Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Bagging that perfect role that you’ve always dreamed about is an elating feeling. Before you get there though, you’ll have to do that dreaded job interview.

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

And when the time comes you’ll want to project the best and most confident version of yourself to your prospective employer.

Of course, this can be quite challenging when you’re a total bag of nerves and are completely stressed. 

Feeling these negative emotions is a pretty normal feeling most of us go through. After all, it’s only natural when you’re putting so much pressure on yourself.

However, the key to success is to be grounded, capable, and calm throughout the interviewing process.

Luckily, there are crystals that can help when you don’t feel like you can keep a handle on your emotions alone.

There is so much that certain crystals can do to help in this situation so in this article I’m going to detail the best crystals to wear to your interview to ensure you get that dream job (read more about the best crystals to wear right here). 

Best Crystals For Job Interviews

1. Iolite 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Commonly called The Viking’s Compass this stone has been known to help our ancestors safely roam the dangerous seas and ensure that they made it to the land of their dreams.

And it will help you achieve your dreams too. 

 Iolite is aligned with both the Crown and the Third Eye chakras, and what this means is that it will intensify and strengthen your psychic abilities as well as your inner vision.

It is also well-known for balancing, grounding, and inspiring you through quests for a better future. And a new job definitely qualifies as a better future. 

So if you want to stay grounded, calm, and respond to employers’ questions with inspiring answers, you may want to wear an Iolite crystal to your next job interview. 

2. Rhodonite

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

If you tend to freeze up and panic under pressure then this could be the best option for you. The Rhodonite stone is often named the Rescue Stone or the Stone of Compassion.

It helps eliminate and eradicate feelings of intense shock and panic so you’ll be able to stay much calmer and composed during your interview. 

It’s also a great option for those that can often go into ‘self-destruct mode.’ It ensures that you avoid these damaging and abusive emotions and instead guides you to a place of self-love and forgiveness while also promoting more confidence.

Wear this during your interview and not only will you negate those negative tendencies and become a more confident person but you will also receive more compassion from your employer. 

3. Black Tourmaline 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Do anxiety and fear cloud your mind during interviews and inhibit you from giving clear and concise answers?

Try wearing a Black Tourmaline stone to your next interview. This crystal, known as the Shamanic Stone, is popular for its ability to rid you of all negative emotions. 

Not only this but it will also keep you firmly connected to the earth and ensure that you are fearless. It has a cool and calming energy that will keep you at the optimum level for your job endeavors. 

It keeps you secure, safe, and steady and will allow all that anxiety to disappear so you can be your most confident self. 

4. Malachite 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

A word to the wise, if you use this stone you should never place it near your mouth and it must always be polished first. 

The Stone of Transformation is a great option for anyone who wants to believe that they are capable of anything – a fairly good mindset for an interview. And this stone can work in more ways than one, firstly it is fiercely protective of its holder.

Secondly, it can transform any negative thought, emotion, or situation into a positive one. And thirdly, it is a money magnetizer (see also ‘Crystals That Attract Money – What Are The 12 Best Stones?‘). 

Not only will you easily be able to secure your job with this stone, you can also look forward to a fairly hefty salary too! 

5. Green Aventurine 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Sometimes all you need in an interview, when you’re already calm and well-prepared, is a bit of luck.

The Stone of Opportunity which is attached to the heart chakra is well revered as one of the luckiest stones in the crystal kingdom. 

This stone is known for its links to wealth, prosperity, and luck so you really can’t go wrong wearing this crystal to a job interview.

Fortune follows all that wear it, so don’t be surprised if you get an acceptance call pretty quickly after you walk out of that interview room. 

6. Citrine 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Sometimes all you really need to show your employer is some self-belief. They are looking for someone that is aware of their own capabilities and is proud of their achievements and accomplishments.

Of course, this can be a little hard to show when you’re nervous and shy. 

Luckily, this Merchant’s Stone is known for boosting self-worth, confidence, and courage.

With this crystal by your side, you are sure to walk into this interview knowing for definite that you are the best candidate for the role. And this will show during the interviewing process. 

Not only this but the stone inspires joy, happiness, and creativity. So you are sure to have a lovely infectious personality along with the underlying level of arrogance that is needed to prove that you are the best for the role at hand. 

7. Tiger’s Eye 

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Going after your dreams means that you have to give it your everything. You have to fight to be the best and demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate that they have always been looking for.

However, this bravery and determination doesn’t always come to us naturally. And even if it does, it can often be buried beneath a pool of stress and fear. 

And for that reason, the Tiger’s Eye crystal can be extremely helpful. This crystal fills us to the brim with all the courage, strength, and bravery that we could ever possibly possess.

With this fuel behind you, there is no way that you won’t be able to go after exactly what you want – and get it too. 

With this stone, all those fears will instantly ebb away. 

8. Sodalite

Best Crystals To Wear For Job Interviews

Good communication skills are pretty important in job interviews. It’s not likely that you’ll succeed if you’re too nervous and mumble your way through your answers.

You want to be able to clearly and concisely answer any questions thrown your way and demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of what has been asked of you. 

If communication isn’t your forte, then you can’t pick a better crystal than Sodalite.

This crystal, known as the Harmonizer Stone, is fantastic at bettering your understanding of communication and allowing you to think steadily, clearly, and calmly in all situations. 

Not only this but it is well known for bringing self-confidence, courage, and wisdom all of which will be massively influential factors during a job interview. It also boosts balance and trust. 

With a trusting employer, great communication, and infinite wisdom on your side, what could possibly go wrong? The job is already yours! 

Final Thoughts

Because there is so much on the line, it’s not surprising that job interviews get to even the best of us.

Our bodies are wired to become anxious and nervous in these situations, but it is these exact emotions that may stand in the way of success.

That is why it is so vital to ensure that you try to keep them at bay as much as possible. Being well-prepared and parcticed for your interview will definitely help you out, but sometimes we need a little bit more of a helping hand. 

And that’s where these crystals come in. They are sure to banish all those debilitating negative emotions and thoughts. And that in itself is enough to make for any success story.

But they don’t just get rid of the bad emotions, they encourage the ones that are necessary for this type of scenario too. You are sure to be more confident, composed, self-assured, and lucky. 

You can choose to opt for one crystal that you think will really benefit you, or you could opt for a couple of them to really ensure your chances of success (see also ‘13 Powerful Crystals For Success‘).

Just be sure to meditate with these stones and set your intentions with them before you head into that big interview to ensure you unlock their full potential. 

And when you land that all-important role – congratulations. You earned it, and you deserved it. But if you do happen to be unsuccessful this time, do not fret.

There is a plan for you, and with these crystals, you are always protected. Take it as a sign that something even better is making its way to you. There is a plan and you will be blessed accordingly. 

You’re ready for this – you’ve got it! Now, dust off your shoulders and go show that employer that you are the best possible candidate for the role!

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