Cherry Quartz: Everything You Need To Know!

Crystals are an incredibly popular belief system for many people all around the world, and are sources of healing, peace, and inner calm for many. One such stone is cherry quartz, which holds many purported benefits for the possessor and their loved ones. 

Cherry Quartz: Everything You Need To Know!

But what exactly is cherry quartz, and what benefits does it have? 

What Is Cherry Quartz? 

 Like other members of the quartz family, cherry quartz is a crystalline mineral composed mainly of silica – that is, silicon dioxide. 

With a value of 7 on the Mohs scale, quartz is considered a hard mineral, and thus has had a long history of use within both the ancient and modern world, where it is used for jewelry, decoration, surfaces, and for its metaphysical properties. 

Physical Properties

Pinky red in color, cherry quartz is one of the strongest, and most striking of all the crystalline minerals, and has an attractive, aesthetic beauty that has made it much loved by crystal collectors and proponents of crystal healing alike. 

Metaphysical Properties

On a metaphysical level, followers of crystal healing believe that cherry quartz has much to offer when it comes to handling tensions, and personal anger – helping to alleviate such things and rendering the causes of such problems powerless over time. 

What Does Cherry Quartz Mean? 

Cherry quartz takes its name from the cherry – the fruit that is well known for its anti-fatigue properties.

As such, cherry quartz is renowned for its healing capabilities, namely the rejection of the harmful energies we as humans can accrue, as well as the repair and reharmonization of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. 

What Benefits Does It Have? 

Of course, to the proponents of crystal healing, cherry quartz has several benefits, both to the individual possessor, their loved ones, and even their household. 



One of the main benefits is that it can help to ease anxiety and nervous tension that can cause a lot of stress to most people.

Anxiety and anger come from very much the same place, i.e. a risk or threat of danger – and thus they can both be quelled by the benefits that this stone has to offer. 

They also have the potential to soothe and heal past traumas, something that can work wonders for both the above issues (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals For Healing Trauma‘). 

Purifying Energies

Cherry quartz also has the potential to purify the negative energies within us.

It is perfect when you feel run down and like you have insufficient energy, and can give you a fresh, awakened feeling that gives you the energy to do what you need to do. 

There is also a belief that the cherry red color embodies strength, vitality, and passion, and that when in possession of the stone, you will have these qualities passed onto you – enriching your life and giving you the tools to not only cope in life, but to thrive as well. 

Solving Problems

Many suggest that it also has problem solving abilities – derived from its ability to quell the underlying fears that could otherwise limit your problem solving potential.

By alleviating these fears, you will be more equipped to see, and deal with, the solutions that were under your nose the whole time. 

Cherry quartz proponents also suggest that the stone provides luck to those who possess it, but this too could be derived from the fact you are less fearful, and thus more likely to take risks, chances, and make steps that you might otherwise not have had the courage to do – thus allowing new outcomes to enter your life. 

Promoting Concentration

The lack of fear and anger also leads to a lack of distractions, improving concentration and allowing you to attack and solve the problems and tasks that might otherwise be hindering your progress in life. 

This makes it great for intellectual and creative types, as their freer minds and renewed energy towards their work will push them to be more creative and productive than ever. 

Physical Healing

It is also good for physical healing, and can give you renewed energy that you most desperately need in these moments. 

It is especially good for infections and colds, as well as minor burns and flu, and can expel negative energies and facilitate the healing process. It is also good for strengthening the heart, and encouraging blood flow throughout the body. 

It is also good for improving respiratory problems, especially those with blockages or congestive issues.

It is also beneficial for removing toxins from the body – using its already notable purification powers to drain the badness from you and promotes purity of the body, mind, and soul. 

Emotional Healing

This healing extends to emotional wounds as well as physical, and can stimulate the heart energy to center, providing you with a feeling of love, calm, and peace.

This is because it is so good at destroying things like fear, anger, negativity, and anxiety – all of which can promote letting go, and encourage inner healing. 

This also relates to romantic success, and it is suggested that this inner peace provided by the quartz will then allow your heart to be ready for new love – preparing you for the things you desire, so that you are best equipped to handle them. 

How To Use Cherry Quartz

How To Use Cherry Quartz

Of course, to get the most from your cherry quartz, there are several optimum ways you can use it within your day to day life. 

As Jewelry

The easiest way to give yourself continual strength and clarity is to wear cherry quartz as jewelry.

This can be as a ring, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, and whichever way you choose, you can rest easy knowing you have first class protection against the negative energies and emotions that can bring you down when out in the real world. 

In Your Home

Placing cherry quartz around your home can help you to form a protective bubble around your safe space – ensuring that you and your family are protected and content, and that your home remains a sanctuary from the harm that the world can bring. 

This is important for a lot of people, who otherwise feel overwhelmed by the outside world, and require somewhere secure, safe, and calm to unwind, decompress, and regenerate for the next day. 

At Work

If you have the capability, you could also take a cherry quartz to work. 

Work is where most of the stress can be found, and having this extra little bit of protection at your desk or in a drawer can be one of the best ways to change your outlook on going to work – making it a place where you are protected and calm, rather than stressed and anxious. 

In Your Car

Driving can also be stressful, and if you are prone to road rage, then cherry quartz could be a good source of calm to provide you with only positive energy. 

This will increase your patience, improve your focus, and give you that added bubble of protection to ensure that you remain safe and secure when you are in this fairly vulnerable position – one where danger can be close. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about cherry quartz, and the properties, meanings, and powers that it can grant to the possessor. 

It’s true that cherry quartz can be a widely beneficial stone to keep on your person or in your home, and can protect and enforce you in many ways against what might be holding you back in life. 

So if you want to improve matters, and head towards a better future, then why not incorporate cherry quartz? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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