Can Carnelian Go In Water?

Carnelian is a vivid orange gemstone that resonates with fierce energy and is believed to give its wearer strength and tenacity.

Can Carnelian Go In Water?

This gem also encourages enthusiasm and creativity while boosting self-confidence. It is considered as a calming stone that improves physical coordination, cerebral clarity, and emotional balance.

This stone is adaptable and has numerous applications. It is said that Carnelian’s metaphysical powers are enhanced particularly by water-based applications and cleansing techniques.

Before attempting to do so, you must confirm that it is safe for this stone to come into contact with water. In this article, we will discover whether your Carnelian gem can be placed into water.

Placing Carnelian In Water

Although carnelians can be submerged in water, it is not advised to do so for long periods of time. Use ordinary tap water if you decide to wash your carnelian stones with water. By doing this, you can prevent the crystal from suffering unnecessary harm.

Make sure to be gentle when cleaning your carnelian crystals in water, if you decide to do so. After giving them a gentle rinse under running water, dry them using a soft cloth. It is better to merely rinse the carnelian, not to immerse it in water for an extended period of time.

Despite having a Mohs hardness rating of between 6.5 and 7, carnelian can still be damaged depending on the crystal’s state.

If there are already obvious cracks on the crystal, contact with water may cause the cracks to gradually enlarge. Before choosing to clean your crystal with water, make sure you inspect it for any damage.

Salt Water And Carnelian Gems

Avoid submerging carnelian gemstones in salt water, if possible. It is not advised to clean carnelian with this method because salt has the tendency to corrode and harm crystals.

Even though it could be appealing, it is advisable to avoid cleaning carnelian with ocean water as well.

If you live near the seaside or use salt water for any reason, it is advised to avoid using it on Carnelian. Although, using freshwater from a stream or river is acceptable.

It is preferable to avoid using salt water for cleaning because it increases the likelihood of leaving blemishes on the crystal.

Can You Place Your Carnelian In Rainwater?

Can Carnelian Go In Water?

It is not recommended to place carnelian in rainwater since it may include minerals and contaminants. The best course of action is to avoid using rainwater on Carnelian if you reside in an especially polluted location.

Although using rainwater is preferable to using salt water, it is still inferior to using purified or ordinary tap water. It is advisable to thoroughly cleanse your Carnelian crystal under clean running water.

This is because rainwater also has a higher likelihood of collecting dirt and grime. After that, either allow it to dry naturally in the sun or gently pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Having Carnelian Gems In Pool Water

It is not advisable to clean carnelian with pool water because it typically contains chlorine and other pollutants.

It is recommended to avoid using chlorine because it can eventually harm the crystal. Instead, wash the crystal with ordinary tap water or use a gentle towel to clean it. In addition to this, pool water also has a higher likelihood of having bacteria.

It is recommended to remove any jewelry, like a piece of carnelian jewelry, that may have accidentally touched the water while you were swimming. Then give it a quick rinse with some normal water to ensure it is clean.

Taking Your Carnelian Crystal Into The Bath

It is a wonderful and comforting experience to charge your bath water with Carnelian’s energies and spend some time bathing in it.

This enables your body to soak up its inherent healing abilities and allow its energies to travel throughout your entire body. A bath with Carnelian infusion is said to produce warmth and promote deeper sleep.

Use your Carnelian stone by dipping it into the tub or placing it close to the edge of the tub. After you are finished with your bath, make sure to thoroughly dry your crystal by patting it dry after rinsing it under running water.

Even though Carnelian is approved for use in water, you should use caution when using it with other bath products.

While bathing with it, adding soap, essential oils, or bath salts may cause harm to the surface finish of the crystal. This can make it appear rough, lose its sheen, or color.

Remember To Dry Your Carnelian Gems

After immersing your crystals in water, it’s crucial to always keep them dry. Cleanse them with a soft cloth, paying great attention to the edges and craggy areas of the stones. Keep any jewelry that has a string, chain, or other parts dry as well.

As an alternative, you can put them outside in the sun for a brief period of time to hasten the drying process. This method can be used to refresh your crystals as well. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in them losing their shine or fading in color.

Final Thoughts

Carnelian can be submerged in water, however prolonged exposure is not advised. It has various water based applications to help you have a better night’s sleep or more energy.

If you decide to cleanse your carnelian crystals in water, be sure to use ordinary tap water. This will help shield the crystal from any harm.

The Carnelian should be promptly rinsed and then completely dried after it has made contact with any type of water.

It is important to note that you should never clean carnelian with pool, rain, or salt water, as this can harm your crystal in various ways. We hope this article has been helpful and given you a clearer idea on whether Carnelian can go in water.

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