Can Peridot Go In The Shower?

When wearing peridot, it can be annoying having to remove it everyday just in order to get clean. Especially if you feel that it brings a sense of inner peace and balance. 

Can Peridot Go In The Shower

During summer you may even be showering twice a day! No one wants to be constantly removing and putting their jewelry back on in the morning and the evening. 

So, can Peridot go in the shower? We explain everything you need to know about peridot. From its meanings, to cleansing to even wearing it in the shower!

Keep reading to find out more!

What Is Peridot?

Peridot in all of its green shimmering glory, is often referred to as the evening emerald. 

Throughout history, there have been numerous books written about peridot.

Peridot stones were once used to make talismans with carved vultures and donkeys for warding off evil spirits and enhancing one’s spirituality.

Some peridots come from alien species. The Earth’s meteorites have been found to contain this stone.

One such meteorite was discovered in Siberia in 1749, and it was determined to contain numerous gorgeous, heavenly-sent peridot crystals that were large enough to be utilized in jewelry.

In today’s society, Peridot is used for its beauty within jewelry and metaphysical properties.

These have been logged and documented by cultures all over the world throughout history and are now used in forms of meditation, therapy, and self-healing. 

Healing Properties 

The heart chakra is associated with this stunning gemstone, which is constantly prepared to support you in letting your love burst free so you can experience the supreme delight of the cosmos. 

It’s crucial to let go of jealous thoughts, let go of fear, and let clarity guide the way out of old, bleak meadows and into new, sunny pastures if you want to open your heart.

Physical Healing 

For thousands of years, peridot has been used as a healing stone.

Particularly when it comes to healing and regenerating cells and tissue, bringing strength and speed to metabolism, and supporting the adrenal and endocrine systems, peridot is the ideal tonic for good health.

It can also be used to help treat various skin problems. It aids in removing rashes, dry skin, and even acne for a luscious healthy glow. 

Mental Healing 

Peridot, a stone that brings life and light, truly comes into its own when it comes to having therapeutic qualities for the mind and the heart.

Peridot asks you to lay down all that heavy baggage and enter the world with an empty suitcase and a pure heart if you need a little help letting go of egotistical actions like jealousy, wrath, and spite.

It is a wonderful stone for inspiring you to let go of negative behavior patterns that don’t serve anyone and just take up space in your heart.

This stone is great for releasing stress and anxiety from the mind and body. When going through stressful times, peridot reminds you to let go. Holding on can lead into other areas of our lives including sleep and relationships. 

It can also allow you to focus. Known as “the study stone”, peridot can help you focus on your studies or any task which you find difficult. 

This gemstone gives you the determination and energy you need to endure through any challenging tasks.

When you have an academic problem that needs to be handled, having this stone is quite helpful.

Spiritual Healing 

Peridot is connected to both the heart chakra and the solar plexus. Having both of these chakras cleared and stimulated provides you with a balance that will come right from your foundation. 

When the solar plexus chakra is blocked, you might become unmotivated and lose all sense of purpose as life passes you by.

You might just experience that glorious bright burst of energy and direction you’ve been waiting for by using peridot to awaken and clear the chakra.

The heart chakra has a heavy impact on how your relationships work and if they work out. Peridot will clear any blocks allowing you to open yourself up to love and have the courage to take the leap. 

How To Use Peridot 

Peridot is a powerful stone that can be used for a variety of reasons. It is also extremely beautiful. There is a range of ways you can use peridot in order to get the best results. Including:

Wearing Jewelry 

One of the most alluring ways to wear precious gems is through peridot jewelry, especially if you want to directly contact the stone’s potent properties with your skin.

Since there is no barrier between the body’s energy and the stone, wearing peridot jewelry infuses the soul with those highly sought-after healing vibrations.

Place Around The Home & Office 

As it delivers joy, compassion, and more than its fair share of harmony, the pillars everyone would hope for when creating a happy home, peridot is the ideal companion to the practice of Feng Shui.

It’s an excellent stone to use in common places since it absorbs any bad energy and invites everyone to enjoy each other’s company without any conflict.

Place peridot around the home or office to cleanse the space of any negative energy and to ensure everyone is on the same page. This can aid in communication, workflow, and overall enjoyment among other peoples company. 

Cleansing Peridot 

To keep the energy flowing strong and smoothly, it’s crucial to preserve your Peridot gemstones in perfect shape.

Cleaning your crystals on a regular basis will ensure that stuck poisonous energies are removed and that the gems maintain both their strength and brilliance.

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If wearing your peridot everyday, ensure to give it a wash with warm water and a gentle soap every so often. This keeps it feeling brand new and keeps the energy on high. 

Always remember to rinse the soap off, and if you want an extra boost of revitalized energy, leave it out in the open under the full moon to allow Mother Earth to continue her work. Since 

Peridot is an earth stone, it adores the touch of the sun, moon, water, and soil from which life emerges. Crystals are enchanted by elemental energy.

Can Peridot Go In The Shower?

Peridot is an extremely soft stone. However, it can safely be worn in the shower when using gentle products and clean water. 

Although, we advise taking off your jewelry before entering the shower or a bath if you are using a highly perfumed bath product or an epsom salt bath. This will preserve the appearance of your jewelry.

While taking many showers in the summer is always nice, keeping sweat off the skin can also assist to keep silver jewelry sparkling and lower the risk of tarnishing.

Keeping your stones and jewelry clean and tarnish free, overall, can be a tricky task. Nothing can save it from natural bumps and scrapes other than keeping it in a safe box. 

Below are some tips for preserving your peridot jewelry:

Avoid Chlorine 

Wearing a peridot stone as jewelry on the daily can be done in order to achieve the best results. However, wearing it into a pool of chlorine is not recommended. 

Fresh water and even salt water will not do much damage to your jewelry, however, chlorine is known for accelerating the corrosion process. Especially on a stone so soft. 

Remove your jewelry whilst you enjoy your time in the pool, cooling off from the summer sun and perfecting those handstands!

Wait After Sunscreen 

In the summer sun, sunscreen is an essential. Keeping your skin safe from the harsh rays is extremely important. However, your peridot stone may not agree. 

Once you have applied sunscreen, be sure to wait 10 minutes before putting your jewelry back on. This allows the sunscreen to fully absorb into the skin and reduces risk of tarnish on the stone. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Wearing A Peridot Helpful?

People’s power and energy are increased by a peridot stone. It lessens anxiety and maintains the wearer’s composure so they can make better life decisions. The olivine stone known as peridot is said to repel evil spirits.

Can Peridot Be Worn When Sleeping?

Natural peridot stone promotes wellness, peaceful sleep, and a great deal of peace and harmony in interpersonal relationships.

The wearer of this potent gemstone, which is green in color, experiences emotional balance, mental calmness, and feelings of happiness and contentment.

Final Thoughts 

Peridot, while muted in appearance is a rather powerful stone. It has the ability to cleanse your energy, clear the chakras and open you up to love, success, and so much more. 

With jewelry being the easiest way to harness its power, it can often come into contact with harsh surfaces and water. While it is not advised, you can wear peridot whilst showering with clean water and gentle soap. 

However, chlorine and other harsh chemicals should be avoided!

So, get all you can out of your peridot by ensuring to care for it properly. And discover a whole new you that you never knew existed!

Andrea Daehma