6 Blue And White Crystals

Crystals come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and, perhaps most importantly, colors. It’s been this last factor that has made many of these mineral formations become some of the most prized materials in the world.

6 Blue And White Crystals

However, while solid colors of blue, red green, yellow, and white are very popular both as items to treasure, and ways through which you can channel your hopes, thoughts, and energies through, very often overlooked are gemstones that take on two-tone.

And that’s a massive shame because some of these gemstones are some of the best-looking in the world, and come with unique properties!

As proof of this concept, we are going to show you some of the most striking, beautiful, and interesting crystals that take on blue and white colors, as well as what potential they have, and plenty of other interesting nuggets of wisdom and information that they hold!

Lapis Lazuli

Starting us off with perhaps one of the most famous blue crystals on this list, we have lapis lazuli, perhaps one of the most important crystals and gemstones to come out of the Middle East.

Often found as a deep, ocean-depth blue, lapis lazuli can sometimes be found with bands of white stones stretching across its surface, making for a very striking gemstone indeed. No wonder artists and jewelers have prized it for so long!

West Asia has long been home to many of history’s most coveted gemstones, but few probably have the same history as lapis lazuli does with the region.

There is evidence of lapis lazuli being mined and used as decorative jewelry going back millennia, with some of the oldest finds from archaeologists dating back 6,500 years! That makes lapis lazuli amongst the oldest gemstones to be mined, not just in the area, but in the world.

In terms of its spiritual importance, lapis lazuli has long been used as a protective charm and crystal against negative energies and darkness that threatens to encroach.

It may even be one of the reasons that Michelangelo used this stone in a ground-down form when creating his magnum opus, the Sistine chapel.

Jewelry made from lapis lazuli will be a great gem to use as the main piece of a necklace or bracelet, benign both your guiding light through negative emotions, as well as opening up your self-awareness to negative emotions within.


If we’re talking about precious gems and crystals that feel like they fell from another world, we can’t forget about moonstones (see also ‘What Do Moonstones Look Like?‘). A crystal that feels so alien that it’s named after our closest celestial neighbor!

A moonstone is a crystal that is exactly what it sounds like. Often found as a pearlescent white stone, this remarkable little gemstone can often have a blueish hue to it in many examples, with some gemstones even forming bands of blue across the rock’s surface.

Given the right shine and finish to it, it is no wonder that the gemstone became so associated with the object in the night sky that it takes its name from.

It’s a relationship that has been with people for a long time, as the ancient Romans often created many pieces of jewelry using this particular crystal, dating it back at least as old as 2,000, as well as being tied to the goddess of the hunt and the moon, Diana.

This connection puts a neat bow in that symbolism that moonstone has long since kept hold of since the days of the Roman Empire.

In terms of the spiritual significance it holds today, a moonstone is often a gem that is given when a person wishes to find love and great abundance in their life.

This means that moonstones are often the perfect gift to give to a significant other, either to mark a major milestone or even as part of a proposal.


Next up on the list, we have a stone that created a whole new color!

Turquoise (see also ‘The Powers And Healing Properties Of Turquoise: A Guide‘) is very distinct among the crystals we have shown, sitting on the cusp of both blue and green, with its sea foam-like color. Some examples of turquoise (see also ‘How To Identify Raw Turquoise‘) can be found with bands or patches of black or white stone, often popping out against the strong, saturated color of the gem.

Both striking in its visuals, with its mix of sea-green blue and flecks of black and white, as well as its remarkable toughness, turquoise has been a very popular material to work with South West Asia for centuries, both for pieces of jewelry, as well as for great pieces of architecture.

It’s one of the reasons that the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, was partly made from this material.

6 Blue And White Crystals

(Fun fact, this strong association between Turkish and this stone is what prompted the mineral to be known as turquois by French traders and diplomats in the 17th century. So, the color is named after the stone, and not the other way around!)

There are several legends and beliefs surrounding turquoise, with it being considered a good luck charm, specifically for warning a person, often a horseback rider historically, of approaching danger.

This is a crystal that many will often have on their person if they wish to remain aware of their surroundings, or even wish for a speedy recovery after an accident, whether it is physical or spiritual.


With its sky-blue colors and bands of white that can often be found wrapping around it, aquamarine is a stone that looks like a light as it hits the bottom of a shallow waterway.

With an appearance like this, it should be to wonder that aquamarine has often been associated with both water and the energies that it can provide.

Alongside this energy, aquamarine is tied to many aspects of the ocean, depending on context.

It can be both a soothing stone that can help calm the most disturbed heart, or it can be an anchor to help steer someone through tough water, both metaphorically and physically, one of the reasons it has always been popular with sailors and those passing by boat.

Because of its ties to water, aquamarine is often a gem that is characterized by its ability to channel inner strength within you. Not necessarily to fight the hardest battles with unimaginable strength of will, but to be able to ride out any storm, and go with the flow and wherever it takes you.

Some fights cannot be fought by standing against them, so knowing where they can be allowed to pass, and when they should be resisted, is critical for not just your health, but for those around you.

Blue/White Chalcedony

Chalcedony (see also ‘What Are Blue Chalcedony Properties And Powers?‘) comes in a wide variety of colors and shades, thanks in part due to how common it is, and how the rock formations it forms affect its appearance.

Blue chalcedony tends to be a sky-blue variety, which often means that you’ll often find that this kind of crystal comes in beautiful bands of white as well (see also ‘7 Beautiful White Crystals‘). Against the sky blue color of the crystal (see also, ‘7 Amber Colored Crystals‘), it is not hard to picture a beautiful clear sky when looking at or holding this rock.

This gorgeous and slightly translucent stone is what has made it a very popular crystal to include in jewelry around the world. Both its abundance and sturdiness (whilst still being able to carve into it) make it very appealing to jewelers.

As a stone of spiritual guidance, that serene beauty is what prompts many people to see this stone as one with a great calming effect.

Holding onto or focusing on this stone can help balance a heart that is seriously conflicted, and helps a person make a clearer decision where otherwise it would be difficult to.


When it comes to opaque crystals and gemstones, there might not be a gem quite like an opal.

Coming in a variety of shades and colors, opal has long been a gem prized for its beauty and pearlescent color that can scatter light, creating vivid and beautiful patterns unlike any other.

Blue varieties of opal can often reflect flecks of white on their surface, creating the image of shallow water reflected against a seabed, while still containing a rainbow of other colors. Its patterns like this make opal one of THE most coveted crystals on the planet, precious or otherwise.

Small wonder that pa has long been used as a symbol of love and affection, even among ancient, long-dead civilizations like the Romans, as well as a symbol of purity in mind and spirit.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, gems of blue and white colors have plenty of uses for them.

They are deeply embedded in many cultures and beliefs across the world and are also often some of the most calming and soothing presences to have on your person when you are experiencing great stress or conflict.

And, of course, they might just be some of the prettiest crystals out there too.

While they may not have the luscious transparency and clarity of precious gems like rubies and sapphires, there is something undeniably beautiful about these opaque crystals and the scenery they conjure, both in the mind and in the soul.

Andrea Daehma