15 Best Herbs For Abundance To Add To Your Collection

Do you want to incorporate healing herbs into your home? Just like the way that crystals have the ability to infuse our lives with positive energy, healing energy and plenty of good fortune – herbs also have the ability to do just the same.


Commonly, herbs are known to have the ability to help infuse and balance the yang energy in your home. But, besides that, herbs can also be used to attract good fortune, prosperity and health, too.

That’s right! Besides providing plenty of healing properties, there are some herbs out there that can offer a generous dose of positive abundance when used correctly, and we’re here to tell you more about what these herbs are. Just keep reading.

The 15 Best Herbs For Abundance

So, which are the 15 best herbs for abundance? Just like the way that there are many different crystals that have the healing power to attract plenty of good fortune, health and prosperity into your life, there are many herbs that also have the potential to do the same.

Below, let’s take a look at the very best herbs out there that can be used to introduce a little extra positivity into your world:

1. Rosemary

First up on our list, we have rosemary! This herb is the ideal option for anyone that wants to infuse a little positivity in their life, while also making sure to attract restful sleep and love, toto.

2. Calendula

Next up, we have calendula. Along with being able to attract positive abundance into your life, this flower will also be able to uplift your mood, restore your wellbeing and provide plenty of comfort.

3. Lavender

Lavender is another herb that you can use for abundance! Besides being able to boost your good fortune, lavender can also be used to promote overall well being and can also help to enrich your sleep.

4. Mint

Mint is another great option for you to consider. Mint is known for being extremely refreshing, so it should come as no surprise to hear that it can be used to attract fresh opportunities and plenty of abundance.

5. Basil


Even though you might be used to using basil in your food recipes, you might also be interested to learn that this herb can also boost your mood, promote healing and help to attract plenty of positive abundance.

6. Thyme

Believe it or not, thyme is another herb that can be used to attract abundance and prosperity! Many people like to use dried thyme alongside other herbs to help boost its effectiveness.

7. Patchouli

Nothing says “abundance” quite like patchouli. Why? Well, this herb is, quite literally, known for its ability to attract lots of luck, prosperity and plenty of good fortune. Need we say anymore?

8. Chamomile

If you’re a fan of chamomile, we think you’ll be pleased to hear that chamomile is also known for its abundance-boosting properties. Besides keeping it in your home, you can also mix this herb into your tea!

9. Oregano

Oregano is another great herb for boosting abundance. For the best results, we recommend keeping a live plant in order to encourage chi.

10. Nettle


Despite the fact that nettles are known to have a pretty bad sting, they can actually be used as protection thanks to their ability to promote inner strength and defense. As well as this, nettle is also known to attract positive energy and self love, so it’s great for abundance.

11. Spearmint

Out of all the herbs out there, spearmint is known for being one of the very best herbs suitable for attracting abundance into your life. As well as this, spearmint can also be used to attract wealth and prosperity – so it’s truly a must have.

12. Bergamot

Bergamot is a crusty-scented herb that can be used to boost positive abundance in the user’s life. As well as this, it can also be used to help re-energise and focus.

13. Lemongrass 

Lemongrass is another natural option that you can consider using when wanting to boost your abundance. Like some of the other herbs we have listed in this guide, lemongrass can boost abundance and improve fortune.

14. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is technically a flower, but many like to use it alongside herbs thanks to its ability to promote abundance, love as well as desire. It’s a must have for anyone wanting to attract positive abundance into their lives.

15. Dandelion


Last but certainly not least, the final option for you to consider that we have to share with you is the dandelion. While the dandelion is technically a flower, we still think that it deserves a mention.

Besides being super easy to grow, dandelions can help to increase one’s ability to adapt while also boosting good fortune.

How To Achieve Balanced Feng Shui With Abundance Herbs?

Even though there are many ways that you can use herbs in order to attract good, positive abundance into your life, one of the very best ways to achieve this is by making sure that you are achieving balanced feng shui in your home.

Generally speaking, the foundations for achieving great feng shui is all in the placement. That being said, flowing chi energy has the ability to attract abundance in your life, as well as positive energy in general.

So, let’s take a look at how you can use these herbs that we have talked about above to do just that:

  • Living herbs vs dried herbs: When it comes to using herbs for good feng shui, the good news is that you can use both living and dried herbs – although there are a few key differences that you should make note of. Generally speaking, living herbs will contain positive chi (as they are alive) which means that they are much more effective at achieving positive abundance through the home. That being said, while dried herbs retain the same properties of living herbs, they do not contain chi energy, which might make them a little less effective.
  • Burning dried herbs: If you want to use dried herbs, one way that you can activate their abundance properties is by burning them as incense. Keep in mind, however, that if you are interested in burning some herbs with your incense of choice, you will need to make sure that you are burning them safely and following all instructions provided to you by the incense manufacturer.
  • Boost abundance properties with essential oils: Along with making good use of incense when boosting the powers of dried herbs, did you know that essential oils are also great at activating the powers of both dried and living herbs? If you want to boost the effectiveness of attracting abundance into your life through the use of the herbs we have listed above, we recommend pairing them with herbal essential oils, too.

Along with these top tips for achieving good feng shui in your home with abundant herbs, it is also very important to make sure that you are placing your herbs in the right place – otherwise the feng shui might not be effective in attracting lots of happy abundance into your life. This brings us to our next section.

Where Should You Place Herbs In Your Home?

As we have already briefly touched upon above, when it comes to achieving good feng shui, placement is one of the most important things that you simply need to make sure that you are getting right.

By making sure that you have a good understanding of where you should place your herbs in your home (regardless of whether you happen to have essential oils that contain herbs or you’ve got your own plants that grow them live) you will be able to ensure that the herbs’ abundance properties are activated to their maximum potential.

If you do not make sure that you are placing your hers in the correct placements of your home, then you might very well fin that the powerful energy of feng shui is not unlocked, and this will mean that your hers will be unable to provide the ability to attract good, positive abundance into your life.

So, when it comes to abundance, where should you make sure that you are placing your herbs?

Well, when it comes to good luck, prosperity, fortune and health (as well as all other types of ‘abundance’) you should make sure that you are aligning your chosen herbs with the front entrance wall of whichever room/space you have chosen to keep them in.

As well as this, it is also worth noting that east, south and southeast bagua areas are also considered great places for keeping herbs when wanting to activate feng shui through them for good abundance, luck and health.

Final Thoughts

When you think about ways to attract positive abundance and good energy into your life, herbs might not necessarily be the first option that springs to mind – especially given how popular crystals are!

However, now that you have taken the time to read through this guide, we hope that we have been able to show you how you can easily incorporate a variety of different herbs into your life (as well as your home) in order to attract positive abundance in all of its forms.

Before you go, why don’t you consider saving this page? That way, if you ever need to come back and refresh your knowledge on the best herbs for attracting good abundance into your life, you’ll know where to find this mini guide.

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Andrea Daehma