very unique as it can only be found in Australia, making it incredibly rare and valuable, but most importantly, having some amazing healing benefits, with it being labeled by many as the ‘stone of youthfulness’.

The reason it has adopted this name is because the properties of mookaite have been said to reverse the effects of aging, in the sense that it helps to instill a surge of energy and courage in an individual, allowing someone to take on a challenge or opportunity that they might have thought they wouldn’t be physically or mentally able to before. 

This makes this quartz crystal a must-have for Virgos who may be a little older, but still have many activities and opportunities that they want to get involved with and just need that extra dose of passion and energy to help them make the most of the experience. 

18. Blue Topaz

Closely associated with wisdom, communication, and pathways to success, the beautiful blue topaz gemstone is perfect for any Virgo to keep around when they want to perform a task in the most efficient manner possible with a clear head, an abundance of energy, and a fiery passion driving them forward. 

Blue topaz has actually been praised since ancient times for its ability to soothe nerves and emotions which actually made it very popular among warriors and knights who needed an ounce of extra courage before galloping into battle. 

By helping us connect with our third eye and throat chakra, blue topaz keeps our mind clear and focused while helping us feel wise, strong, and capable of taking on any challenge, no matter how difficult or nerve-racking it may be. 

19. Amber

Aside from its magnificent fossilized structure that makes it so valuable and highly sought after, amber is also well known for being one of the most powerful healing and cleansing stones you can find, and this is even more true during the Virgo season.

While the stone itself is incredibly light, usually being only slightly heavier than water, its vibrations are incredibly potent and powerful, with it possessing the ability to align the body, mind, and spirit that will naturally stimulate the body’s physical and mental healing abilities. 

Not only can it therefore be a huge benefit to a person’s mental health, but it also protects the immune system from becoming affected by an overload of stress so that your body can always feel at its best rather than becoming bogged down, damaged or harmed due to an excess of negative emotions.

20. Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is seen as an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth, with a strong sense of passion, confidence, and determination radiating from it.

Rutilated quartz is actually incredibly unique since it possesses specific energy that can resonate with all seven of the chakras, meaning it can cleanse each one and revitalize them, making the individual feel far more at ease and free of physical or mental pain. 

This crystal links up especially well with Virgos who need to be firing on all cylinders in order to seize each day and achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rutilated quartz are therefore the perfect way to thoroughly cleanse the body for when you feel like you need a fresh restart after a stressful or tense few weeks. 

How To Know Which Crystal To Use

Each one of these crystals contains properties that will work perfectly to enhance the natural abilities and traits of Virgos during the season of their sign, however, it can still be important to know which exact ones will suit your situation best since they can vary in the benefits they offer. 

To decide which crystals are right for you, you will need to be fully open and honest with yourself and what you feel is bringing you down or preventing you from reaching your personal goals and being where you want to be at that current moment. 

For example, if you can sense that your emotions are unbalanced and that you are becoming more annoyed, anxious, or worried about smaller inconsequential things, then a stone that specializes in emotional stability such as amazonite or howlite would be perfect to use. 

If you instead are struggling with igniting a passion that you once had, maybe for your job or your studies, then powerful crystals that tap into our heart and throat chakras such as green jade would be more optimal. 

One of the biggest issues Virgos will face, especially during Virgo season when their emotions tend to run a lot higher than in other periods, is trying to keep a clear head so that they can remain vigilant and focused on the task in front of them.

If you find this is the case, then crystals and stones that trigger the third eye chakra such as fluorite would be a better choice. 

Virgos are often known to be very picky when deciding what is right for them, only wanting tools and resources that are guaranteed to help them rather than wasting time, however, because they also dedicate a lot of time to self-improvement, it’s never a bad idea during Virgo season to critique your current attitude and emotions to understand where you might need help improving. 

How To Open Yourself Up To A Crystal’s Effects

While many crystals will have a strong vibration of energy, meaning you can feel their effects just from being near them, there are a few other methods that can allow you to feel the maximum effects of your crystals.

Once you’ve picked your crystal, you will want to make your intention clear in your mind, and make sure that you believe wholeheartedly that the effects you want to receive will occur.

Having doubts or uncertainties about a crystal can obstruct your heart and mind from accepting its aura and energies. 

You will also need to make sure that you regularly cleanse the crystal or stone since if the crystal becomes too overwhelmed with energy, it can falter in its properties.

There are a few very easy ways you can cleanse a crystal but the most common are rinsing the crystal for a minute under cold water or burning sage which is believed to insert clean and fresh energy into the crystal. 

Finally, alongside keeping the crystal near to you so that you can let its vibrations and energies flow through you, try taking very deep and slow breaths when you have the crystal around so that you can accept its benefits.

This ensures that you’re never unintentionally preventing yourself from receiving the effects of the crystal and are instead, opening your airflow and chakra up so that the crystal can work its magic.  

Can You Use Other Stones During Virgo Season?

While these are the stones recognized as most suitable and efficient during the Virgo season, if you do sense that a crystal that isn’t on this list is calling to you and if you feel it could be beneficial to use it in your current situation, never be afraid to try these out and test their benefits.

After all, with there being such an array of incredible crystals and stones out there to choose from, there’s never any harm in experimenting. 

The only drawback is many of these crystals will probably be aligned with other astrological signs, meaning their specific properties and benefits are often better suited to the characteristics and traits of people with those specific signs. 

Therefore, while these other crystals will still offer their own properties and benefits to a Virgo, they won’t have enhanced abilities as these crystals do during Virgo season. 


While the Virgo season does fall at the beginning of Autumn which can be a busy time for many of us, if you are a Virgo and need a natural and effective way to keep you focused,  organized, and feeling efficient in your daily life while also being able to relax and enjoy the present moment without stressful and anxious thoughts racing through your mind, consider trying out some of these crystals that are all most effective during Virgo season and that sync up incredibly well with the characteristics and behavioral traits of a Virgo. 

Andrea Daehma