Can Agate Be In The Sun?

Agate is one of the most versatile stones that you can get on the market. It can be used in many things, whether it be jewelry or ornaments. This is one of the prettiest stones that we have ever clapped eyes on.

Can Agate Be In The Sun

However, the thing with agate is that you need to keep it charged regularly. This stone will usually draw a lot of its energy from sunlight or moonlight.

But you should make sure that you don’t leave your stone in the sun for too long, as this will cause it to break.

In short, you can place agate in the sun, but you’ll need to know exactly how long to leave it for.

But how long is too long? Well, we’ll give you a brief guide to caring for agate, as well as some of their properties and why you’ll want to have one in your house.

Is It Possible To Leave Agate In The Sun?

If you want some agate for your garden, then you’ll most certainly be interested in whether or not you can leave it outdoors in the sunshine. Well, the answer is yes, this stone is quite hardy and can deal with a few hours of intense sunshine.

But it will also depend on your stone, how thick it is and how much light it is subjected to. Agate is quite a durable stone, although it can tend to fade when it is left in intensive sunlight for a long time.

If you have bought agate for aesthetic reasons, then this might be a reason to keep it out of the sun.

It will lose its original luster, especially if it is dyed. The sunlight will cause the dye to run and sadly the only way you’ll find out whether your crystal is dyed or not is if it does start to fade.

There is also the matter of extreme heat changes. If your crystal goes from very warm to very cold quickly, then it can damage the composition of your stone.

If your stone does happen to break for whatever reason, then this will not change the vibrations that it gives off or the energy that it absorbs.

How Can You Stop Your Agate From Fading In The Sunlight?

One way you can do this is placing your agate behind a window. This is because the layer of glass will filter out some of the UV light, which will not harm your stone too much.

You can also put your stone out during cloudy days, as this will also obscure some of the UV light. If you are wearing agate as jewelry, then you might only want to wear it during overcast days.

Another reason to avoid wearing an agate necklace during intense sunlight is that you might get tan lines around it. If you want to avoid this, then take off the agate when you are sunbathing or tuck it underneath a layer of clothing.

How Long Can You Leave Your Agate In The Sun?

You should probably expose your agate to the sun for no longer than 3 hours. This will obviously depend on the intensity of the UV light. Under the most intense sunlight, you might have to lower this amount to 2 hours.

Keeping the exposure to a minimum will also reduce the chances of your stone breaking or fragmenting. The last thing that you’ll want is for your precious jewel to break, then you’ll have to buy a new one.

The Best Methods Of Charging Your Agate

A lot of people have various methods of charging their agate. Some like to do this once a month, again, to avoid a large amount of damage that can ruin the constitution of a crystal.

There are different mediums that you can use to charge your agate, here are just a few of them:

  • Moonlight – this is one of the most common methods that agate owners use to restore their agate to full energy. This light is far less intense than sunlight, which will cause your crystal far less damage.
  • Brown rice – this is a less common method of charging your agate, but a lot of people use it. All you must do is make sure that your agate is completely submerged in the rice and allow it to absorb all the energy overnight.
  • Burying It In Soil – This is an earth crystal, which means that you can bury it in the soil for around 24 hours. Once you dig it up, it will be returned to its former glory.
  • Sound waves – this is a less commonly used method. You can either use a Tibetan singing bowl or just play some ambient music. Either way, you can expect it to be fully charged after playing this music for a few hours.

Employing any of these methods will help you to recharge your crystal to its full potential. Let’s go into each method more in-depth and see how they work.


You can charge this stone in any type of moonlight, but it will be much weaker on nights when the moon is not full. Wait for the moon to be full and shining and you’ll get a recharge time of around 7 hours.

This moonlight will also not damage the constitution of your stone. This is very handy if you want to preserve your stone for as long as possible. The moonlight does not contain any damaging UV rays.

Brown Rice

Soft rice will not cause your stone to get damaged, avoiding scratches and dents that will often wear down the constitution of your stone over time.

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Bury the stone entirely in the rice and leave it overnight. You’ll know when the stone is fully charged if it feels heavier when you pick it up than when you placed it in the rice initially.

This is a very easy method of charging your agate during the winter, as there will not be that much sunlight during this time of the year.

Burying It

This method is slightly more unorthodox, but agate loves drawing positive vibrations from the earth. You can leave it to charge under the soil for as long as you like. Whether it is 24 hours or even a few days.

The longer you leave it, the more power that it will gain.

You should be able to leave it for around 24 hours and get all the power that it needs. You’ll notice that the agate is much heavier than when you put it in.

When you are removing your agate from the earth, just be ready with a wet towel so you can wipe away all the excess dirt. You might also want to use some wax on your agate stone to restore it to its former glory.

Sound Vibrations

This is a great way of getting your agate stone to really sing. There are plenty of music channels on YouTube that will help you to recharge your stone to its full potency. It is all a matter of finding the right music for you and your stone.

In terms of the length of time that you can charge it for, again, there are no limits. It might be difficult to play music continuously for longer than a few hours, but this is all that you need to restore your crystal to full power.

The great thing about sound vibrations is that there is no mess, and you don’t really need any extra materials.

You can also try and meditate when you are listening to this music. It will not only put you in the right frame of mind, but it will enhance the link between you and your crystal.

How Can You Purify And Clean Your Crystal?

There are a few different methods that you can rid your agate of all the negative energy that it has accumulated. It is very important to do this regularly, as your agate will reach maximum capacity for toxic energy.

Here are some of the best methods of cleaning your agate:

  • Running water – this is one of the best and easiest ways to cleanse your agate stone. The purer the water, the better. If you can, take your agate to a fresh mountain stream and wash it there for a few minutes.
  • Saltwater – this is another great method of not only cleansing your stone, but it will also nourish it with natural water energy. Again, we would recommend using natural sources like seawater. This stone is of the elements and will respond well to saltwater cleaning.
  • Smoke – filling the room with an herb smoke of your choice will nourish your crystal, although you’ll need to make sure that you do this will good intentions.


Agate stone is one of the easiest stones to take care of, so make sure that you take time out to recharge your stone properly using one of the methods above.

Keeping your agate out of any long-term sun will guarantee that it will not get damaged in the long term.

Andrea Daehma