Can Rhodonite Go In Water?

Knowing which crystals should and shouldn’t be placed in water is a key part of crystal use. Many crystals can be damaged by water, or be dangerous to you if you use them in a crystal elixir.

Can Rhodonite Go In Water?

So, to keep yourself safe, as well as your crystal, it’s important for you to always do your research before using them. A damaged crystal will have a different atomic structure.

This will negatively impact its ability to heal and protect. Because of this, you should always take the time to learn about your particular crystal.

Can Rhodonite Go In Water?

Yes, rhodonite can go in water, but it should never stay in water for long periods of time. The crystal is perfectly safe to handle when dry and submerged for short periods of time. This crystal has a MoHs hardness scale between 5.5 and 6.5.

So, while it is harder than many other crystals, it does have its limitations. Most crystals with a hardness of 5 or above are safe for water (see also ‘What Crystals Cannot go in Water‘).

However, those that are near the middle of the scale, like Rhodonite, usually only withstand short periods of time in water. A crystal that scores below should generally never be placed in water for any period of time.

How Long Can Rhodonite Stay In Water?

This crystal should only be kept in water for a few minutes at a time at most. Avoid leaving it in water for even as long as five minutes, as it could be damaged.

This can make cleansing the crystal difficult, as many prefer to use water as a form of cleansing. While you can run this crystal underwater for very short periods of time, other cleaning methods may be better for this.

Why Does It Have Limited Water Safety?

Rhodonite has limited water safety because it contains a lot of iron. When iron comes into contact with water, it will quickly begin to rust. Briefly placing the crystal in water will not cause this, but you always need to be careful.

The rust will cause discoloration. You also should only ever use cold or lukewarm water when you choose to cleanse this crystal. If this crystal experienced big temperature changes, it would crack – impacting its powers.

For this reason, you also should never use something like a steam cleaner at any point. When you take this crystal from the water, you should always use a soft towel to dry it, too. This will help to prevent rust from forming, and you will make the crystal last longer.

Can You Place Rhodonite In Water Frequently?

No, Rhodonite should be placed in water sparingly. The reasoning behind this is much like the section above – prolonged exposure, or too much exposure to water, will cause rusting. For this reason, you should only use water in any capacity very sparingly with this crystal.

Even completing very short cleanses with Rhodonite and water can damage it if you do it too frequently. Ideally, don’t let your Rhodonite crystal come into contact with water more than once a month.

Similarly, even other forms of moisture will cause rust. This includes morning dew, condensation, and heavy mist. Because of this, you should be careful where you charge your crystal.

If you charge your crystal overnight by the window, ensure that condensation won’t get onto it. If you like to charge your crystals outside, be sure to place it in a sealable glass bowl.

Is It Safe To Put Rhodonite In Salt Water?

You should never place your Rhodonite in salt water, even for short periods of time. This is because salt water is a lot more abrasive, and will damage the crystal quickly. Salt will also accelerate the process of rusting, which is what you’re trying to avoid!

If you choose to cleanse your Rhodonite with any kind of water, please ensure that it is fresh water. The use of salt water will cause scratches and damage your crystal very quickly.

Can You Use Rhodonite For Crystal Elixirs?

Can You Use Rhodonite For Crystal Elixirs?

It’s crucial to never put Rhodonite in your water bottle or any other crystal elixir. This is because this crystal contains a number of elements that can be dangerous if consumed. Some of the elements found in Rhodonite are the following:

  • Silicon
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

There are a lot of crystals that are not suitable for crystal elixirs, and can be incredibly dangerous if used. Some crystals even contain radioactive materials and highly toxic elements that can do serious harm (see also ‘Is Malachite Toxic‘).

While Rhodonite isn’t the most dangerous crystal for a crystal elixir, it can still be hazardous to your health. As such, it is always important to do your research before using any kind of crystal in your crystal elixir.

The Best Way To Cleanse Rhodonite

Since using any kind of water isn’t the best method for cleaning Rhodonite, you might be wondering what else you could do instead.

Luckily, there are a number of cleansing methods that will work, and they don’t involve water. We will go through these methods briefly below:

  • Moonlight – the nurturing power of the moon will cleanse your Rhodonite overnight. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, the power of the moon is greater than any barrier.
  • Smudging – use incense sticks, smudging sticks, or herbs to get rid of the negative energy in your Rhodonite.
  • Visualization – use white light to cleanse your crystal with the power of your mind. Make your intention clear, and focus on cleaning the crystal.
  • Sound – set your intention and use the sound from chanting, crystal singing bowls, or turning forks to cast out any negative energy.
  • Large crystals – place your Rhodonite beside a later crystal with either selenite plates or an amethyst cluster to get rid of any negative energy it may be holding.

Final Thoughts 

Rhodonite should ideally stay away from water, but occasional short douses in fresh water is safe. Ensure that you try it thoroughly afterwards to avoid rusting.

Never place these crystals in salt water, as it will easily be damaged. To protect your crystal, you can use one of the above methods for cleansing your Rhodonite.

Andrea Daehma