Birthstones For November Babies

If you are born in November, you have a few different birthstones to choose from. You have the chance to choose which gemstone reflects your personality in the best way.

Birthstones For November Babies

Both the Topaz and Citrine are beautiful birthstones, so it is likely to be a difficult decision for the November born. 

Topaz can be found in an array of different colors, whereas citrine comes in yellow and orange hues. Both of these birthstones are calming and warming.

This article will explore the two birthstones, ensuring that those making the choice make the right decision!

Topaz Birthstone 

First, we will take a look at the Topaz birthstone. 

Color Of Topaz

The topaz birthstone comes in a variety of different colors ranging from light blue, colorless, orange, pink, brown and violet.

You can even find this gemstone in red, although this is much rarer.

You have the opportunity to treat the Topaz that is colorless with irradiation and heating.

As well as this, you are able to turn the colorless topaz into ‘mystic topaz’ using a thin film that gives it a rainbow effect.

Meaning Of The Word Topaz 

Lots of people believe that Topaz comes from the word tapas that comes from Sanskrit. This word means fire. Other people believe that this word comes from the Greek topazos.

The November birthstone has lots of different benefits. In Greece, the birthstone is believed to bring strength. 

In Europe, it is believed that topaz will dispel anger and thwart any magic spells whereas in India, it is believed to assure long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Imperial topaz refers to a pinky orange topaz which is believed to have originated from the Russian royal family.

It is believed that they insisted on keeping these colors in the gem exclusively for them as they are wonderful colors. This came from the Russian Ural Mountains where it was mined. 

Topaz is the gemstone for November born babies all the way through the month. It is known to mean good fortune and nature.

Citrine Birthstone 

Citrine Birthstone 

Citrine is another birthstone that is used for November born babies. It is lemon-yellow in color and they are very beautiful gemstones. 

The citrine gemstone is linked to a story relating to Cellini. Cellini was a Roman goldsmith who was sent to prison in the 16th century.

When he was in prison, he suspected that his enemies within the prison wanted to poison him. He was very anxious about this and would check the food that he was served all of the time.

He noticed one day that there was some diamond dust on his plate which had been added to his food in order to poison him. 

Cellini survived this and was later released from prison. The reason that he survived was because his enemies had hired someone to grind a diamond into his meal but, because of the cost of diamond, he had swapped the diamond out for citrine as it was cheaper.


Amethyst is a guardian angel birthstone for the month of november. It is a lavender variety of quartz. Amethyst is known as the queen of quartz.

When it was first discovered, Amethyst was one of the most expensive crystals in the world.

However, it was then discovered that there were large deposits of this birthstone in Brazil, and so it became much more affordable as it was not as rare as first thought. 

Amethyst is known for protecting the person who wears it from extensive drinking and hangovers.

This is because, according to Aristotle, a nymph was turned into a gem in order to protect her from the God of wine Bacchus. 


The Garnet is the celestial birth gem of Scorpios (see also ‘10 Beautiful Scorpio Crystals And Stones‘). Those born between 1st November and the 21st November would have this gemstone.

Garnets have mystical powers and they make sure that the person who is wearing the gemstone will experience good health and strong relationships and friendships (see also ‘12 Fantastic Crystals To Improve Your Friendships‘).

If you are anxious or hot-tempered, this gemstone is great for you as it is said to have a calming influence over these people.

Garnets are often used in therapy sessions with psychoanalysts. This is because they bring an energy that relates to happiness and cheerfulness.

Due to the link with health and strength, lions are often engraved on the gemstones to ensure that they are protected from any damage to their health or dangers when they are traveling.

There are lots of different types of garnet, the most common of which is Andradite. This is often considered quite unattractive.

However, later on a variety of Andradite was found known as Demantoid.

This is one of the most popular garnets out there now as it comes in beautiful colors. These are a range of green hues.


Those born between November 22nd and November 30th are Sagittarius. The birthstone of Sagittarius is Emerald. Emerald gets its name from the Sanskrit word that means green.

It is called lots of different things within literature, including esmeralda, smaragdus and izumrud.

Emeralds have been sacred for a long time. 

Early Christians cherished emeralds as a symbol of the beauty and power of resurrection.

It is such a big gemstone within Christianity, with the holy grail being rumored to be emerald.

This is Jesus’ glass that is used at the last supper and is later used to collect Jesus’ blood.

Emeralds can also be found in Cleopatra’s mines across Egypt. Now, this birthstone can be mined across Brazil, Australia, Columbia and many other countries.



Malachite is known as a high priest birthstone. This is a birthstone for anyone born between November 1st and November 30th.

It is an alternative birthstone that has been commonly known among humans for thousands of years.

The gemstone was first mentioned in 4000 B.C. when it was mined in Egypt. 

Initially, the gemstone was valued very highly, costing a similar amount of money to Jade.

Malachite gets its name from the links to the marshmallow plant. Malache is the Greek word for marshmallow.

It got this name because of the close resemblance of the gem to the leaves of the marshmallow plant.

Malachite was well known for its energy in protecting children. Often, people would hang this stone above their childrens cribs in order to get rid of any evil spirits.

This also helps to ensure that the child gets a restful sleep and feels safe and confident in their own home.

This is not only true for the children as it was used to help the person who is wearing the crystal to fall asleep, whether they are a child or an adult. For this reason it has been known as the sleep stone.

Malachite also has links with childbirth as it has been used as a talisman for a healthy and smooth birth. It is also used during teething periods of children as it helps them to manage the discomfort.

As the Malachite gem was known as a protective stone for children, it was also used as a protective stone for any natural disasters.

It is believed to protect against storms or lightning in many cases. Similarly, in Germany, the stone was used to protect people from falling or from any other disaster that might happen.

The Malachite gemstone assures prosperity, happiness, health and love. It can be found in Russia and lots of other countries including Australia and Arizona. The best type of Macachite comes from the Russian Ural Mountains.

Cat’s Eye 

The Cat’s Eye is a November birthstone for the Hindu tradition. It is another gemstone that can be found on the list of alternative birthstones for November. 

The cat’s eye is a gemstone that is cabochon cut and so it has a band of light within it. It looks like a cat eye which is where it gets its name from!

Cat’s eyes come in many different colors including yellow, green, brown, gray or black.

Cat’s eye crystals have many different virtues, including the ability to bring health to those who are drained, and to bring happiness and pleasure to those who feel melancholy.

The gem is also useful when in financial distress, as it is a great gemstone for protecting the wearer from this distress. 

It is a very powerful charm when it comes to being successful in games of chance and so it is often used as a protective crystal during gambling. It is also believed that it has the power to help foresight. 

As cats are able to see in the dark, the gemstone is also believed to assist the wearer when it comes to being able to see in the dark. 

With this gemstone, it is very important to get a perfect gemstone. Ones that are not perfect are valued much lower than those that are perfect. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Take Care Of Topaz Birthstone?

Topaz is not very tough so it can be easily cracked or chipped. In order to clean this birthstone, you will be required to use warm, soapy water.

This is not suitable to clean many gemstones, but it is okay for Topaz. You should avoid any steam cleaning with this gemstone. 

Avoid any sudden temperature changes for the crystal as this can cause internal cracks inside the birthstone.

As well as this, you should make sure that it doesn’t get too much exposure to bright sunlight as this can cause some of the colors to fade.

As aforementioned, mystic topaz has a coating over it. This coating is able to withstand a regular amount of wear and tear but you should avoid using any cleaners that can be considered abrasive.

This may remove the coating on top of the topaz. To clean mystic topaz, you should use a very mild soap solution.

How To Take Care Of Citrine Birthstones?

The Citrine birthstone is fairly durable in comparison to lots of other crystals. For this reason, you will be able to wash it in a normal way.

Do so using warm and soapy water to make sure that it is well looked after.

You should not steam clean your citrine because this could cause the gemstone to crack. While it is likely to be okay, it is not worth the risk.

How Should I Wear My November Birthstone?

You can choose to wear your November birthstone in whichever way best suits you. You can wear jewelry that contains the stone, such as a necklace, earrings or a bracelet.

This will mean that you will always have the power of the stone with you, bringing you strength. 

You don’t have to wear the gemstone in order to get the most from it. If you choose to, you can opt to place the gemstone around the house so that you can feel the power of it in your home. You can do the same in your workplace.

Final Thoughts 

There are many different gemstones that November born babies can count as their own.

This article has explored the different gemstones and the benefits of each one.

Now, if you are a November born baby, you should have the understanding to choose the gemstone that best suits you.

Remember, you don’t have to choose just one and stick to it. You can use more than one gemstone to benefit you!

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