3 Black Agate Crystals

Black agate crystals are beautiful elements of nature. Their pure black shimmer is a natural creation from centuries of contractions through the earth.

3 Black Agate Crystals

Today we will explain what agate crystals are, why the color matters, and the three types of black agate crystals you can choose from.

We will also dive into the healing, protection, and spiritual properties connected to these beautiful rocks.

What Is An Agate Crystal?

Agate crystals are a type of chalcedony rock. Chalcedonies are made up of very fine intergrowths of quartz and morganite. They tend to be waxy and translucent but can come in a wide variety of colors.

Agates are part of a subgroup of Chalcedony, which means the coloration can contain stripes of other colors.

Each color can have its own property, but when you find an agate with just one color – such as black – there is just one element to identify. 

Black agate is a very common choice for beginners as they are easy to find and relatively affordable. They are used by spiritualists and jewelers alike due to their beautiful shine and translucent appeal. 

Agate is most commonly found in volcanic rocks, which is why they are often sold in Greece, Brails, and Mexico. However they can also be mined, hence their popularity in states such as Montana, Washington, and Idaho.

Agates as a whole are a type of birthstone. They connect to the zodiac of Gemini and those born in September.

What Makes The Black Variety Different?

Black Agate can contain lines of white or other colors, but unlike other agate crystals, you can commonly find the black version without any line structures at all.

If the lines are present, they will often appear curved or even circular. This structure adds to the glass-like luster that makes it seem more fragile than a typical agate.

When it comes to energy-based differences, black agate can expel negative energy. Where most agates will help you create positive energy, black agate is best at removing the negative that persists in your life. 

Those who suffer from depression or anxiety will have more of a connection to black agate due to these relieving effects. Whereas people without constant negative energy will feel no effect from them.

When picking out crystals to help balance your life, you need to consider the struggles you contend with. Once you know where your concerns lie, you can consider if a negative energy repellant is a right choice for you.

The Three Types Of Black Agate Crystals

Although black agate is a common gemstone, there are only three known versions of the crystal. These are raw black, banded black, and natural black.

Raw Black Agate Crystals

Raw black agate crystals (see also ‘9 Powerful Black Crystals‘) are used most often in jewelry making. This is because they are normally larger, contain their natural formations, and haven’t been mixed with other crystals in a beautification attempt.

Banded Black Agate Crystals

These versions will have lines that show additional coloration. The colors are normally white or brown. The length of the white or brown lines indicates a level of stability or grounding effects.

Instead of completely focusing on removing negative energy, they also aim to create a sense of balance within yourself.

If you struggle with understanding your emotions, the banded version of the black agate crystal (see also ‘What Does A Black Crystal Mean?‘) can help you find your center. Simply hold the crystal and focus your mind for a relieving effect.

Natural Black Agate Crystals

Natural black agate crystals do not contain any lines. These crystals focus on expelling negative energy without interference. This can help you find balance and clarity both physically and emotionally.

However, removing negative energy can lead to a new feeling of emptiness if it isn’t balanced with a grounding effect. You may need an additional balancing crystal or a moment of meditation once you have used the cleansing effects of this version.

Black Agate’s Spiritual Connection

Natural black agate crystals are more connected to the route of their spirituality than banded versions. This could be due to the non-disconnected structure of the gem.

3 Black Agate Crystals

Holding onto this gem while practicing breathing techniques can help you boost your spiritual growth while the negative energy is repelled from you. 

Many crystal healers believe that natural black agate should be used when you feel a roadblock in your life goals. The crystal can heal the spiritual disconnect towards this goal while at the same time removing the negative emotions that have started to build.

You may want the gem as a supportive element to any existing gems you already own. This way the black agate can remove the negative emotions that naturally occur in our day-to-day life, allowing the other gems to work on their elements of spirituality without interference. 

Make sure you don’t keep too many black agate crystals around your healing space, as negative energy is needed to warn us that something is wrong. Being completely unaware of this energy could lead to bad consequences.

Black Agate’s Protection Properties

Because black agate can remove negative energy, it is often used as a protection crystal. When a person is going through a moment of stress in their life, this crystal can be used to reduce the negative energy to help them continue through the tough period back to an area of safety.

The protection element of the black agate surrounds negativity. If you are going through an anxious moment in your life such as exams or fear-inducing moments such as hospital visits, this crystal can help you reach a level of calm allowing you to continue through the important aspects of life.

If you experience nightmares, these crystals can help pull the negative energy out of your subconscious allowing you to rest easier. 

The crystal will not prevent the bad things from happening, nor will it remove all of the negative emotions you feel, but it can reduce the negative energy allowing you to continue about your day as best as you can.

Many people consider the black agate a guardian crystal.

Black Agate’s Healing Properties

Though many people use black agate for its guardian or protection properties, its ability to reduce or remove negative energy can feel like a lifeline.  

Those who struggle to manage their emotions or face toxic energy from other people daily, use these crystals as a way to heal from this negativity.

Abandonment, resentment, anger, depression, anxiety, and self-loathing are all negative energies that can break your sense of self. Living with these emotions constantly surrounding you can force you into a bad place.

To heal and recover from such negativity, you need to step away from these dangerous situations. However, breaking away from these scenes often means unhooking the emotions from your mind first. Once free, you can release the negativity back into the world and away from you.

You can use the black agate crystals to help unhook those feelings. The crystal will put pressure on the negativity forcing it out of your life and giving you room to heal and recover.

Pairing this crystal with other healing gems can help you gain positivity as negativity is being removed.

Who Should Wear Black Agate?

Due to the stone’s ability to remove negative energy, the black agate should be worn by anyone who needs help through the darkness.

These tough times could be temporary and tangible like a test, long-lasting and tangible such as a breakup, or chronic and unidentifiable such as a mental health issue.

People who suffer from an influx of negative energy should use this gem as their protector and healer. They could wear it as a ring, a necklace or simply keep it in a tight pocket allowing the vibrations to seep through their clothing.

People who do not have an abundance of negative energy in their life will feel no effect or relief from this stone. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added to your crystal collection.

Many of us go through tough times once or twice a year, and although these moments are rare and fleeting, a black agate could help you see the light in the darkness.

Because this crystal is affordable, common, and effective at removing negative energy, we believe that everyone should have a black agate in their collection. However, those going through a negative spiral should keep it on them at all times.


There are only 3 types of black agate – raw, banded and neutral. Raw is mostly used in jewelry, banded can help to keep you grounded, but neutral black agate is the version at its purest.

This crystal can help you reduce the negative energy in your life and thereby act as a protective agent against toxic environments. The healing qualities are produced in the same way as this gem can help you remove negativity creating space for positive energy.

Andrea Daehma