Best Meditation Crystals

Best Meditation Crystals

They hold high amounts of vibration and ancient forms of energy, all because they are naturally gifted from Mother Earth.

Using crystals alongside meditation can help you to open chakras, as well as become relaxed and have a clear mind.

Because of this, there are so many mental and physical health benefits to practicing meditation with crystals.

Meditation can help to remove negative moods, and to stop any thoughts which are racing through your mind which can often be difficult to control.

Instead, meditation crystals offer us a new way of seeing things.

The crystals themselves have the ‘magic’ of healing, and can help with a number of different problems from anxiety, distraction, relationships, and so on.

If you are wanting to step into the world of using crystals when meditating, then you have come to the right place.

Here we shall discuss what it is in further detail, as well as what the best meditation crystals are.

What Are The Reasons For Using Crystals While Meditating?

If you already use meditation as a form of relaxation to destress, then you may want to consider adding crystals into the mix.

Crystals can help to ‘supercharge’ your own intentions during meditation and mindfulness.

Every different type of crystal out there has its own metaphysical and frequency properties.

They can help your vibrations to become aligned alongside them to help benefit your life.

However, it is all about using the right crystal for the intention you are hoping for.

If you are looking for a particular healing, you will want to ensure that the crystal you are using does not do the opposite. 

If it does, then your vibrations will not align and your chakras will not open.

Fortunately, there are so many crystals out there that can bring positive change and results to your life, that you will have many opportunities to embrace crystal meditation.

How To Choose The Right Crystal For Meditation?

To choose which crystal you need for meditation, it is best to understand how they work.

If you are looking to remove negative and toxic thoughts, then you may want to meditate with aquamarine.

If you are looking for positivity, then black tourmaline is a great option. It is best to do your research first and then purchase the crystals that you feel are right for you.

There are so many crystals that can help you with your everyday life.

Adding a crystal to your meditation routine can help with positive mindfulness, and bring good energy into your life when you need it most.

What Are The Best Meditation Crystals?

If you are looking to use crystals for meditation, then you might not know where to start.

Here are some crystals that work well alongside meditation and what they are often used for:

  • Turquoise 
  • Obsidian - will protect your aura
  • Carnelian - helps to empower you
  • Citrine - moving forward into lightness
  • Lepidolite - welcoming peace
  • Calcite  
  • Black Tourmaline - moving into positivity
  • Selenite - a quick way to feel serenity
  • Aquamarine - will remove toxic thoughts
  • Malachite
  • Rose Quartz - connects you to your own self-love
  • Amethyst - helping to feel relaxed
  • Lapis Lazuli - will shine a light on the truth
  • Labradorite - your insight will be awakened
  • Moonstone - relying on intuition to help guide you
  • Clear Quartz - connects with your intention


Turquoise is a crystal that has been used for many years as a holistic kind of treatment. This is because it is believed to help repair spiritual, mental, and physical health.

However, during meditation it is a stone that is used to help us express how we feel, and to live a truth, rather than as a lie.

This means the crystal can help us to stop suppressing who we really are, helping us to avoid getting into terrible situations because of it.

It is about being genuine about who we are, rather than trying to be something we are not to make other people happy.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

Turquoise allows us to accept the truth and live without suffering from hesitation.

It is best used while exposed to moonlight. Remember to allow it to work overnight.


When you place this dark colored crystal by your side or in the palm of your hand as you meditate, you will also be wearing a protective cloak.

In some circumstances this can help you to feel calm, especially when you have feelings of hopelessness and anxiety.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

If you are looking to protect your aura, then you will want to place this black colored crystal within the palm of your hand or by your side when you meditate.



If you are going through a dark or low time in your life, then carnelian will be able to help.

This orange-red stone focuses on setting fire to the lower chakras to improve your confidence, creativity and courage.

It will also bring you lots of energy, especially if you are going through certain slumps within your life.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

To bounce back from a particularly low period in your life, place carnelian on the sacral chakra when meditating. 

Doing so will give you back your passion for living again.


Citrine is known as being a very positive crystal.

If you are going through a time of negativity, then citrine is the kind of stone that you will want by your side.

It allows you to enjoy the act of just being alive.

It has a lighthearted and joyous energy that is sure to radiate through you.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

When you feel like you are carrying a heavy burden or weight, then sitting alongside citrine can bring joy to your life again.


This crystal is linked to peace and transition.

If you have feelings of being unsure about something or hesitant, then lepidolite can help you to be decisive and connect with whatever it is.

It can also ease any thoughts and feelings when it comes to stress and anxiety.

It does this by removing any blockages that may be in the heart chakra, the crown chakra and the third eye.

Doing this removes any mental blockages that we may be feeling. In doing so we can meditate with a clearer mind.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

Place lepidolite within your receiving hand (the left hand) while you meditate.

This will open you up to receiving peace and calm that the world may offer you.


While calcite has many different colors, the one most commonly used is clear.

Even so, it is just as beautiful looking, especially when the sun’s light catches it.

This crystal is known for its clarity because it can help you to be aware of the present and clear your mind.

Not only that, calcite has the ability to help stimulate your thoughts and help to improve your concentration.

Doing so can help you to achieve the ultimate in inner peace, as well as remove negative energy.

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

Place the calcite in your hands and focus on removing negative energy and clearing the mind.


Black tourmaline is a great crystal to help you keep negative thoughts and vibes out of the way.

It is both soothing yet extra protective. This is because it adds a layer of protection to your soul.

It does this by absorbing any negativity around you.

This includes both emotionally and physically, whether through feelings, thoughts and so on.

Black tourmaline will also keep you very grounded, especially if you get a little spacey through meditation. You can rely on this crystal to keep you grounded.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

If you are looking for a thorough cleanse to take you from negativity to positivity, then sitting down with black tourmaline is for you.


This peachy and milky colored crystal is all about serenity, peace, and your inner consciousness.

It has a soothing effect that happens instantly once you touch this wonderful stone.

Selenite has a way of helping you to become more self-aware, as well as clear away the thoughts within your mind for total relaxation.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

When you are hoping to access a quiet space within yourself, then hold selenite inside the palm of your hand. 

When all you need is calm and relaxation, selenite is the one to help.


Aquamarine is a stone that focuses on communication.

However, it also can remove and release feelings of stress and anger.

This is because aquamarine can help you to let go of negativity, and all of the emotions that come with it.

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

When you need to remove toxic thoughts, then aquamarine can be a good visual stone to use.

Place it on the throat chakra to help remove blocks in communication.


Malachite is the perfect crystal for when you need to be in the moment.

It can help to stop feelings of being on autopilot that a lot of us may feel in today’s busy world.

This beautiful looking stone can also help you to face past anger and problems, letting you deal with it in a peaceful way.

Using this stone allows you to be true to yourself without the fear of judgment.

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

During meditation, lie down and place this wonderful stone on your heart chakra. You will feel calmer in an instant!


Rose Quartz is unashamedly all to do with love and self-care.

It is a sweet stone that can soothe and heal, as well as care for matters that are to do with trust and love.

This can be to do with loving yourself, all the way to relationships.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

Placing this crystal on the heart chakra while meditating can help to clear out blockages to do with self-compassion, or any other matters that come from the heart.


Amethyst is a truly calming stone.

Because it is a healer of the crown chakra, it can help you to find your inner sense of self and tune its way in deeper due to its high vibrations.

If you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious, then amethyst can help you to relieve these feelings and thoughts.

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

To achieve a higher leap, placing amethyst on the forehead is ideal.

You may want to use this beautiful purple stone when you have anxious feelings, or are struggling to deal with racing thoughts.


Because lapis lazuli is connected to the inner truth, it is full of sacred and wonderful knowledge, as well as strength and hope.

It has long been linked with wisdom from long, long ago. This can help you to connect with spirituality on a deeper level.

However, it can also help you to remove any dark and dreary feelings too!

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

Once you go deeper and deeper into meditation, you will want to have lapis lazuli resting upon your third eye.

It will help to connect you with the spirit realm and spirituality as a whole.


This crystal has a number of different blues and silver hues that makes it look truly captivating and magical.

This stone has a lot of high energy and vibrations that are ready to protect you from the results of negative thoughts.

Not only that, labradorite is linked to the soul star chakra which means it can help you to find your true path and destiny.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

Resting this crystal on the area of your third eye will help you to awaken your insight which will guide you towards the right path in life.


The moonstone crystal is full of feminine energy.

Using the moonstone crystal can help you to embrace the light that it shines, helping you to remove any signs of an ego, and letting your own intuition guide you.

When is the best time to use this crystal?

It is best to use this stone during a full moon, because you will feel its power and energy the most during this time.

Place the moonstone in the moon’s light to charge up its energy. You will then want to place it on the solar plexus or heart chakra.

Doing so will bring about balance when it comes to emotions.


Clear quartz is as clear as its name.

However, it is known as a ‘master healer’ due to it being a complete blank and unspecified canvas that you can use your desired intention on.

You can use clear quartz as a crystal amplifier too. The energy from this crystal can help to clear your mind from distractions.

When is the best time to use this crystal? 

If you are looking for deep clarity to help remove the chaos within your life, then hold this crystal close as you meditate. 

You must also think about the intention clearly.

How To Cleanse Crystals For Meditation?

Before you meditate, you may want to cleanse your crystals first.

This is very important if your crystals are new and you bought them from a physical store. 

This is because they may have been touched by various people.

There are a number of options when it comes to cleansing crystals.

You can choose to submerge the crystals into salt water, or burn some incense. You can also place the crystals in direct sunlight, and if the moonlight is particularly bright, you can do the same then.

There are also various chants too. Basically, do whatever you feel comfortable with when it comes to cleansing crystals.

Final Thoughts

Crystal meditation is a very personal experience, however, how we use them is universal.

Knowing what crystals to use due to a particular reason, and how to use them, is very important when using crystals as part of meditation.

The reason for this is because each crystal has a different intention.

Using the right crystal means that you can embrace and take in the full energy that the crystal has to offer.

There is no point using something like labradorite if you are in need of a confidence boost and balance when it comes to your romantic relationship.

You might not be feeling the full effect, so may want to read up on which crystals to use.

If you are needing some help when it comes to relationships and self-care, then rose quartz will be of interest to you.

Check out the rest of the site for all things crystals and tarot cards!

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