17 Blue And Gray Crystals

Crystals come in hundreds of varieties, each being coined for its healing properties. While some people use crystals for healing, others enjoy the aesthetic side of them more.

17 Blue And Gray Crystals

If you’re looking for a particular color of crystal, we have a list of blue and gray varieties. 

We’ll also go through their healing properties so that you know exactly what you’re getting from each crystal. Let’s jump right in! 


Aquamarine is a gorgeous crystal that is both blue and gray and represents healing, hope, happiness, and everlasting youth. It was thought to protect those at sea, making sailors fearless on open waters. 

In terms of healing, aquamarine is closely connected to breathing. Otherwise known as the breath stone, aquamarine is known to help with respiratory problems. Perhaps this is because it is so clear that you can see through it! 

Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone is a light blue crystal with lines of violet and gray running through it. This crystal is thought to symbolize new beginnings in terms of inner growth and power. It can stabilize emotions and stress. 

Blue moonstone is also used to offer calmness to whoever uses it. It enhances inspiration and success from whoever is around it and promotes good fortune in both business and love. 


Apatite is a crystal that has a mainly turquoise color, but with small lines of white and gray running through its translucent body. It is thought to reduce appetite, as well as improve insight and creativity. 

Wearing apatite is thought to better your focus, making it ideal for anyone who needs help concentrating and clarifying things around them. It is also a stone linked with acceptance and unconditional love. 

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is bright blue in coloring and is believed to promote truth, forgiveness, and relaxation. It is a very popular crystal for anyone who meditates as it makes it much easier to connect with their higher self. 

Blue topaz is also beneficial to better communication and self-expression. Many people wear it when they want to strengthen their ability to articulate thoughts. Since blue is a calming color, it is also used for gentle practices.  

Blue Tourmaline

Blue tourmaline is otherwise known as the crystal of peace and spirit, often used in meditation to bring the pain of the past to the present, allowing the person to heal from it.

This is incredibly therapeutic and, if you can work through these past pains, you are sure to live a much more peaceful life. 

Blue tourmaline is a dark blue and gray stone that resembles an iceberg. It encourages releasing emotional bonds and helps to free the mind, allowing users to explore a higher spiritual power. 


Chrysoberyl is a rare crystal otherwise known as the cat’s eye. It is a gorgeous gray crystal that sometimes offers streaks of other colors running through it, such as cream and blue. 

This crystal is known for accentuating discipline and self-control. It also promotes concentration so is great for those still in the learning stages of their life.

Many people consider it to be best for weaker thinkers who need help with clarity and far-sightedness. 

Burmese Sapphire

Burmese sapphires are vibrant blue with gray hints within their translucent stones. This crystal is associated with the projection of thoughts. In other words, they should be worn when you want to aid your expressions and improve self-confidence. 

In healing properties, Burmese sapphires have beneficial properties when curing joints, hair ailments, and teeth. They are also known to help recover from depression, anxiety, fear, and stress. 


This crystal is light blue and gray and it is extremely rare. If you’re lucky enough to encounter grandidierite, you’ll most likely feel the overpowering pull that it exudes. This is said to pull you in the direction of your heart’s truest desire. 

This crystal is used to open your mind’s eye and show you the benefits of making that leap into the unknown.

People far and wide have recounted their stories with grandidierite, and how it has altered their life’s path for the better. Encounters with this stone are incredibly lucky! 

Gray Onyx

Gray onyx has a blue tint to its primarily blue coloring and is known as a nurturing and protective stone.

It promotes patience with one’s self, while also showing us the clarity and focus that we so often desire. This helps us to achieve a deeper hold on our state of meditation.

This stone is full of potential and also shows us our untapped potential, which is commonly used to support self-improvement. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a gorgeous crystal that is primarily blue but with gray marbling all around it. It is best known for cleansing the throat and third eye chakra and can be used to prevent psychic attacks. 

This stone is known for promoting wisdom and communication in its wearers, as well as connecting them to clarity, intuition, and integrity. Lapis lazuli is an incredibly powerful crystal that opens minds to enlighten its users. 

Gray Sapphire

Similar to the blue sapphire, gray sapphire is gray-blue in color and speckled with white.

It is known as the wisdom stone, helpful in concentration, creativity, purity, and deeper thoughts. It is also known for calming the mind and helping you focus on one thing at a time, improving focus. 

Gray sapphire is also beneficial for boosting endorphins and relieving sadness. It can be used to relax the wearer, removing negative emotions and replacing them with positive ones. 

Neon Apatite

Neon apatite is light blue with gray hues and is known for manifesting ideas into fruition. It has long since been associated with teaching and humanitarian efforts, as well as increasing the development of psychic abilities. 

It can open the third eye chakra while meditating and is beneficial for bringing a wave of clarity to the mind. Neon apatite can also improve deeper thinking and therefore is excellent for anyone studying or in need of uncovering deeper truths. 


Sodalite is a deep blue crystal with gray webbing running through it, as well as hints of white and gold.

It is associated with bettering communication, intuition, and encouraging truth. It is also corresponding to the third eye chakra, making it ideal for meditating.

Wearing sodalite can boost confidence in the wearer, as well as bettering your mental clarity.

One of the most sought-after benefits of sodalite is the power to overcome negative thinking. This is a great crystal for anyone struggling with mental clarity and feelings toward themselves. 


Spectrolite is a vibrant blue crystal with lines of white, cream, and gray running through it. The crystal balances and clears the aura of negativity, while also protecting it from further strain.

This is an excellent crystal for people struggling with negative thoughts and having a difficult time negating their feelings. 

This crystal is also said to offer the power of leadership, courage, and transformation to its user, as well as breakthrough and creativity.

This stone will do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. The energy emitted from this crystal is used as a continual reminder of your full potential. 


This crystal is predominantly gray with bursts of color, including blue, yellows, and green, running through its core. It is a healing crystal mostly used for banishing fears and insecurities, as well as helping you to strengthen and persevere through hardships. 

It is also known for calming overactive thoughts, using this energy instead of creating new ideas, and developing a deeper enthusiasm. It can also be used to treat ailments of the brain and eyes, relieving anxiety and struggles relating to hormones. 


Tanzanite is a lovely indigo color that is known for facilitating higher concentration and consciousness.

It can also be used to stimulate perception and intuition, as well as detoxify the body from harmful substances and energies.

Many people wear tanzanite when they want to calm themselves down or remain grounded in a tense situation.

It is an excellent stone for anyone needing an immune booster, too. It can be helpful for promoting the regeneration of hair, skin, and cells. 


Kyanite is a blue-gray crystal that is powerful in more ways than one. It is both calming and grounding, meaning that it is beneficial for balancing emotions. It is very helpful for anyone in need of clarity and deeper understanding. 

Kyanite is useful for opening the throat chakra, as well as encouraging self-expression and communication.

It can show you your deeper fears and mental blocks, making it easier for you to work through them. Many public speakers use it to strengthen their voices. 


Thanks for reading our review on 17 blue and gray crystals. There are plenty of blue crystals out there, all with their own healing properties and benefits. There are also some gray crystals with the same number of benefits. 

Blue crystals tend to have gray coloring on them, too. These crystals are aesthetic and helpful in meditation, healing, confidence, and much more.

Andrea Daehma